Thursday, September 30, 2010

World is floating in oil....

Guess it will piss of the end of modern civilization crowd but running out of oil is not the problem. Later on the working stiff paying for it will be the problem but right now broke dicks can't afford to buy it anyways so there's plenty.

This will change as several more trillions are pumped in to the world economy and reignites the boom.  It's all about putting as many people back to work as possible in time to save the politician's asses.

I don't think we've cured the business cycle yet. 

Daily Digest 9/27 - Blogs at Chris Martenson
"Given that crude inventories are close to a 27-year high and the outlook for increasing economic growth is not good, most oil analysts are talking about further declines in oil prices. Some even talk of substantial declines.

"Goldman Sachs, on the other hand, says world oil demand is up by 2.4 million b/d in August over last year and that rising demand in Asia has led to a 600,000 b/d global supply deficit since May. This deficit is thought to be covered by selling off oil from floating storage. If this analysis is correct, Goldman foresees a substantial rise in energy prices over the next 12 months."

Both statements contain accurate data, but they reach diametrically opposite conclusions!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Screw 'em....

Get a new cell phone, straight talk or Netphone from Wally World, throw away the mail from these crooks. A couple of years later apply for new credit.

Works every time. These criminals at the banks are always desperate for debtors as they create the money from you signature. Once people understand how our money system works getting credit to buy junk is easy.

It's much harder to increase your credit limits to borrow big. Then you need to prove income, past payment history and stability of income. In other words, getting high dollar credit cards is simple but buying and selling large assets require work.

Been there done that a couple of times. Staying employed 2 years and paying your credit accounts listed on the 3 credit reporting agencies for a couple of years is the key.

So worrying about the gangsters ruining your life is silly. Besides, it's been my experience they can't get blood from a stone, right? What about bankruptcy? Bankruptcy cost a lot of money and is normally a waste because you have to have a lot of assets to protect.

As for the big banks are concerned just like the politicians in our lives, these fuckers deserve to get screwed.

Activist Post: 5 Reasons to IGNORE Collection Agencies, The Henchmen of the Banking Mafia
If you are one of the many who have fallen into the hands of the enforcement division of the banking cartel, there is good news: they are not the true Mafia. There is not much they can do to you or your family that their boss the credit card companies haven't already done. The best suggestion is to ignore them until you plan a proper strategy to defend yourself.

Here are 5 reasons to ignore collection agencies:

1. Realize that you are not defined by your credit rating: Americans have become accustomed to revealing their credit rating practically by way of introduction. Realize that this is a number, and not your identity: the higher the number the more virtuous, honorable, hard-working, and moral you are supposed to be. Rather, it is has produced a type of caste system where a bad credit score can render one untouchable by potential employers. This system encourages class distinction based on economic viability and should not be encouraged by submitting to it.

2. Their bankster bosses manufactured the economic collapse: Never forget who created this problem to begin with. And they haven't suffered a bit -- thanks to we the taxpayers. Big banks already have seen the return of pre-credit-crisis profits. But they are still not happy; now they want more, even from those who have paid on time. While small and mid-size banks struggle, or are eliminated, the large banks that benefitted most from the taxpayer bailouts continue to consolidate wealth with record profits, as the rest of the nation suffers.

3. Understand that unsecured debts carry no obligation: This gets into the realm of rather complex contractual law, so one should do their own research and receive legal advice where necessary. In the most basic sense, collection efforts are regulated under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Under this Act, the collection agency must obtain the consent of the debtor to accept the obligation to pay this third party that has provided no services or products. Essentially, the moment your debts are turned over to collections, your true obligation to pay the original debts has been released. This is probably why this zombie debt is sold to collection agencies for as low as three cents on the dollar. But you are expected to pay back the full amount, of course.

4. These agencies often use fear and harassment: We all desire a way to feed our families, but the collection agency business truly is a racket, and anyone making their living this way is supportive of a criminal endeavor on many levels. Their tactics only reinforce the criminal element, as they have been documented to utilize unethical, unprofessional, and even illegal means to force cooperation. By law, they are not supposed to contact family members, friends, or employers, but this practice has become almost routine. Many reports have been issued about the verbal abuse that often ensues, including profanity. They have been known to lie, citing their "right" to seize your property for non-payment. The last resort is the threat of legal action. These people have no power other than their words. You shouldn't even be on the phone long enough to hear their threats and abuse.

5. You might not be free even if you pay them: There are countless forums describing countless collection agency horror stories. One forum I found addresses one of the more notorious agencies, NCB. I was able to obtain the company's Pennsylvania office phone number, which led to a more specific thread documenting first-hand experiences. This company is known to be one of the worst, and even has allegedly been tied to identity theft. Additionally, a fair amount of people have reported that they still were hounded for payment even after paying their debt. Because of the increased competition in debt collections -- and so many new agencies coming and going -- there are many abuses of the FDCP. Please read the thread and judge for yourself.

