Sunday, November 24, 2013

Here’s all I have to say about the kennedy murder….

What was Oswald's motive for the killing? We are told he wanted to be famous. Then why did he deny killing the president and tell the media he was a patsy?
Google E. Howard Hunt. Somewhere there is a picture of him in Dallas. He confessed on his deathbed as reported by the media that he did it.....
Who's the deniers? What facts?
We have a high school drop out who worked for minimum wage, the only American in history, that immigrated to the Soviet Union, living there long enough to get a wife and moving back to America. Where did he get the money?  (This is the country that wouldn't let anyone out, ever.....)
Then decides to kill the president whom his wife loved and admired according to friends of the family and went on TV and said he didn't do it! ......Because he wanted to be famous?..
I was 12 when Kennedy was shot and have read every book and article about it and you'll never get me to believe in "miracle bullets" , broke dick commies or 'Right-wing business men ', or watching Oswald assassinated by a mob *ss kisser and expect me to go along....

Molon Labe….

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I was losing all hope that the Dems would be unbeatable.

Hears my take on the “nuclear option” in the Senate….


Reid goes nuts and hands the Republicans a big opportunity....

It's bad enough for these democrats, Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Kay Hagan of North Carolina  Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) running for re-election in states that Obama lost now have to vote for gun control judges, pro abortion judges, pro tax increase judges,  anti-military judges, Obama care supporting judges etc.

Throw in Obama care and the shit hits the fan next year….

Reid wouldn't let these people vote on anything controversial before the elections knowing that they , if the Republicans get their crap together, would get creamed.

The Dems are finally in deep doo doo. for the next couple of election cycles.....

Molon Labe……

Friday, November 22, 2013

Kicking back and running the air conditioner…

If only Florida had some mountains I would never leave. The advantage of living Arizona…As you warm up you go up the mountains, and to cool down, go down the mountains.

Plus, I can camp for free year around and metal detect and take pictures of the scenery and of  the stars.

However, in my Idaho, the summers are awesome with fishing and sightseeing. (Where’s global warming when you need it?)So, I will go home periodically…

In the meantime, Muffin and I are pretty comfortable in my 28 foot trailer I bought after the accident to the Heartland. I’ll get a video up soon to show you guys. Much lighter as well as shorter, so boon docking will be a piece of cake where I like to go in no man’s land.

I’m installing a wifi antenna to do a better job of internet on the road and need to put a back porch on this unit for my generator..

But, being retired, I have plenty of time and will remodel the interior so I will post before and after pictures when I get around to it, LOL..

Molon Labe..

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cut government spending?….

Congress is working on a 500 billon dollar farm bill. (“Welfare as we know it”) and a 625 billion defense spending bill….(have to save the world from suicide bombers, don’t you know!)

And the only cuts we hear about are food stamps, Social Security and Medicare…..

Not enough rich people on these doles, right?

Yes, as I’ve been bitching about this for the last million years….not a nickels difference between the parties except hot air…..especially at election time…

Even Graham and O’Connell are becoming born again t-party fighters….

The best one is how some nobody name Walker is a presidential candidate. So am I. Send money. After all I’ll promise anything it takes and can be bought. I’ll also lie to make you feel abused….

The idea that any sitting governor would go against Christie who is, as of today, the chairman of the Republican Governors Association is beyond Ludacris….

This gang goes around the country handing out Republican candidates millions to run for election. No, you get on your knees and old Christie will make sure you wont suffer for lack of money, governor Walker…

And, so,  as I have been continuously posting on various blogs, Christie-Hillary run for office is on….

Now, for you  new readers, Hillary leads her combined prospective primary opponents by 55 points….She leads Christie by 5 or so one on one…

Christy, who has about 33 per cent support among the Republican primary voting base will have all the governors and most state legislatures funding him. .   That means his 3 or 4 conservative challengers will split the primary vote and he cruises until they run out of money.

As with Hillary, he will have virtually unlimited Wall Street money and various PAC’s…

The only interesting thing is we libertarians and anarchist who voted for Bush and have sat out the last two contest is do we  jump back in to stop Her Majesty from winning..

