Monday, December 02, 2013

Let’s raise the minimum wage is silly talk…..

Periodically the left comes out with this, and as usual, give it no real thought….

Almost everyone on minimum gets government benefits  . These benefits are predicated on income. Raise the income cut the benefits because these people now make too much money. So, these people, at best, come out about even In income when all is said and done…..

Who pays for the increases? Look in the mirror. Think the owners of these business’ are going to suck it up and  increase the workers wages and take a cut?

We get a lot of ignoramus’ running around trying to be nice and soaking  us in the process….

Someone please tell them that there is no free lunch so we will pay.

The best argument I get is…but we’ll pay less taxes because of less benefits paid out to these people.

When’s the last time that happened?

How does Wal-Mart work it? They screw it out of their suppliers who pass it down to their employees and then Wal-mart cuts their own employees wages by slashing hours. (been there done that!)

See the pattern? Wal-mart employees then qualify for more benefits…. You pay more for Chinese trinkets and groceries..

Follow the money on this scam and it’s “the union label” pushing this crap because union contracts have to be above minimum wage!!! (more dues, baby!)

if these people were honest lefties they would push for making the earned income tax credit universal and push to increase it a few bucks. When libertarian Milton Friedman  came up with the idea and right winger Nixon got it through Congress it was  supposed to be paid out monthly..(going by last years taxes the I.R.S. sends out a check based on family reported income every month.)

But no, they ain’t  honest , are they? Or just ignoramus’ by attacking the people who create our jobs and buy our politicians?

Molon Labe……

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