Learn your lesson well: First, accept responsibility for believing that money grows on trees. Yes, the system used every weapon in its arsenal to sidestep common sense and logic, but realize this creature for what it is: debt slavery. Make a commitment never to send yourself willingly to the clutches of the racket known as unsecured credit.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Use credit unions.....

Only get credit cards to build up your FICO score. Pay them off and quit using them. Borrow all you need from you credit union for cars, houses,boats, etc. use personal and unsecured loans instead of credit cards.

I'm paying 5% percent on a 6 year old Suzuki Suv  bought 6 months ago. I can get boats and RV's at 4.5% right now with at the NADA blue book with no money down. The only thing they don't loan on is mobile homes so I'd have to borrow with personal loan for that.

The boom is coming. The big boys are buying each other up and preparing for it. I'm doing the same. When it hits I don't know but I want to be ready. If it doesn't and the bust get going again I'll just borrow all I can and retire to Florida on my yacht, LOL.

Activist Post: How we can take stolen profits back from banksters
All of our money comes from debt to private banks -- banks that try to make it look like governments are at fault for their countries falling so heavily into debt. The truth is that banks take the profits that could have been used to better maintain the society if only the people's money was issued by governments through state-owned banks, as was the case, for a time, in both Australia and the US.

What private banks have set up is actually the world's largest pyramid scheme, in which new people must always be going into debt in order that others obtain the currency they need to function within the economy. Within such a system, total indebtedness must continue to increase in order to provide the money that people need in an ever more productive society.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Union label......

I do much better than minimum wage and have full benefits. Same with the old lady. Walmart paid for Patti's 2 operations and my heart attack. I figure close to $80,000. We set up, with Walmart contributing a couple of thousand, our insurance plan and now my medical rehab and medicine costing over 1500 a month  is paid in full, for my lifetime.

Anyone joining Walmart has plenty of opportunity to advance. Except for drunks, the lazy, incompetents, criminals, and what not. Since I've held union offices in the past, I can tell you why we are not unionized.

We don't want these people working here! And that's what you end up with as the Union spends all of it's time defending these types to show their members their doing all they can to protect the members from "evil management".

Most union officials I know of have great checks and full paid for benefits. Just like the gangs in politics. Beats working, don't you think?

Enjoy the show. It's produced by "The John Stewart Show", a left wing mouth piece who's very close being drummed out of the Democrat party for this bit of Apostasy.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The "naive view" is the only one that will work.....

Paying off old debts, increasing income and improving credit scores will get the economy back on track. Unfortunately for politicians in charge it takes time. Years in this case.

Want to speed it up? Send cash directly to the the taxpayer and reignite the boom. Of course, in 5 or 10 years the next bust will make 1937 look pretty tame but hey, we're talking about saving political careers.

Anyways the good news is the Dem's lose in November. The bad? Republicans win. We really need conservatives to get the economy under control but ain't going to happen!

Default Is In Our Stars -
A naive view says that what we need is a return to virtue: everyone needs to save more, pay down debt, and restore healthy balance sheets.

The problem with this view is the fallacy of composition: when everyone tries to pay down debt at the same time, the result is a depressed economy and falling inflation, which cause the ratio of debt to income to rise if anything. That is, we’re living in a world in which the twin paradoxes of thrift and deleveraging hold, and hence in which individual virtue ends up being collective vice.

So what will happen? In the end, I’d argue, what must happen is an effective default on a significant part of debt, one way or another. The default could be implicit, via a period of moderate inflation that reduces the real burden of debt; that’s how World War II cured the depression. Or, if not, we could see a gradual, painful process of individual defaults and bankruptcies, which ends up reducing overall debt.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Makes me glad I don't live in Miami.....

City can't pay it's bloated budget so they raise taxes and give their employees a raise. Do you really wonder why the tea party is gunning for tax and spenders?

Good thing they don't start using real guns, right?

Daily Digest 9/24 - Surviving And Resilience, More On China-Japan Rare Earth Export Ban, Man Without Mortgage Loses Home - Blogs at Chris Martenson
"The $7.3 billion budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 calls for hiking property tax rates 14 percent to offset the drastic plunge in property values and increases in various county fees. County parks will get new parking fees. Water bills will go up, too. To make ends meet, the county is also tapping reserves.

The moves enable Miami-Dade to plug a $444 million budget gap that stemmed from the lower property tax values and a drop in other revenue, such as gasoline and sales taxes. It also provides pay raises for most county employees."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's see..... Tariffs?....

This is good. I remember Pat Buchanon advocating this along time ago. back before we gave our economy away to the chinese and their western bankers.

Not a snowball's chance. it would bankrupt all the guys who got us into this mess.

House panel eyes action on China currency bill | Reuters
(Reuters) - The House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee could vote as early as Friday on a bill that would allow the Commerce Department to apply duties against China's "undervalued" currency, a source familiar with the discussions said on Tuesday.

"I have heard from I think some pretty reliable sources there would be a markup on Friday, and it would go to the House floor next week," the source said, speaking on condition that he not be identified.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where did the middle class go....

