Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yes, make more cuts and raise taxes morons....

Good thing these guys are in charge, right? Cut the budget and raise taxes sounds so good to the nitwits who vote for these clowns and then they end up broke and on the street scratching their asses wondering "why doesn't the government do something about it?" Guess what assholes this is doing something about it....Want more?

What part of all government spending and borrowing goes into our pockets and gets sent back to the government through our taxes don't these people understand? You seriously want to end government deficits? 

Quit taking the checks and whining for the government to do something about everything and GIVE EVERYBODY A JOB!!!

Oh yes, and make sure the illegals pay their fucking taxes!!

In the meantime, I'm loading up on credit and everything I need for my RV retirement. Glock pistol, metal detector, new business, Honda generator, new Iphone, and everything else I'm going to need before these fools wreck the economy.

And yes, I predicted a boom starting now and I was right. Housing ...boom, manufacturing...boom, and this spring, construction....boom. But if we kill a few hundred billion in government spending before we finish the DEPRESSION we are in all bets are off.


By the way, what's really behind gun grabbing do you think....Maybe to be able to back away from BUDGET CUTS to the working voting public and scrape up campaign contributions because these assholes spent several hundred billion dollars running two liberals for President....

P.S. did I ever tell you there isn't a nickels difference between these two parties except rhetoric? What more proof do you need? Does this sound credible?  Who do you hate? Who are you afraid of?   And so, vote for us and we will make them pay! (Fill in the blank for "them")

Other than that, stay tuned for the next"crisis" so these guys keep power over us....Works everytime it's tried. Just turn on the TV..

Republicans rip White House over finger pointing in wake of dismal GDP report | Fox News

Republicans accused the White House of having selective amnesia Wednesday after President Obama's top spokesman blamed Republicans for an unexpectedly dismal GDP report that showed the economy contracting in the fourth quarter. The White House had suggested GOP willingness to let sweeping defense cuts take effect was the culprit -- but an aide to House Speaker John Boehner quickly reminded Democrats that Republicans have tried to stop those cuts. "These arbitrary, automatic cuts were a creation and demand of the White House in 2011," Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck said. "Twice the House has passed legislation to replace them with common sense cuts and reforms. If there was any uncertainty late last year about the sequester, it was because the Democratic-controlled Senate, per usual, never lifted a finger to pass a plan to replace it." White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi earlier alleged that GOP feet-dragging during talks over the fiscal crisis and willingness to accept automatic defense cuts contributed to the economic squeeze. The Commerce Department report showed the economy shrinking for the first time since 2009.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Here come amnesty.....

Republicans will vote for amnesty and bring more Dem voters. No one said they were truthful about these issues. They just pretend to be a conservative to get your vote. No worse than the Dems pretending to be for gun control in order to generate votes and money.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Got to love this...


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ban high capacity magazines?.....

All we have to do is Google "Glock 19" and watch these guys shoot a hundred rounds or more within a couple of minutes using 10 round clips. I can change clips in about 2 seconds and I'm not even trained. I can't for the life of me figure what the libs think they are doing alienated half the voters out there who own 2 or 3 hundred million guns.

Other than blowing smoke up their voters  "progressive" asses for votes and money of course. Oh, didn't I tell you this is corruption and vote pandering from a class of people who don't do anything useful, necessary, or valid in their petty little lives.

Oh yes, I also said withing 6 months or so we would be in a boom. Oba mama will get credit for it even though he didn't do much other than pay off and not prosecute the gang that got us into this DEPRESSION. Expect boom and bust, progressively worse as the years go by.

I'm loading up on credit cards so i can retire and have a comfortable life because it wont last long before we will be in the shit again. Probably 2 or 3 years before the gansters squeeze the politicians for more bailouts. Remember credit cards are unsecured so if you "can't make the payments" not much the banks can do but quit giving you credit for a couple of years.

And don't forget, there is no votes or money for campaigns advocating touching Defense spending so the geezers are the target. The media gets us off track with this gun grabbing bullshit that is settled law by Supreme Court ruling. If you have a gun stashed away(you don't?. Are you nuts?) learn to reload it even if it's cheaper to buy the ammo ant Walmart right now.

For instance this example: How about a 5$ tax on a bullits for "assault weapons" or the Feds drop by your house to search for concealed weapons etc.

