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We made it to Tracy's yesterday....

5050 miles... by the way, I fly out for Idaho Thursday morning.

In the meantime, it seems every body in the media wants the Tea Party to "evolve" and leave the serious politics to the experts in Washington because balancing the budget means raising some poor bastards taxes and cutting their hard earned benefits.

We must not forget that are money is only ours until these fuckers want it!

Click and read this below and check out my comment under Gary Causer:

TAUBE: Tea Party must accept partial blame for Romney defeat - Washington Times

The Tea Party’s future could be very bright. Supporters probably will continue to exert some influence at the grass-roots level but won’t be as strong as before. They still can play a role in determining how the GOP should move forward, either by reforming the party, choosing a real conservative or a Beltway candidate for 2016, and leading discussions of fiscal versus social conservatism. The Tea Party even could act as the tugboat pushing the good ship GOP to calmer — and better — political waters. This will happen only if the Tea Party, much like the GOP, is willing to evolve with the times. Michael

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More "fiscal cliff" nonsense....

Interest rates are set by the Fed not investors. Why would Bernanke tell us that interest rates are to be held as is until 2015? What's incredible is these guys can get paid to say this baloney!

In the meantime Patti and I are leaving for Florida probably tonight or very early in the morning.

LEE: After fiscal cliff comes fiscal avalanche - Washington Times

If U.S. creditors decide that our debt is no longer the safest form of investment available, demand for Treasurys will drop, interest rates will rise and the cost of servicing our debt will begin to explode. Paying interest on our national debt will quickly crowd out spending on almost all other federal priorities. At that point, any deficit reduction undertaken by Washington — including the sorts of spending cuts or tax increases being discussed today — will be too little, too late. The Congressional Budget Office projects that under the most likely policy scenario, in 30 years, net interest payments on the debt could total $3.8 trillion in today’s dollars. That is more than total government spending for 2011. In reality, we are unlikely to maintain the same level of borrowing and spending for the next three decades without a significant change in interest rates for our debt. Even a modest 1 percentage point increase next year, for example, in effect would wipe out all the deficit reduction included in last year’s Budget Control Act. In other words, we would have to shoulder the burden of fiscal restraint without any actual deficit reduction — all pain and no gain. It could get much worse.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The republican establishment is never wrong, ask them...

Click on the jump and follow the coversation. My point is that the Republicans gave back a few seats in Congress that they won in 2010 because of heavy bashing of the Tea Party Candidates by the Republican and Democrats in the Media.

Everyone knows that I predicted Romneys massacre over a year ago but who's counting, LOL.

Tea party vows to stay for long haul, takes no blame for GOP losses - Washington Times

Conservative columnist Michael Barone said the tea party “brings some talented people into politics — think of Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson for example — but it also brings some wackos and weirdos and witches, and we put too many of them on the ticket.” Mr. Rove weighed in by saying the “offensive comments about rape by GOP Senate candidates in Missouri and Indiana gave the media an excuse to put social issues at the election’s center in a way that badly hurt the entire party, as well as costing Republicans two Senate seats.” Tea partyers said establishment candidates also fared poorly in the elections, pointing to the losses of George Allen in Virginia, Connie Mack in Florida, Tommy G. Thompson in Wisconsin and Scott P. Brown in Massachusetts. “More establishment candidates lost compared to tea party losers,” Ms. Carender said. Whatever the case, Mr. Phillips said the primary job of the tea party in the coming weeks is to make sure that House Republicans do not surrender during negotiations to avert the “fiscal cliff.” “The problems w

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What's with the Liberals going all gooey for Lincoln?......

Oh yeah, he freed their voters!