Taxed to death. Send the good jobs overseas, import foreigners, cut their benefits, force them or bribe them to invest in the crooked stock market, and guarantee they can be defrauded by the banking system out of their assets.

As I posted before, a sovereign nation can always inflate their debts away and not go bankrupt. You and I can't. But that doesn't stop them from trying to save their cushy asses. What have we learned from Empires that have had this problem?

No government has ever survived doing it yet. Why is this one any different?

The Coming Depression: Average American Works 231 Days To Support Government With Taxes
You find it curious that no matter how much you work, you always have less and less money at the end of the month. It’s outrageous! And you want to know where the money went! “Hey”, you shout. “Somebody is stealing my money!”
More probably, it is the wife and kids wasting my money on frivolities like, for example, going to a movie, when they have a perfectly good TV at home where they can watch movies for free, instead of costing me money.
Or they are eating in a restaurant, instead of coming home to eat food that is, admittedly, past its expiration date, but the loss of crispness, taste and nutrition are more than offset by the savings that add up when paying the much lower cost of this food, some of which is actually free if you dig it out of the dumpster out back.
I personally don’t eat it, of course, but it ought to be good enough for teenagers, and if they don’t like it, then they can get a job and buy their own food!
Justifiably incensed and angry about all of this financial foolishness, I am on my way out the door to yell at the wife and kids for being such wanton wastrels, foolishly buying whatever it is that they are buying that is wasting all my money, when I happened to see that the real reason my money is disappearing is revealed in an editorial in The Washington Times: “We Can’t Afford This Government.”
This was no doubt prompted by the announcement by Americans for Tax Reform that “the average American worked 231 days just to support government, which consumes 63.41 percent of national income.” Yow! The government consumes two-thirds of income! We’re freaking doomed!

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's the government's fault....

Or it's "greedy bankers". Rich people screwing us Crooked politicians. Blah blah. The truth is  that we all want something for nothing. Bigger incomes, cars, houses, bellies, loans, handouts or excuses.

The wonder is that everyone seems to believe that there is something we can do to save us from all these "problems." Like voting? When is the last time this worked. The only thing we can do is prepare to avoid as much of these "solutions" as possible. Right now we don't have an excuse to vote other than throw the fuckers out.

So, one thing I'm doing is preparing for the next boom by paying off all old debt and getting my more lines of credit  to pick up the pieces of this bust.  Can't say if it comes in time and saves Oba mama's ass or not but the boom will come.

I'm sure of this  because the USA is a sovereign nation with it's currency dominating the world. A sovereign nation can always inflate (print) it's debts away. Of course, someone has to buy this debt and that seems to be a given from past experience. or inflation eats you alive.Fortunately, foreigners alone have trillions of dollars that have to be repatriated and government bonds, a claim on America's assets, is the only  place to put the money. Period. Giving them great leverage on public policy and giving America more and more control of their future.

Can you say world government writ large.

And if push comes to shove, no one on the planet can stop us from taking anything we want. Trust me, we are not the first Empire to do so. Nor have we been that bashful in the past.

So what's the problem today? Politics. Most people are convinced that the government must balance their books like a household does. Nothing says this is true in a fiat system other than the caveat that uncontrolled inflation  destroys every elected government it is loosed on.

This fear, I believe, is what has stopped the government from cutting the taxpayers a large check to destroy the debt overhang that's preventing the economy from growing.

Consumers, who make up over 70% of the economy, are technically bankrupt and need to get rid of their crushing debts. No matter how they got into this mess or who's fault, the economy will stall and sputter until, one way or another, this debt has been dissipated.

Easiest solution is: send me a big check and I'll pay off my debts, buy a new RV, car, house various pieces of consumer electronics and even pay more taxes.

And I would even hold my nose and vote for the guys who send me the check. (yes I can be bought.)

 I'm waiting.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Broke dicks can't borrow....

How much are you going to lend people who can't pay you back? Why would banks be any different. Well if the government guarantees the loss they would.

But of course that's pretty much of what happened over the last decade or so. That plan didn't work too well, did it?

Maybe I'm right and stimulating demand with tax gimmicks, loan guarantees, make work programs, union guarantees etc. only works if the economy is growing. This "supply side" worked for over a quarter of a century but now we are in new territory: Depression.

Now we need "demand side supply."

Send me and you a big check and we'll spend and borrow to the max and improve our FICO scores until your eyes bulge. Should be good for another 5 or 10  years or so until we can import enough Mexicans  to pay my generation's Social Security checks.

Got a better idea?

Why aren’t we using monetary policy to stimulate aggregate demand? | Credit Writedowns
The reason credit is tight in the US at present is because the banks are being very cautious and they do not perceive a strong demand coming from credit worthy customers. Once they assess that there are worthy borrowers they will lend regardless of the central bank expansion of reserves. Additionally, borrowers have minimal capacity or ability to borrow, due to declining incomes which precludes the ability to service existing loans. Credit, as James Galbraith reminds us, is a two-way contract between borrower and lender, not a one-way “credit flow” from banks to borrowers, which can be solved by “unblocking credit” via bank bailouts.

