Sunday, November 24, 2013

Here’s all I have to say about the kennedy murder….

What was Oswald's motive for the killing? We are told he wanted to be famous. Then why did he deny killing the president and tell the media he was a patsy?
Google E. Howard Hunt. Somewhere there is a picture of him in Dallas. He confessed on his deathbed as reported by the media that he did it.....
Who's the deniers? What facts?
We have a high school drop out who worked for minimum wage, the only American in history, that immigrated to the Soviet Union, living there long enough to get a wife and moving back to America. Where did he get the money?  (This is the country that wouldn't let anyone out, ever.....)
Then decides to kill the president whom his wife loved and admired according to friends of the family and went on TV and said he didn't do it! ......Because he wanted to be famous?..
I was 12 when Kennedy was shot and have read every book and article about it and you'll never get me to believe in "miracle bullets" , broke dick commies or 'Right-wing business men ', or watching Oswald assassinated by a mob *ss kisser and expect me to go along....

Molon Labe….

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