An Inconvenient Truth About Lincoln (That You Won’t Hear from Hollywood) « naked capitalism

Liberals are fond of referring to Lincoln's concern about corporate power, summed up in a letter he is often claimed to have written to Col. William F. Elkins in November 1864: "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country….corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." Lincoln’s observation is prescient. But here’s the inconvenient truth: Some of the most powerful corporations of his time were wildly enriched by having a friend in one Abraham Lincoln. This friendship goes back to Lincoln’s early days as a scrappy young lawyer. After being admitted to the bar in 1837, he hopped around and finally landed in Springfield, Illinois in the law practice of William H. Herndon in 1844. Like any young lawyer, he had to hustle to handle enough cases to live comfortably. And, like most young lawyers, he went where the money was. And the money was in the burgeoning railroad industry. In 1851, Lincoln tried hi

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

They've been wrong since forever....

Soon these bastards will have something else to bitch about so let's tune them out.

The Deficit Crisis Mongers Go Off the Deep End | NationofChange

This sort of warning, coming from people who have a near-perfect track record in being wrong on everything they say about the economy, would ordinarily be laughable. Unfortunately, these warnings come from people who have prominent positions in national policy debates. Therefore it is likely that such warnings will be taken seriously. The deficit hawks want to promote a sense of crisis because it is essential to advancing their agenda. If the January 1 deadline passes, the political ground shifts to those who just want to see an end to the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. After January 1, the Bush tax cuts will have expired. This means that when President Obama pushes his campaign pledge to keep in place the Bush tax cuts for 98 percent of households, he will be asking Congress to lower taxes for 98 percent of the people, not to raise them for 2 percent. It would be difficult even for a Republican Congress to refuse this tax cut. The deficit hawks desperately want to avoi

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Man these people are stupid....

Better practice "do you want fries with that?" You have a job and if you don't like it find another. Don't let the union scum screw you over because they will use people to get more workers in the union so they can screw thme out of their hard earned money in dues.

Walmart offers the average high school grad or drop out a way to get a middle class income. You start at 8 or 9 bucks an hour, unless you are a cashier or former manager of some kind and you have unlimited career choices. Most assistant managers come from department manager training and any one is eligible for that position. Assistant manager knock down somewhere around forty thousand a year.

A store manager can, with bonus', hit 100 thousand or so. My assistants and their supervisors started out 10 years ago as truck unloaders and cashiers. They all are pretty much satisfied with their career choices because they work at it instead of whining.

Patti left Walmart making over 11 bucks an hour as a people greeter the lowest paying job in Walmart and I with shift differential and Sunday bonus am close to 15.

Oh yeah,  full time positions are scarce and have to be earned and when you do you qualify for full store bonus every three months and full coverage insurance.  

You just have to deserve it! Imagine that instead of sitting around bitching about how tough you have it and how evil Walmart is by being mean to union thugs and their asshole poltician buddies!

Help Change the Economy - Join Walmart Workers Striking on Black Friday | NationofChange

This morning, at 10 AM local time, Dallas Walmart store workers are headed back to the picket line. Theirs is the latest in a string of strikes that hit a California warehouse Wednesday and Seattle stores on Thursday. There’s more where that came from: On a Thursday call with reporters, union-backed Walmart worker groups said to expect a thousand strikes or demonstrations spread over nine days, culminating in an unprecedented array of “Black Friday” disruptions. That news follows a major legal settlement by a Walmart contractor that organizers credited to a 2011 sit-in at Hershey’s Chocolate. Dallas striker Colby Harris emphasized that despite issues with low pay and repeated retaliation, he’s committed to remaining a Walmart worker. “If you leave this job, you’re going to face retaliation in some form somewhere else…” he said last night. “If you change Walmart, and you change corporate America, it can really better a lot of people’s lives.”

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here's my post on the Washington Times newspaper...........

KNIGHT: Casting blame at conservatives for Romney's defeat - Washington Times

Two years ago the Republicans slaughtered the Democrats with the same voters they got this time minus the independents and conservatives who didn't vote for a liberal Republican who was seen as out of touch with me and you.

The very same people who foisted Romney off on us are now pointing fingers to divert your attention from their mistake. They went on TV and proclaimed Romney the chosen one and there was nothing we, the base voters, could do about it.  