One other point which is seldom made on the virtues of fiscal policy: it actually enhances financial stability. A fiscal policy deployed properly toward generating full employment (say, via a Job Guarantee scheme) means you have growing incomes and, hence, a great ability on the part of the borrower to service his/her existing debts. Debt which is successfully serviced means reduced write-offs for banks and, hence, less impaired balance sheets. In other words, fiscal policy starts the process of financial reform from the bottom-up, rather than top-down. The sooner President Obama and others figure this out, the better will be the outlook for the US economy. But don’t hold your breath. We still seem far away from that.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just what part of "they own us" don't you understand?......

Georgia County Sues Local Farmer For Growing Too Many Vegetables
According to DeKalb County, resident Steve Miller has committed a violation for growing too much broccoli, squash, tomatoes and other vegetables.

In early 2010, DeKalb County officials cited Miller for growing beyond his zoning allowance, but he has since obtained the appropriate zoning licenses. Nonetheless, the county is taking Miller to court for the prior violations.

When an American land owner, causing harm to no one, is restricted from growing crops (organically without hazardous chemicals) on his own soil, as he has done for years, we have a serious problem in America.

It’s obvious by actions like these that the establishment’s macro goal of centralized government is to harass self-reliant individuals, control their ability to create strong community relationships, and make them dependent on corporate just-in-time food consumption as opposed to traditional production methods. That, and like all governments, they have an insatiable thirst for cash to pay off their excessive spending projects.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Want to have some fun?.......

Listen to the professional political commentators whine about the "nutty cocoa puff" tea party voters. Hey, they thought we Reagan Democrats were hilarious.

Until we voted them out of jobs. However, we learned that everyone is corruptible  and so it proved to be too little too late to save the republic. But why should our experiment in self rule be any different? If you give everyone who votes a big enough check they'll always do what you want in the long run. And now most Americans get a check from the government for something and in 5 or 10 years everybody will have one.

We'll just have to conquer another oil producing country or bitch slap our "allies", LOL

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is where the jobs went...

Give them away and they come back to bite you in the ass. Broke dicks can't buy shit. Can't pay their bills. Can't vote against government handouts. We need to reevaluate free trade and give up supporting China killing our manufacturing base.

O.k Not a chance. Prepare for more of the same in Washington with different faces. Been a fact of life since Reagan. Change the personnel but keep the same big money.

Where Are The Jobs?
This all means that the labor of American workers is less valuable to global corporations than it ever has been before. Advanced technology and computers have enabled corporations to operate leaner and meaner. If they do need some old-fashioned muscle for certain tasks they can always run out and set up a facility in some third world nation where they can pay people close to slave labor wages and where they don't have to worry much about taxes, regulations, unions, health benefits or pension plans.

What did you think was going to happen when the United States entered into all of these "free trade" agreements with nations around the world that did not have minimum wage laws?

U.S. corporations are not in existence to provide the American people with jobs. They are in existence to make money. If they can make more money by shipping jobs overseas, then that is exactly what they are going to do.

According to Tax Notes, between 1999 and 2008 employment at the foreign affiliates of U.S. parent companies skyrocketed 30 percent to 10.1 million. During that same time period, U.S. employment at American multinational corporations declined 8 percent

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They own us......

Deal with it.

 Might as well as join them as you will die trying to reform them. I'm constantly amazed that people keep voting for change, keep getting the same dick in the ass over and over and then can't wait to vote for them again.

I guess they just like to bitch. After all how is voting working for ya!

 Live long and prosper.

P.s watch the Republican suck holes kiss Palin's canidates from now on. LOL. The train is leaving better get on board! What a bunch of sorry ass politicians we have in this fucked up country.

Communism for Conservatives by Gary North
A government which depends on loans and on the refunding of its loans to get the money it requires for its operations is necessarily dependent on the sources from which the money can be obtained. In the past, if a government persisted in borrowing heavily to cover its expenditures, interest rates would get higher and higher, and greater and greater inducements would have to be offered by the government to the lenders. These governments finally found that the only way they could maintain both their sovereign independence and their solvency was to tax heavily enough to meet a substantial part of their financial needs, and to be prepared – if placed under undue pressure – to tax to meet them all.

The necessity for a government to tax in order to maintain both its independence and its solvency is true for state and local governments, but it is not true for a national government. Two changes of the greatest consequence have occurred in the last twenty-five years which have substantially altered the position of the national state with respect to the financing of its current requirements.

The first of these changes is the gaining of vast new experience in the management of central banks.

The second change is the elimination, for domestic purposes, of the convertibility of the currency into gold

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not to worry......

Oba mama will out do Clinton in pandering. Expect to hear "we have to pay for this" a lot over the next couple of years. Of course it's nonsense but it keeps you elected. Any economist will tell you the U.S. can spend and borrow pretty much whatever it wants and sell bonds to pay for it.

