Monday, November 18, 2013

Even many on left agree with me….

Obama is Wall Streets bought and paid for guy. He could have pulled us out of this mess by putting a few gangsters in prison and putting non-Wall Street members in charge of Treasury and banking….

But, I’m just a conspiracy nut who has been watching these guys for 40 years or so…

So, let’s go uber-left and see what one of their top economist thinks……..

Meet professor Michael Hudson……….

…….Having been elected with an enormous voter mandate, Mr. Obama could have reversed the sharp polarization between creditors who were pushing the 99%, industry and real estate, cities and states deeper into financial distress. Instead, his policies have enabled the 1% to monopolize 93% of America’s income gains since the 2008 financial crisis.

At a potential turning point in the direction the American economy was taking, rescue and change were averted. We have seen what will stand as a classic example of cynical Orwellian doublethink. Promising hope and change four years ago, President Obama’s role was to hold back the tide and divert voter pressure for change. He rescued the financial sector and the 1%, and sponsored the Republican privatization of health care instead of the public option, and to take $13 trillion onto the government balance sheet in the form of junk mortgages, largely fraudulent loans held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ($5.2 trillion alone) and other casino capitalist gambles gone bad. Mr. Obama was Wall Street’s white knight.

The trick was to get re-elected as a Democrat rather than as a Republican sponsoring a health care plan crafted by the Koch Brothers’ Cato Institute, and putting Wall Street bank lobbyists in charge of the Treasury and (de)regulatory agencies. As a Blue Dog Democrat, how was President Obama made to look better than the alternative?

The answer is clear by looking at the alternatives being offered. The Republicans have played ball. They call him a socialist – Read the rest here…..

And, why didn’t Romney run against Wall Street and beat him ?…after all Obama lost 9 million votes in 2012 compared to 2008…..(Romney got 2 million less than Mac did in 2012..)


Never mind. more conspiracy on my part. Only that Romney has been on Wall Street for most of his life…..Why else would he win the nomination?

Not a nickels difference between the parties besides Rhetoric….

Oh yea, guess who owns Christie and Hillary?….LOL…

Molon Labe….

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