Do you really believe that the voters didn't know that Obama had any policies other than tax and spend? Then what were the Republicans going to do about it? What was Romney's plan for the next four years and why was it such a secret? What cuts to our insurance plans, Social Security and Medicare, did he expect us to allow when we are broke and his class, the very people that profited off of this economic collapse, was to be allowed to keep every dime.

There's more but the Republicans made it too easy for the Democrats to play the class and race warfare card let alone the fairness of the greedy v.s the working stiff.

So, let's not listen to the losers who created this disaster and remember that when a Washington outsider runs as a conservative he wins every time as president and when two liberals run in an election the liberal always wins!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another reason to stay Independent.....

For the party that slaughtered the Dems in 2010 and lost a couple seats in 2012 because they chose a lefty for president resulting in millions of Independents to not vote and then keep this guy Bonior in charge  is a symptom of brain dead theology the Republicans are living. He is Exactly what's wrong in Washington. Every one sucks up to the left as KOOM BA YA time making sure they get and keep a fat cat job and the people who have bought them their offices steal our Social Security INSURANCE.

Read that again... we paid for these INSURANCE programs, SS, Medicare, Umemployment, etc. and they want to give the money to the gang who have ruined the working stiff on WAll Street!!

Yeaah, let's vote for them to fix the mess they created for us.

Boner's one of the architecs of the dismantling of the Reagan coalition by enlarging the Federal government to pay for their sending our middle class jobs to Mexico and China and then compromising behind closed doors with the ding bats in the Democrat party to cut our benefits that we paid for out of our paychecks! And  now these genius' threaten to dismantle the rest of the economy by stealing our money because of a fairy tale called "fiscal cliff" they created last year. (They could easily pass a new law removing the "fiscal cliff" but no one would be able to grandstand on how terrible the opposition is then, or keep up the scare mongering of we have to cut Social Security to save it. QUIT STEALING THE FUCKING MONEY, ASSHOLES!!! )

These INSURANCE programs have nothing to do with budget deficits as we pay for them out of our paycheckswith separate earmarked TAXES, and this is not a leftwing right wing conflict because if there is a problem with them it's these clowns in Washington stealing the money and giving it to their paymasters!

What would you say if you died and the government cut your old ladies insurance payment to pay for the deficit or if you wrecked your car and the Feds confiscated some of your pay off and stuck you with bill to balance their budget?

What the Hell's the difference?

Is this rocket science?

The Republicans only lose when they lie and don't do what they said they would do. QUIT CREATING GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS and playing footsie with the COMMIES overseas and in Washington and these problems will slowly go away.

Worried about deficits? Hire somebody, tax them,and deficts are no longer created. WE need jobs so create or hire a few people and deficits disappear because that's what taxes do and quit whining about raising Limbaugh's or Hannity's taxes for God's sake.

Ask the Reaganites like me who can remember voting for real changes in Washington and we created a booming economy that lasted until Clinton surrendered to the fiscal radicals and tried to balance the budget by shutting off CURRENT expenditures and throwing working stiffs under the bus.

Even Reagan raised taxes and run up the biggest deficits since WWII and we created over 20 million jobs and unemployment was under 6% for over 20 years. (Bush snuck a few hundred billion deficits too, right?)

Speaking of, doesn't anyone remember the recession Bush inherited? Think that came from increasing government spending or from cutting? Do you really think taking money out of your and my pocket plus millions more of us is good for the economy?

All government spending goes into our pockets and is spent into the economy creating and maintaining millions of jobs and shutting off the money puts us out of work so the taxes disappear creating deficits that scare the BeJesus out Washington. So, quit creating new dependancies or raise taxes and the growing economy does away with deficts. (Then we would probably have to create a few so the Dems would be able to buy a few elections, LOL)

Jesus even a Wallmart cashier can figure this out so why are we paying these people? 

Let's not forget for a moment that you and I didn't send all those blue collar jobs overseas screwing up the tax collections and cut taxes on the rich during a boom causing a speculative bubble creating the basis for the real estate crash did we?

Oh yeah,see any cuts for these fuckers?

So why do we get the cuts in our INSURANCE programs that we worked for 40 years or so for? We elected the bastards and now we have to pay!!!