We just have to pay it back and suffer the inflationary boom caused by flooding the world with dollar bills which eventually have to come home somehow. of course, this will take  awhile.

I think the so called budget balancing by Clinton set up the bust starting in 2001 after Reaganomics ran out of steam. Cutting interest rate and cranking up the printing presses lead to the re inflating the boom and of  course leading to the bigger bust today.

Next boom in being put place because of "quantitive easing" will lead to a bigger bust in 5 or 10 years. Pouring trillions of borrowed money into the economy will be the reason as consumers pay off debt and clean up their credit. We have to remember that our whole world economy revolves around people buying with borrowed money and earning more each year. Right now we are broke and earning less so we have a sluggish economy for awhile. But this will cease eventually and then  let the good times roll. Until 60 million or so leave the consumer scene collecting Social Security checks then all bets are off.

The only hard part is waiting for this to happen. ( For now a good sign is when the big boys start buying up their competition and that's starting now). But it will happen!

What do you think?

Inherited from Whom? - Article - National Review Online
The last time the federal government had a budget surplus, Bill Clinton was president, so it was called “the Clinton surplus.” But Republicans controlled the House of Representatives, where all spending bills originate, for the first time in 40 years. It was also the first budget surplus in more than a quarter of a century.

The only direct power that any president has that can affect deficits and surpluses is the power to veto spending bills. President Bush did not veto enough spending bills, but Senator Obama and his fellow Democrats in control of Congress were the ones who passed the spending bills.

Today, with Barack Obama in the White House, allied with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in charge in Congress, the national debt is a bigger fraction of the annual national output than it has been in more than half a century.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Follow up to Sunday's post.....

If your "credit worthy" after a bust, you buy just about anything you want as long as you can show you can pay for it. You could literally start a loan company. Borrow cheap lend dear.

The Real Reason Banks Aren’t Lending | Credit Writedowns
What is required to drive lending is a creditworthy borrower on the other side of the bank lending officer’s desk, which means an employed borrower, whose income allows him to sustain regular repayments. Absent that, there will be no lending activity. It is pointless to blame the evil bankers for this of state affairs, since they don’t control fiscal policy, which is the remit of the Treasury.

For all the talk from policy makers about not repeating the mistakes of Great Depression, we seem to be perilously close to doing precisely that. This is largely based on a poor understanding of the economic dynamics of that period, even by that noted scholar of the Great Depression, Ben Bernanke.

Most people believe the economy crashed between 1929 and 1932 and then remained depressed until the Second World War, which finally mobilized the economy’s idle resources and brought about a full recovery. That’s complete bunk if you calculate the unemployment data correctly (see here for an explanation) . Even leaving aside the unemployment calculations, it is abundantly clear that, once the Great Depression hit bottom in early 1933, the US economy embarked on four years of expansion that constituted the biggest cyclical boom in U.S. economic history. For four years, real GDP grew at a 12% rate and nominal GDP grew at a 14% rate.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

why lend money to broke dicks?.....

All the banks have to do is buy  government debt and just lend to the smallest risk consumers. I'm getting great credit card offers now even though borrowing on them is silly. Discovery, for instance has offered 12 months interest free on balance transfers, 9 months no interest on purchases and no yearly fee. I'm told that Citi, owned by the U.S taxpayers, is offering 18 month interest free.

As tempting as these offers are. I'll stick to the credit union, which will lend me pretty much the same money at 4.5% or so. I've turned down RV and boat loans at no money down for loans at or below N.A.D.A blue book.

I'm still thinking that real estate will be a better investment in a year from now with mobile homes a pretty good buy now. I'm also convinced that we'll enter a new short term boom before Oba mama's reelection but will only re-collapse .

In the meantime I'm paying off every month my rewards credit card and getting ready to borrow more personal money for bargains. I'm also stocking up on food again as prices will go only higher as the Russians are not exporting food and American agribussiness are taking advantage by raising prices big time.

Get your shit together and get ready!

The Real Reason Banks Aren’t Lending | Credit Writedowns
The US economy is showing signs of slowing, as the fiscal stimulus is dissipating and spending contractions at the state and local government level increasingly undermine the injections from the federal sphere. Worse, it appears that much of the growth has resulted largely from a replenishment of inventories, a process which largely seems to have run its course. Excluding this inventory re-stocking, underlying growth was a very tepid 1.5% annualised. Fiscal drag from state spending contraction could well reduce overall consumption even further in the quarters ahead, an ominous trend for future growth and employment prospects. While we may not experience a “double dip” in purely technical terms, it will certainly feel like a return to recession
for most Americans if Geithner’s assessment is anywhere close to being accurate.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A nuke would cure this problem.....

The religion of peace wants you dead. Feelings mutual. Why we keep kissing these nut job's asses I'll never know.

We have to remember that freedom of speech means growing a large set of balls.