I bring this up because Romney got 2 million votes less than McCain did in 2008 but. Obama got 9 million fewer votes against Romney than Mac..Reason….Romney’s closet liberalism and for Obama’s deficit,  tax cuts for the rich that he caved on to get the issue behind him…

Now for my critics…Christie is ant-abortion. He cut taxes, real cuts, he beat the unions in a union stronghold, he’s balanced a real budget he’s slaughtered the Dems in a state so blue and corrupt to be considered breathtaking.,……And…….

He did not eat Rhode Island!!!!

Hillary is an historical figure that should have been president if the uber-left and the blacks hadn’t dumped her in 2008. (in the process she was bankrupted as she spent her own money and borrowed millions and Wall Street went over to Obama so as not to be prosecuted….)

They wont make that mistake again. They will excuse and brush off every crime and screw up she has ever done while tearing the right a new one for lying about tax cuts for the little guy who got peanuts while the rich made out like bandits. (including every Democrat in Washington)

More later….

Molon Labe….

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another look at how our economy works..

Almost had another heart attack today. My Social Security check direct deposit  has been moved to the 20th from the 17th….. I thought the evil government stole it to balance the budget ……..LOL…

Speaking of such, I’m not too fond of most everything told about our system because a whole lot of lying going on…. Just think of all the money people make telling you the country is bankrupt and we are doomed…Buy Gold, cattle futures, fat farm memberships, assault rifles, farm land nobody wants, and my favorite, the government is not for sale….(I relish being the conspiracy nut because I get it right…)

Read this carefully and watch the complaining about deficits for the rest of your life……balancing the budget? Run out of money?

You should live so long, LOL

  Because I am extremely lazy (though not as lazy as that article!), I am just going to point out a few of the US government’s assets that prove this point terribly misleading.  For starters, the IER estimates that total fossil fuel resources owned by the Federal government are valued at over $150 trillion alone.  These assets alone are FIFTY FIVE times the amount stated in the CNBC report.  But that only scratches the surface.  I haven’t even looked into the huge amount of federally owned land and buildings that would surely amount into the hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars.  There’s also the gold resources.  And there’s the trillions of dollars in its own liabilities that it owns via the Fed and Social Security funds.  I have no idea what all of this would add up to, but it would probably be a net worth nearing $200 trillion or more.  Maybe someone out there who is less lazy than I am can put an exact figure on it?

And none of this even touches on the operational realities behind the United States monetary system and the fact that we’re not going bankrupt unless we choose to go bankrupt.  So don’t fret.  The United States is not in the hole.  Not even remotely close.  And we’re not going to be unable to pay the bills on debt denominated in a currency we can print, unless we choose not to pay those bills.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Even many on left agree with me….

Obama is Wall Streets bought and paid for guy. He could have pulled us out of this mess by putting a few gangsters in prison and putting non-Wall Street members in charge of Treasury and banking….

But, I’m just a conspiracy nut who has been watching these guys for 40 years or so…

So, let’s go uber-left and see what one of their top economist thinks……..

Meet professor Michael Hudson……….

…….Having been elected with an enormous voter mandate, Mr. Obama could have reversed the sharp polarization between creditors who were pushing the 99%, industry and real estate, cities and states deeper into financial distress. Instead, his policies have enabled the 1% to monopolize 93% of America’s income gains since the 2008 financial crisis.

At a potential turning point in the direction the American economy was taking, rescue and change were averted. We have seen what will stand as a classic example of cynical Orwellian doublethink. Promising hope and change four years ago, President Obama’s role was to hold back the tide and divert voter pressure for change. He rescued the financial sector and the 1%, and sponsored the Republican privatization of health care instead of the public option, and to take $13 trillion onto the government balance sheet in the form of junk mortgages, largely fraudulent loans held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ($5.2 trillion alone) and other casino capitalist gambles gone bad. Mr. Obama was Wall Street’s white knight.

The trick was to get re-elected as a Democrat rather than as a Republican sponsoring a health care plan crafted by the Koch Brothers’ Cato Institute, and putting Wall Street bank lobbyists in charge of the Treasury and (de)regulatory agencies. As a Blue Dog Democrat, how was President Obama made to look better than the alternative?