P.S I don't think this guy, BONER, could run a shit house!

P.S P.S Patti and I had a great day in Monument Valley and will post pictures on Face book later, we are now in Las Vegas at my sister-in-law maggies.

Boehner survives 'challenge' to speakership - Washington Times

While House Speaker John A. Boehner's leadership post was never in doubt, that didn't stop one House Republican from trying Wednesday. As House Republicans gathered behind closed doors at the Capitol to pick their leaders for the upcoming new Congress, outspoken Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert symbolically nominated former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for speaker, said a senior House GOP aide who was at the meeting. The nomination didn't receive a second, and Mr. Boehner's nomination eventually was approved by a voice vote. The full House formally will vote for its speaker when the 113th Congress convenes in early January. But with Republicans controlling the chamber, Mr. Boehner's election is assured.

Patti and I are living it up in beautiful Parker Arizona....

They have a Walmart and Dennys what more can you ask for?

Here's an IDEA how about the Republicans practice what they preach and quit sucking up to the liberals, hmm?

Inside the Beltway: Staying conservative - Washington Times

Though the mainstream media and certain elected officials are advising the Republican Party to gut itself and re-emerge as a spiffy, contemporary, compliant, agreeable and infinitely more charming new political entity, the majority of Republican voters essentially reject that idea. They’re at home with the Grand Old Party as it is. “Republicans continue to want the GOP to move in a more conservative direction: 60 percent say Republican leaders should move in a more conservative direction while just 31 percent want to see them move in a more moderate direction. Democrats, however, want their party to move in a more moderate — rather than a more liberal — direction by a 55 percent to 35 percent margin,” reports a Pew Research Center survey of about 2,000 voters conducted shortly after the presidential election.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Arrived in Ely.....

Would have been a little closer to Monument Valley bygoing to Salt Lake but the Wasatch could get a lot of snow so i can't complain.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In regards to my previous post ....

The Republicans and Democrats have created this fiscal mess by giving everyone a check and then threatening to take them away, bombing brown people, (WE ARE BECOMING A NATION OF BROWN PEOPLE!!!), paying people to go to school, not to work, paying corporations not to farm, making it nearly impossible for the average guy to start a business, playing games with the tax code so no one knows what the Hell's going to happen next year, and so on.

And we working stiffs spend most of our time watching gas prices bounce all over the place and wonder if we'll have a job next week. Jesus no wonder we can't stand this government!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why not steal every penny the rich have and get it over with?....

Yeah, right.

These people have too much time on their hands and nothing between their ears. The fiscal cliff is a political  problem not economic. Promising to balance budgets after giving everybody a check has got the Dems and Republicans in a corner. How do you rob someone you just promised the money to. (GET IT?)

Can't raise taxes, can't cut the defense budget, can't steal my mothers SS check, can't rob my dying wife's Medicare, can't keep robbing school teachers, cops, fireman and every government pension (where do these state governments get matching funds from, hmm!)

Can't steal more from highways and bridges. Can't take welfare, food stamps, unemployment, housing subsidies, can't rob all those foreign governments we own and we have to keep every broke dick's cell phone so what's can we cut? ZIP!! SO:

Gridlock, baby!!!

So, what will they do? Same as last time and the time before that. Plan on slowing the growth 10 years in the future so they can win reelection because the God Damn Republicans won't raise taxes and the God damn Democrats won't cut handouts, right? (Most of these guys are awaren that we can print, borrow, tax or just steal all the money we ever need. Who's going to stop us?)

Now they worry about it.

We allowed the government to own us and now we pay. Not that budget deficits are an economic problem (Proof? We've always had huge budget deficits, right Reaganites? Anyone ever hear of WWII? It used to be we have a Commie under every bed and they wanted us dead because ......!! Now it's fiscal cliffs) but we are creating and perpetuating the right-left civil war because that the path to a cushy job in Washington.. 