The Eternal Flame of Muslim Outrage - Article - National Review Online
Just a few months ago in Kashmir, faithful Muslims rioted over what they thought was a mosque depicted on underwear sold by street vendors. The mob shut down businesses and clashed with police over the blasphemous skivvies. But it turned out there was no need for Allah’s avengers to get their holy knickers in a bunch. The alleged mosque was actually a building resembling London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. A Kashmiri law-enforcement official later concluded the protests were “premeditated and organized to vitiate the atmosphere.”

Indeed, art and graphics have an uncanny way of vitiating the Muslim world’s atmosphere. In 1994, Muslims threatened German supermodel Claudia Schiffer with death after she wore a Karl Lagerfeld–designed dress printed with a saying from the Koran. In 1997, outraged Muslims forced Nike to recall 800,000 shoes because they claimed the company’s “Air” logo looked like the Arabic script for “Allah.” In 1998, another conflagration spread over Unilever’s ice-cream logo — which Muslims claimed looked like “Allah” if read upside-down and backwards (can’t recall what they said it resembled if you viewed it with 3D glasses).

Even more explosively, in 2002, an al-Qaeda-linked jihadist cell plotted to blow up Bologna, Italy’s Church of San Petronio because it displayed a 15th-century fresco depicting Mohammed being tormented in the ninth circle of Hell. For years, Muslims had demanded that the art come down. Counterterrorism officials in Europe caught the would-be bombers on tape scouting out the church and exclaiming, “May Allah bring it all down. It will all come down.”

That same year, Nigerian Muslims stabbed, bludgeoned, or burned to death 200 people in protest of the Miss World beauty pageant — which they considered an affront to Allah. Contest organizers fled out of fear of inflaming further destruction. When Nigerian journalist Isioma Daniel joked that Mohammed would have approved of the pageant and that “in all honesty, he would probably have chosen a wife from among them,” her newspaper rushed to print three retractions and apologies in a row. It didn’t stop Muslim vigilantes from torching the newspaper’s offices. A fatwa was issued on Daniel’s life by a Nigerian official in the sharia-ruled state of Zamfara, who declared that “the blood of Isioma Daniel can be shed. It is abiding on all Muslims wherever they are to consider the killing of the writer as a religious duty.” Daniel fled to Norway.

In 2005, British Muslims got all hot and bothered over a Burger King ice-cream-cone container whose swirly-texted label resembled, you guessed it, the Arabic script for “Allah.” The restaurant chain yanked the product in a panic and prostrated itself before the Muslim world. But the fast-food dessert had already become a handy radical-Islamic recruiting tool. Rashad Akhtar, a young British Muslim, told Harper’s Magazine how the ice-cream caper had inspired him: “Even though it means nothing to some people and may mean nothing to some Muslims in this country, this is my jihad. I’m not going to rest until I find the person who is responsible. I’m going to bring this country down.”

In 2007, Muslims combusted again in Sudan after an infidel elementary-school teacher innocently named a classroom teddy bear “Mohammed.” Protesters chanted, “Kill her, kill her by firing squad!” and “No tolerance — execution!” She was arrested and jailed, and faced 40 lashes for blasphemy before being freed after eight days. Not wanting to cause further inflammation, the teacher rushed to apologize: “I have great respect for the Islamic religion and would not knowingly offend anyone, and I am sorry if I caused any distress.”

And who could forget the global Danish-cartoon riots of 2006 (instigated by imams who toured Egypt stoking hysteria with faked anti-Islam comic strips)? From Afghanistan to Egypt to Lebanon to Libya, Pakistan, Turkey, and in between, hundreds died under the pretext of protecting Mohammed from Western slight, and brave journalists who stood up to the madness were threatened with beheading. It wasn’t really about the cartoons at all, of course. Little remembered is the fact that Muslim bullies were attempting to pressure Denmark over the International Atomic Energy Agency’s decision to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council for continuing with its nuclear-research program. The chairmanship of the council was passing to Denmark at the time. Yes, it was just another in a long line of manufactured Muslim explosions that were, to borrow a useful phrase, “premeditated and organized to vitiate the atmosphere.”

When everything from sneakers to stuffed animals to comics to frescos to beauty queens to fast-food packaging to undies serves as dry tinder for Allah’s avengers, it’s a grand farce to feign concern about the recruitment effect of a few burnt Korans in the hands of a two-bit attention-seeker in Florida. The eternal flame of Muslim outrage was lit a long, long time ago.

— Michelle Malkin is the author of Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies (Regnery, 2010). © 2010 Creators Syndicate, Inc.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

I hate beating a dead horse......

But this needs repeating. Foreigners are not going to pay my Social Security check.


Sending these jobs overseas is fucking retarded!!!!