The answer is clear by looking at the alternatives being offered. The Republicans have played ball. They call him a socialist – Read the rest here…..

And, why didn’t Romney run against Wall Street and beat him ?…after all Obama lost 9 million votes in 2012 compared to 2008…..(Romney got 2 million less than Mac did in 2012..)


Never mind. more conspiracy on my part. Only that Romney has been on Wall Street for most of his life…..Why else would he win the nomination?

Not a nickels difference between the parties besides Rhetoric….

Oh yea, guess who owns Christie and Hillary?….LOL…

Molon Labe….

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christy is moving along….

I  forgot that he was on the executive committee of the Republican Governors Association. These guys control the party’s campaign money in their states and can raise unlimited money for the presidential candidate.

Mitt Romney, a chairman, was their guy and got the money to run away with the nomination. The establishment takes care of their own….(Rick Perry, whom I thought was going to be a force to reckon with was also a chairman but couldn’t compete with Wall Street money for Romney….)

This coming year Christie is the chairman and will campaign across the country helping Republicans win governorships. A great way to gin up support for his own campaign. Of course, with guys like Kenneth Langone, billionaire owner of Home Depot, and who knows how many more, he’s going to be virtually impossible to beat as far as raising money.

After Tuesday’s election the Republicans are sure that Christie is the guy. He’ll have to make it through the primaries but as his opponents split the votes until they run out of money he is gold…

To win I think Perry or Bush would fair better against Hillary but money talks…..

Molon Labe…..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Joining a third party is a nonstarter…..

My post from the Washington Times

Blame it on the evil elites and form another third party gets you nowhere. It would make you feel better as the mess we are in won't be your fault since you didn't vote for it...I simply vote for the candidates I agree with and ignore the rest. They lose and go away....remember Romney?

Primary them. Send them a message they will see and respect. Running for a new party hasn't worked and never will.... Reform party or Green anyone?

Now, what we have seen is the conservative message being rejected by the voters. This means the left is winning the argument because the Republicans can't offer anything other than cuts to their benefits, bothering them with Jesus, fighting nasty little senseless wars, spying on them, (Obama's bad enough but they think he means well), catering to multi-millionaires, cutting food stamps, cutting unemployment benefits to people who are unemployed thanks to Republicans, threatening to "reform" Social Security,

And letting billion dollar corporations to operate without paying taxes.

Until the Republicans are no longer perceived to be  attacking the voters and offering help to the regular people they are toast...let's not forget that budget cuts come out of the voters pockets.... hello!

Here's an example for a Hillary TV spot....I'm not going to vote for the Republican so he can cut my $1000 a month Social Security check so Limbaugh can sit on his fat tush and keep his millions!!

Yes, the Republicans got themselves into this mess  and it remains to be seen if they can get out of it!

Molon Labe....

Monday, November 11, 2013

My post today on the Washington Times..


You have four choices in 2016. As it stands right now the fix is in......Hillary, Christie, third party or stay home....

Both of these people will have unlimited money. They will both be savaged by the media and will come out of the primaries roaring. No one else will have any money!

Hillary is an historical figure that the hard left. of whom many  stayed home for Obama (he got 9 million less votes against Romney in 2012 than in '08) will be digging up graves and busing  illegals to Hell and back to get her in there...She is their dream candidate the first woman president after giving the nutty blacks on the left, Obama.

Paybacks for their lives of dedicated efforts to make America look like them. Everybody gets free stuff because they are human and vote left! (Just go to their sites and read their agenda..)

Over the next 2 years she lays low and plays coy as  all her warts and crimes will be ignored, explained and apologized for, then, since nothing new to discuss about her, the media go after the "crazy T-Baggers" and their loony theories of Benghazi, Whitewater, Travel-gate, health-care gate,Vince Foster's mysterious death, File-gate, Cattle-futures gate, Billings-records gate etc. etc.and my favorite,.... she stole the silverware from the White House.....

And you bad mouth the fat guy who looks like a right-wing slobbering nut compared to her!

