Wednesday, November 06, 2013

My take on the 2016 presidential contest….

Unfortunately for libertarians we always get stuck with your big government Republican  choices who pretend to be for the little guy but rule as socialist. Let's not forget, Republicans consistently voted for the mess we are in.

As for the Democrats they aren't complaining about big deficits that Republicans keep voting for so as to keep the war machine in business…….Only that everybody gets a check so everybody has to vote to keep them in power......Who’s winning that argument as we run out of taxpayers and everybody gets a check……

As long as the goodies in Washington trickles down to the little guy the Democrats will manage to beat the not so generous Republicans. They both vote for more spending every year that we have been alive and always will.

Perhaps we should name the Republican party "ALMOST AS MUCH".

As far as Christie goes why would the Dems vote for a guy who will threaten their checks so as to keep the Limbaugh's millions intact and untaxed as they borrow another trillion and whine about deficits....This message is getting old!

Hillary will do it as president and make history something another liberal Republican can never do because he's lost the election from  day one, like Mac and Romney.

And as deficits, taxes, regulations, social programs, debt, etc. goes these are simply what the voters want! The only way to stop it is to change their minds on the trap called "government." and get them to vote against it...

Anyways let's not forget that Christie has a great track record in one of the most disgusting politically corrupt Hell holes and he's won big time with the libs knowing he's pro life..

Barring a disaster Christie is in as the conservatives tear each other a new asshole in the primaries and Christie with unlimited Wall Street money, like Romney, cruises to the nomination.

But, Hillary walks all over him because all of Obama’s voters will not vote for a party that insist on taking away their checks while letting billionaires and fat cat con artists in business keep their ill gotten gains….the Republicans took a big hit over this in 2008 (there are several campaign spots in the last sentence for Hillary because Hillary has unlimited Wall Street money too..)

So,the best argument I hear against her winning is some obscure reference to someplace called Benghazi….

If you think anyone will tell these voters about Benghazi you are brain dead in the political scene…..her voters can’t even pronounce Benghazi, find it on a map, or will ever hear about it let alone blame her for it…

I personally believe these contest are decided ahead of time but I’m just an old conspiracy nut who remembers the Mafia shooting Kennedy 50 years ago. (we have death bed confessions admitting it…..)

Molon Labe..

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