The Coming Depression: Light Bulb Factory Closes; End Of Era For U.S. Means More Jobs Overseas
WINCHESTER, VA. - The last major GE factory making ordinary incandescent light bulbs in the United States is closing this month, marking a small, sad exit for a product and company that can trace their roots to Thomas Alva Edison's innovations in the 1870s.
The remaining 200 workers at the plant here will lose their jobs.
"Now what're we going to do?" said Toby Savolainen, 49, who like many others worked for decades at the factory, making bulbs now deemed wasteful.
During the recession, political and business leaders have held out the promise that American advances, particularly in green technology, might stem the decades-long decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs. But as the lighting industry shows, even when the government pushes companies toward environmental innovations and Americans come up with them, the manufacture of the next generation technology can still end up overseas.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm rooting for Deadlock.......

No more ramming chickenshit legislation through the House. I think it wont make any difference but should slow the next collapse. Time will tell. Just don't expect anything to save us except conquering the oil producing sector of the world.

P.S we own the food production from here on out. Everybody in China and Russia has to kiss our ass in the future as we become a food oligopoly supplying their exploding middle class.

Yes we are going to import more Mexicans and they willl have to pay the Social Security taxes. LOL

Deep in the Obama Bunker - Article - National Review Online
During the past week, the entire political-media establishment awakened to the catastrophe awaiting Democrats in the fall. A CNN poll found that among voters who dislike both parties — one in five voters — Republicans now lead by 38 points. That’s a landslide, among voters who don’t even like them!

Among independents, according to CNN, Republicans lead by an outlandish 62 to 30. Polls are routinely picking up unheard-of GOP leads of roughly ten points in the generic ballot. To give you an idea of the scale of that advantage, if Republicans lead the generic ballot by “just” five points, Alan Abramowitz of Emory University forecasts a Republican pickup of 49 House seats, ten more than what’s needed to take the majority.

To beat back the coming wave, Obama is resorting to tactics and arguments that will only augment it. He wants to write George W. Bush’s name onto the 2010 ballot, even though he’s been safely retired back to Texas for two years. In a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, 58 percent think Republicans will pursue different policies from Bush. Obama’s insistence otherwise smacks of backward-looking blame-shifting.

The other day, Obama congratulated himself on his campaigning ability. But his signature strength

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

UH..... Anytime.

When is it OK to defend your life and property?
George Grier of Long Island has been arrested and charged for reckless endangerment for firing four warning shots into the ground when up to as many as twenty individuals stormed his property.

According to Grier, he was entering his home when five men approached and invaded his property. He ran into the home, directed his wife to call police, and returned to his front lawn with an AK-47 at which point even more individuals rounded the corner and began threatening him. Grier says the men threatened to kill him and his family.

To deter the potential assailants, he then fired his AK-47 into the ground.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

You ain't seen nothing yet......

Going to be a massive geezer problem. WE older citizens are not going to buy very many houses, cars, new pieces of furniture etc.

Ours is the largest generation and when we leave the workforce in 5 or 10 years the crash is inevitable. Most boomers are near broke and need to keep working. Not going to happen. By all counts you can't take 70 million wage earners out of the economy and not replace them.

The economy evaporates. Expect government spending to sky rocket. In the mean time get ready.

After all said and done that's why we have a large military. We will just have to take what we need!

Daily Digest 9/5 - Thoughts On The Housing Market, Drop In Self-Employment, New Energy Ideas - Blogs at Chris Martenson
"Peek inside this statistical slaughterhouse: As older Americans headed for retirement, the recession cut into their plans, sending retirement account balances down 32 percent from a peak of $8.7 trillion in September 2007 to $5.9 trillion in March 2009, according to AARP. As the recession kicked in, more than one of every four foreclosures and delinquencies involved Americans age 50 and older, this on top of the decade's already sharp increase in bankruptcy filings for the 55-and-above set. "

Monday, September 06, 2010

Pooooor Mr. B.......

Nothing but excuses from here on out. We are only creating part time and temporary jobs. Not good for banks.

Not good for anybody.

How the Bankers Have Trapped Bernanke by Gary North

The FED increased the monetary base by about $1.3 trillion in October 2008. This was the largest one-month increase in the history of the FED. Nothing else comes close. The FED was in panic mode. To double the monetary base in one month was hyperinflation.

But nothing much happened to the total money supply. That was because commercial bankers offset the purchase by depositing most of it into their accounts for excess reserves at the FED. The normal money multiplier effect of fractional reserve banking did not go into effect. The new money was mostly sterilized by the commercial banks.

The FED wanted this to happen. This was why, on October 6, it inaugurated a new policy: paying banks interest on excess reserves.

This policy had been scheduled to go into effect in 2011. It was speeded up because of the emergency.

Paying interest on excess reserves gave bankers a way to protect their funds without risk. For two weeks, the FED paid 0.75% on these reserves. Then this was dropped to 0.65% for two weeks, then increased to 1% for five weeks. Then it was cut to 0.25% on December 17,

Sunday, September 05, 2010

My vote is for sale......