Pick a candidate, vote in the primary for your guy then we have to vote against Hillary no matter who wins! And  If the right loses Congress and can't  stop amnesty with either of these people in the White House the Republicans will be a minority for decades.....

Remember, her husband won two elections with the most of these same scandals and worse. Obama, a guy raised and nurtured by Marxist, a fellow who never had a position of responsibility (it shows) and unlike Hillary, clueless of how Washington works, can win two elections what makes you so sure she is not unstoppable at this point?

Stay tuned....

Molon Labe....

Friday, November 08, 2013

Here’s a post I did on The Washington Post…

Simply a lesson to the right. Lukewarm support for the Republican nominee guarantees defeat. You vote for the most pure in the primary but in the general you have to rally for the best person for the job..

This is how Christie wins the nomination....conservatives beat each other up, keep splitting the primary vote ,run out of money, and get run over by big money Republican elites buying and aiding the media is promoting the weakest candidate against Hillary because we are so pissed at getting our "pure" candidate whacked...

Here's the thing....McAuliffe is Hillary's right hand man. This is only the beginning as she lines up her network for 2016....Why" Because she is an historical figure. The first woman president ....And If she wins the presidency she becomes the left's Maggie Thatcher and crushes the Republicans in 2018, 2020.

Conservatives and Republicans have no choice but quit bickering over who is more pure and pick a candidate they can each support...and right now Christie is leading the polls against Hillary and his fellow Republicans. Whine all you want but Romney's debacle proves my point.

Even this libertarian has seen the light and Hillary is much more radical than the criminal she married.....And if we have to hold our nose and vote for the lesser of two evils we do...

Oh yea, watch Christie become a born again right winger. However, with a Congress to keep him straight not a major problem to keep the lid on the ever growing Federal government sucking the life blood out of free men...

Molon Labe...

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

My take on the 2016 presidential contest….

Unfortunately for libertarians we always get stuck with your big government Republican  choices who pretend to be for the little guy but rule as socialist. Let's not forget, Republicans consistently voted for the mess we are in.

As for the Democrats they aren't complaining about big deficits that Republicans keep voting for so as to keep the war machine in business…….Only that everybody gets a check so everybody has to vote to keep them in power......Who’s winning that argument as we run out of taxpayers and everybody gets a check……

As long as the goodies in Washington trickles down to the little guy the Democrats will manage to beat the not so generous Republicans. They both vote for more spending every year that we have been alive and always will.

Perhaps we should name the Republican party "ALMOST AS MUCH".

As far as Christie goes why would the Dems vote for a guy who will threaten their checks so as to keep the Limbaugh's millions intact and untaxed as they borrow another trillion and whine about deficits....This message is getting old!

Hillary will do it as president and make history something another liberal Republican can never do because he's lost the election from  day one, like Mac and Romney.

And as deficits, taxes, regulations, social programs, debt, etc. goes these are simply what the voters want! The only way to stop it is to change their minds on the trap called "government." and get them to vote against it...

Anyways let's not forget that Christie has a great track record in one of the most disgusting politically corrupt Hell holes and he's won big time with the libs knowing he's pro life..

Barring a disaster Christie is in as the conservatives tear each other a new asshole in the primaries and Christie with unlimited Wall Street money, like Romney, cruises to the nomination.

But, Hillary walks all over him because all of Obama’s voters will not vote for a party that insist on taking away their checks while letting billionaires and fat cat con artists in business keep their ill gotten gains….the Republicans took a big hit over this in 2008 (there are several campaign spots in the last sentence for Hillary because Hillary has unlimited Wall Street money too..)

So,the best argument I hear against her winning is some obscure reference to someplace called Benghazi….

If you think anyone will tell these voters about Benghazi you are brain dead in the political scene…..her voters can’t even pronounce Benghazi, find it on a map, or will ever hear about it let alone blame her for it…

I personally believe these contest are decided ahead of time but I’m just an old conspiracy nut who remembers the Mafia shooting Kennedy 50 years ago. (we have death bed confessions admitting it…..)

Molon Labe..