It's happened with with booze and Pot which have periodically been legal or considered poitical poison depending on the money . 

In the meantime, if you have a SS check or government pension, they want it or they will use the possibility to take it to get you to go along with any scheme these guys dream up.

P.s, I only say this because of our past history. Just ask the survivors of Ruby Ridge or Waco!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well, I guess you can't trust anybody........

Brazil Lets Inmates Take Holiday Vacation... Surprisingly Some Don't Return | Fox News Latino

Brazil’s holiday season gift to its inmates turned into a bag of coal for jail administrators after thousands of prisoners granted a temporary leave to visit their families for Christmas and New Years failed to return to their cells.  Over 2,400 Brazilian inmates, or 5 percent of total inmates released, still remain at large after the government  gave them leave during the holidays. What's surprising: Some 45,000 inmates sent free in December are willingly back behind bars, according to a survey taken by Brazilian newspaper O Globo

Monday, January 21, 2013

Well we're safe again...

His royal highness has been sworn in. Makes you wonder how we ever survived without him ordering us around. Anyways I uess we have to join the NRA and buy a pistol just to show the gang in charge we aint taking no shit from them. 

We do scare the be Jesus out them that's why their kids have armed guards in their schools, right? To Hell with oursd , of course, because we aint important.....

Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting restless as I near retirement .....

Who knew that not working for a steady check would be so close. Still have to get a few things taken care of before I pull the plug by now can't wait.

Have a lot I want to do before I'm too old and working ain't one of them. Though going back into business would be fun as I now have a few bucks stashed away and a nice line of credit.

I never wanted to quit selling around the country in the first place but the economy did me in and we needed to get a fresh start.

Good thing we did because of health issues and rebuilding my credit. Now I have choices when I get to Florida this spring .

Keep you guys posted .

Thursday, January 17, 2013

This liberal concedes that we ain't going to give up our guns without a fight...

These clowns can't even get the government toenforce what laws we have....failure of government or design?

NationofChange Gifts | NationofChange Donation Gifts

In Living with Guns, Craig R. Whitney, former foreign correspondent and editor at the New York Times, seeks out answers. He re-examines why the right to bear arms was enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and how it came to be misunderstood. He looks to colonial times, surveying the degree to which guns were a part of everyday life. Finally, blending history and reportage, Whitney explores how twentieth-century turmoil and culture war led to today’s climate of activism, partisanship, and stalemate, in a nation that contains an estimated 300 million guns––and probably at least 60 million gun owners. In the end, Whitney proposes a new way forward through our gun rights stalemate, showing how we can live with guns––and why, with so many of them around, we have no other choice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yea but what's her bra size?

I don't know that my question is any more pertenant but it's much more interesting. (yes, mI'm a little slow with this post but couldn't resist)

Miss Montana Alexis Wineman to become first autistic Miss America contestant | Fox News

Miss Montana Alexis Wineman will make history on Saturday night when she takes the stage at the 2013 Miss America Competition, becoming the first autistic contestants to ever participate in the pageant. Wineman, 18, will also be this year’s youngest contestant competing in the beauty pageant. She told Fox she was diagnosed at the age of 11.   “For the longest time I just really wanted to know what was wrong with me,” she said. “When I was finally diagnosed I felt like it came too late.”

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I think this came out pretty good....

Another day in paradise....

Gee, I wonder who predicted this......

Businessman in fraud case ties Harry Reid to scheme | Fox News

A Utah businessman accused of running a fraudulent $350 million software scheme says the state attorney general arranged a deal to pay Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a federal investigation into the software business disappear. St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson, who's accused of billing hundreds of thousands of consumers for products they never ordered, told The Salt Lake Tribune that newly elected Utah Attorney General John Swallow set up a deal in 2010 for Johnson to pay $600,000 to people connected to Reid. Johnson says be believed that Reid, a Nevada senator,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who needs the constitution....

WE got Oba mama and his idiot, Biden. Don't worry most people will just whine and turn in their guns....Except for a few million of us of course.