As a concerned citizen I've watched America sell it's soul to liars and con artists and like most can't stomach the gang in Washington any longer. So I predict that it ain't going to get any better for either side of the argument as both sides are paid and rewarded to ignore the other and keep the battle going.

Solutions? Kill each other off, separate into two different countries or take the honey pot away.

Killing each other  off sounds good right after a losing election but doesn't address the problem of keeping our empire strong enough to fight off the assholes who want us dead, so, separating into two different countries is not going to happen because the people who own the empire wont even consider it and so that leaves the owners favorite tool: the income tax.

The income tax with special favors for special groups has to go. Nothing gives us more vitriol, favoritism, bribary, corruption and fear than the police state we have created with it. 

But dream on.

A sales tax means budget deficits disappear because it's so easy to adjust the sales tax rate and "soak the rich" and pay for these guys protection (from us, since they own the various governments, they have to worry about being murdered or having their shit stolen by us.)

Then, why vote for these clowns to fight over or protect our paychecks?

Anyways, prepare for "fiscal cliff" terrorism nonsense out of Washington as they play us like a fiddle again because we are all going to move to China if we don't balance the budget by stealing someone's check or assets because the greedy old people wont give up their ill gotten Social Security and dying people will not surrender one penny of their Medicare.

And let's not forget, the greedy rich won't let us steal their shit so we can have free cell phones, Damn it! (You think I'm kidding? Well which part?) 

Now read Santelli and remember his rant on CNBC founded the Tea party. Scared these poor bastards silly over imaginary government deficits. (Hey, I know of people who believe killing non believers in  Allah will get you into heaven so, yes, people will believe just about anything if important people they respect tell them it's true often enough!)

P.S, the last comment on the election the Republican establishment lost. Quit running left wing liars. Give us a Reagan, Bush, Hell even Nixon! (I consider myself the average voter. We don't trust, let alone like,  any of you fuckers!!!)

f | ZeroHedge

With the varied interests of constituents very much in mind, finding a compromise over taxation will be worse than Sisyphean in nature we suspect. CNBC's Rick Santelli offers a strawman, that gets around Norquist's 'pledge' and perhaps provides cover for both parties. The Chicagoan recognizes that what seems like a high-salary to some is very much not to others and suggests instead of focusing on the income, we should focus on the wealth. This is not the first time such a proposition was suggested (as we noted 14 months ago that 'muddle-through' was over and "we are confident, that one way or another, sooner or later, it will be implemented. Namely a one-time wealth tax: in other words, instead of stealth inflation, the government will be forced to proceed with over transfer of wealth") Strawman or not, the fact that Santelli is discussing it (and demurs on whether he has been contacted) means it is on the table...

Friday, November 09, 2012

Bad for Republicans.......

They don't have any muscle now. They blew the elections by nominating a left wing Republican trying to compete with Obama for handouts. They should have beat him badly. Another thing being more like Dems will cost even more jobs in Congress because excluding defense, raising taxes on the rich and not lowering taxes they are screwed. 

The Republicans jumped on the balance the budget movement and are about to become a whig party as everyone wants something for nothing or we don't want any fat cats in  Washington taking our ss INSURANCE or Medicare INSURANCE away from us because we paid for it and they have been robbing it for decades.

The other place to steal the money from is our military benefits that members of  my family gave 20 years to earn. And let's not forget all the teachers, firemen, cops etc. who put their asses on the line for a pension and the people who own our government are trying to eviserate these programs.

Makes you wonder what the working stiff ever did to deserve these people in charge. And no, Oba mama is also part of the gang and gets no slack from me. 

Trust nothing these people say as they reach for your money!

P.S the fiscal cliff is a political problem do to scare mongering and propaganda as all we have to do is pass a sales tax and get rid of the income tax and most of these problems disappear.

Just don't hold your breath!!!

