Friday, September 30, 2005

Vegas profitable but poker ...........

Got back no problem. El Baldo left a small winner. Yours truely has no luck at pot

limit. O well next time. Check this site out!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Not enough bodys?

If you listen to the democrats you would think their disappointed that their weren't more bodys.
Bush needs to resign because the hurricane made fools out of "Big Government." No I know, elect
Sharpton that will work. Or Jackson, yea. Hey good thing theres no state government down their, Maybe some of this disaster could have been avoided.

Shitty day at the tables. On to Vegas

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Slaughter time Monday

Man did I get killed. Down 200,000 chips. Seems weird saying that knowing most people have never seen that may chips.

Having weird thoughts today. Like many many Republican voters I only care about Supreme Court justices. We lost the small government arguement because power still corrupts and everyone wants something for nothing (bread and Circuses). Just wait until you see the pork spending on New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama (Red states). Got to stay in Power, right?

Though I'm a social Liberal(I don't care what you do in the privacy of your home just do no harm and don't tell me about it). I don't believe its the Federal governments business promoting or enabling abortion. The states license doctors so its in their court. If we disagree then we amend the Constitution not create law to make us feel good and impress the neighbors. So two justices make interesting thoughts. If the court swings away to the right, who needs to vote for big government. hmmm? Democrats have to learn to be patient because Uncle Sugar is has bought to many of us. Take away something you lose votes, money, power and a "Sixty Minutes" interview. Or is it The Oreilly Factor?

Big government to the rescue.....almost

Now who would of thought that big government doesn't work? Maybe throwing more money at it will help. No, let's add more personnel and give them more power. Hey, why not turn over everything to our government after all it's now run by Republicans, right? Good God, next thing you know a nuke will go off and it'll be raining Democrats to the rescue.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Like the flood of '72

Reminds me of Agnes back home in upstate New York. Wiped out by flood is a weired

feeling. I still remember walking along the dike accross from my house, staring at 11

feet of water and wondering what happened to Patty and the baby.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shooting at helicopters in New Orleans?

Who would have thought that inner city blacks would be stealing and shooting at

rescuers. Shoot back sounds like a valid response. Oops not politically correct.

If they would be patient the government will give them big checks to be nice to

everybody. Right?

Too bad about the casinos down there. I can't be their this year for the Steel Pony

Express Motorcycle show because of the "global warming" disaster (yea, right).

Got to be Bush's fault, not signing the Kyoto treaty you understand. (Or maybe it's

those evil oil barons).