Biden meets with NRA, faces pushback on Hill over 'executive order' gun control claim | Fox News

Vice President Biden was preparing to meet Thursday with the National Rifle Association to hear their side of the gun-control debate, but was already facing stiff criticism after claiming the White House could use "executive orders" to address new restrictions.  Republican lawmakers ripped Biden, who plans to have his recommendations to the president by Tuesday, after the suggestion that the administration might go around Congress to implement some, yet unnamed, provisions.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

I thought we had to balance the budget and make cuts?...

Oh my bad. Only Social Security and Medicare is a problem, right? I'm glad I'm not a Republican running for office on that platform.

House leaders pledge to vote on Sandy aid bill amid bipartisan complaints over delay | Fox News

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., who earlier in the day lambasted party leaders for the move, reported after a closed-door meeting with the speaker that they were told the House would vote Friday on a $9 billion flood insurance measure, followed by a vote on a $51 billion aid bill Jan. 15.  "As far as I'm concerned, I think I can speak for all of the members of the New York and New Jersey delegations, it was an extremely positive meeting," King said.  Boehner and House Republican Leader Eric Cantor affirmed the plan in a written statement, saying: "Getting critical aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy should be the first priority in the new Congress, and that was reaffirmed today with members of the New York and New Jersey delegations."  While the decision still punts a vote until the next session, which starts Thursday, the meeting appeared to calm tensions in the party. King was among the most vocal in his complaints, earlier calling the decision to put off a vote a "disgrace" and "immoral."

Friday, January 04, 2013

This pompous ass got rolled good by Oba mama....

Of course the nitwits had to reelect hoim, right? And you think we should vote for any of these losers!

Boehner returns as speaker by three votes - Washington Times

House Speaker John A. Boehner narrowly survived his re-election battle on Thursday as the 113th Congress convened at the Capitol amid calls for cooperation on the same issues that left lawmakers gridlocked over the past two years. In the Senate, the two top leaders have at least for the time being averted a potentially disastrous fight over filibuster rules, and the inspiring return of Sen. Mark Kirk, Illinois Republican, from a yearlong recovery from a stroke left the upper chamber awash in optimism. In the House, Republicans and Democrats issued a call to focus on civility, even as they try to tackle big issues. “If you have come here to see your name in lights or to pass off political victory as accomplishment, you have come to the wrong place. The door is right behind you,” Mr. Boehner said after winning the speaker’s gavel for the second time. “If you have come here humbled by the opportunity to serve, if you have come here to be the determined voice of the people, if you have come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded not just by our constituents but by the times, then you have come to the right place.”

Thursday, January 03, 2013

And all we get for the money is?......

9-11. And they want to cut my Social Security INSURANCE check!!!!

U.S. intel budget topped $75 billion in 2012 - Washington Times

The U.S. spent $75.4 billion on its military and civilian spy agencies in the last fiscal year, officials announced Tuesday. The U.S. intelligence budget is divided between the Military Intelligence Program, which the Pentagon said was $21.5 billion for fiscal 2012, and the National Intelligence Program, which was $53.9 billion, according to Director of National IntelligenceJames R. Clapper. The National Intelligence Program (NIP) funds the CIA and other civilian agencies and provides some funding for the major military agencies such as the National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency. “The NIP supports national decision-makers, so, to the extent that the NSA and other agencies in the Department of Defense provide intelligence to the president or other civilian leaders, they are funded from the NIP,” said Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, who advocates for more transparency in U.S. intelligence funding. Mr. Aftergood said the fiscal 2012 NIP budget was $

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Obama rolls Congress.....

Cuts? We don't need no stinking cuts!.......

Senate votes to avoid 'fiscal cliff' - Washington Times

Congress careened over the edge of the fiscal cliff at midnight, but a solution was in the offing after the Senate voted early Tuesday to approve a deal that combined tax-rate hikes and new stimulus spending, along with a two-month delay of automatic spending cuts. Democrats and Republicans linked arms and powered the bill through the Senate on an overwhelming 89-8 vote, sending the measure over to the House, where a final showdown looms, and where it could have a more difficult path. Sen. Mitch McConnell said it was the best bill that could be written. “The president wanted tax increases, but thanks to this imperfect agreement, 99 percent of my constituents won’t be hit by those hikes,” the Kentucky Republican said just ahead of the vote, which didn’t end until after 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. An early estimate of the tax provisions found the bill amounted to a nearly $4 trillion tax cut when calculated over the next decade — all of which will be added onto the deficit.