Fiscal cliff forecast: Bad now, worse later - Washington Times

“Even if all of the fiscal tightening was eliminated, the economy would remain below its potential and the unemployment rate would remain higher than usual for some time,” the CBO said. However, the nonpartisan agency went on to say that canceling the looming tax increases and spending cuts due in January would deepen deficits and leave the country less able to handle a major crisis in the future. “If the fiscal tightening was removed, and the policies that are currently in effect were kept in place indefinitely, a continued surge in federal debt during the rest of this decade and beyond would raise the risk of a fiscal crisis … and would eventually reduce the nation’s output and income below what would occur,” the agency analysts said. Enlarge Photo The reports were released as both sides gingerly begin to talk about a way forward on budget matters after this week’s elections.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Told you so.......

The Republicans are worse at picking candidates than the Dems. Talk about losers! At least, as I have been saying, liberalism won.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

This is the plan.....

Screwing us out of our money.

P.s Obama wins.

Bill Black: Wall Street Urges Obama to Commit the Great Betrayal « naked capitalism

Wall Street salivates at the prospect of any privatization of social security. This would lead to them being able to charge tens of billions of dollars in fees annually and the banks that administered the privatized program would be systemically dangerous institutions (SDIs) because the consequences of allowing bank failures to cause tens of millions of Americans to lose their retirement savings would require either that all such deposits be federally insured or that the failing banks be bailed out by the federal government. Privatization, therefore, is a convenient fiction. The banks’ profits will be private; any catastrophic losses will be borne by the public. The SDIs’ already massive political power, often exerted through front groups like Third Way,” will burgeon. This article is the first of a two piece series. It shows how Third Way lobbies for Wall Street and is used to discredit Democratic polices. The other piece discusses some of the key flaws in Third Way’s studies. The Wall Street response (via Third Way) to our warning of the Great Betrayal repeats its central assertion that there is no alternative – the safety net must be cut. The Wall Street Wing of the Democratic Party alleges that if Obama wields the knife he will do less damage to the safety net than would Romney. That, of course, does not respond to our point. Once Obama endorses Wall Street’s false claim that the safety net is unsustainable and a grave danger to our economy he legitimizes future Republican assaults on the safety net. Third Way admits that these assaults would wield a chainsaw. Indeed, if Wall Street (via Third Way) is correct that the safety net is destroying our nation’s ability to make productive investments then Republicans should take a chainsaw to the safety net. Third Way, therefore, has implicitly admitted and even supported our analysis.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

The rot will not end by any foreseeable election.....

Why even follow the results Tuesday? Oba mama has Wall Street money because he hired and covered their crooked asses.

Bet on Wall Street!

Oba mama should win the electoral college vote no matter what. The only surprise I have is that Romney, a Mormon is doing so well in the south. I'll blame it on Ryan, a deficit hawk, who would shut down the economy just to score political points. (NO budget cuts are ever mentioned because no cuts are coming. Even the idiots in Congress are afraid of the geezers. Remember Catastrophic health care? Google it.)

Or is it because he's a fanatic and believes the nonsense spewed out about budget deficits bankrupting us? (we should live so long!!) 

f | Decline of the Empire

This is just not an America that any of us should want to live in. It is a country whose economic basis is oligarchy, whose political system is authoritarianism, and whose political culture is murderous toward the rest of the world and suicidal in our aggressive lack of attention to climate change. Many will claim that Obama was stymied by a Republican Congress. But the primary policy framework Obama put in place — the bailouts — took place during the transition and the immediate months after the election, when Obama had enormous leverage over the Bush administration and then a dominant Democratic Party in Congress. In fact, during the transition itself, Bush’s Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson offered a deal to Barney Frank, to force banks to write down mortgages and stem foreclosures if Barney would speed up the release of TARP money. Paulson demanded, as a condition of the deal, that Obama sign off on it. Barney said fine, but to his surprise, the incoming president vetoed the deal. Yup, you heard that right...........

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Moved back into the mobile.....

I'm moving Patti to Florida the 14th of Nov. for good. I still plan on selling out and joing her as soon as possible. I get a Social Security check in June and can work part time with Walmart if I have to but would perfer starting another business.

We'll see. At least we won't be broke like the last time I moved out of state. And I have a roof over my head which will make a big difference.

Keep you posted.