Send me a big check and I'll register Independent and vote. I know how to cure the recession, not cure the Depression, send me a big check and I'll pay off old debts, pay for health care insurance, buy another house, and anything else I can use. Unlike most everyone else I'll even start a new business and in 2 years draw my Social Security and give my Walmart job to someone else.

How about you?

Administration’s September Rollout: Big Payroll Tax Cut | FDL News Desk
However, the article suggests that the payroll tax cut would be both temporary and limited to the employer side of the tax, which damages its effectiveness significantly. “This is zero stimulus, it’s just handing money to employers, a bit lower on my priority list than beating my head against the wall until it bleeds,” Baker says. He frets that a business-side tax cut will just put more money on the sidelines, in addition to the $1.6 trillion that businesses have already set aside, without any incentive to hire.

If you accept the premise that Republicans will block anything, there are plenty other options out there, Baker says. “In terms of boosting the economy, they should have some money spent on jobs programs for hard hit areas (e.g. Detroit), a lot of money for aid to the states, a lot of money for rebuilding the infrastructure (focus on rails), money for weatherization, and work share. Tax cuts for moderate income people are fine. Give a 7 percent work credit up to $30k and then freeze it for higher income people.”

Saturday, September 04, 2010

We don't make anything worth buying....

We were sold down the river by Clinton and the Republicans. We told them "free trade" was a ripoff of the American working stiff. We were right. Now we pay. And pay.

Then pay some more.

Escape The New Great Depression
China’s policies are destabilizing the global economy to the benefit of China. Currently China purchases only one dollar worth of goods from us for every four dollars it sells us. Even Japan is only at a two to one ratio vs China’s four to one ratio. Additionally, China has horrific working conditions for little pay. The time has come for the U.S. to tell China the free ride to development is over. Not only must China begin to import more goods, but it must also begin to improve working conditions and raise workers pay. If this costs it some exports, then so be it. There is a direct link to the debt crisis in the West and China’s flooding Western market with cheap goods based on a manipulated currency on the back of all but slave labor. Workers in the West that are forced to compete are being forced to take big pay cuts. Less income reduces their ability to pay their debts.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Hey Oba mama....

Want to get reelected?....

Put some people in jail! Step up and do your job.

P.s send me my check!

Prelude to Meltdown: An interview with Bert Dohmen
Dohmen: The regulators were in collusion with Wall Street. This wasn’t a failure of capitalism, this was a failure of regulatory agencies and in my opinion some of it was criminal. The Wall Street firms, the big ones, were limited to 12-to-1 margin based on their capital until 2004. Then the head of the SEC, who was a former founder of a very large Wall Street firm, and he had been able to field these Wall Street guys and after that they decided to increase the permitted leverage I believe to 34-to-1. That was absolutely incredible. I remember whey that happened I said, “If these firms only have a 3 percent decline in their speculative investment it wipes out all of the equity.” I wondered how could this be allowed. These guys were just asking for failure. The reason it was allowed because the higher the leverage the higher the potential profits. And I guess the theory was if something goes wrong the taxpayer would pay the losses. They get the profits, the taxpayer gets the losses. And that’s exactly what happened.

We had other things like that in other areas of the housing market. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were basically coerced into giving mortgages who had no jobs, no income and no net worth. Yet they got mortgages because the Congressmen said that’s what we have to do. You know the names of these Congressmen. So it was really excess of government, excess of speculation and there was no rationale behind it. Even right now when you consider that the FHA is making mortgage loans with only 3 percent down – 3 percent down! Nothing has been learned in this last episode. And that’s why this crisis is not over. We are just in the middle of it. There’s another 50 percent to go.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why should banks worry?....

Free "get out of jail" cards. Commit fraud and the government bails you out.

The good news is Dems lose in November, the bad news is the Republicans win in November. Heads I win tails you lose. LOL

But the boom is in the works. Oh it will be ugly this fall when housing numbers catch up from the silly tax credit that was too little too late shows up in the statistics. Also,  foreclosures hit full steam and manufacturing craters forcing  Oba mama  to pull a Clinton and make nice with the Republicans.

Get ready for your check.

Oba mama won't have enough Dems left this winter so lame duck Dems are going to let 'er rip.

Yes they will.

The gang in Washington, as I've pointed out before, still has a spare trillion or so to pump into the economy for stimulus that they have in reserve from the TARP bill.

Bernanke to World: We're Going to Fiddle While Rome Burns
If you are operating a bank, and you had lost your depositors’ funds by making bad real estate loans, normally you would be sweating bullets by now, or among the 14.6 million pounding the pavement looking for work. But you need not worry. You got $1.3 trillion of reserves to tide you over while your bad loans continue to deteriorate.

Uncle Ben bailed you out, and he even gave you the money to pay back your other uncle, Sam. Now that you got rid of the TARP, you can go back to paying out big bonuses, even if they are on profits facilitated by the easing of accounting rules.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Move along......

Nothing new here. I've been bitching about this for over 20 years. Remember Ross Perot and Pat Buchanon?

We were right! What's your point. Vote. Yea, right.


Winners And Losers
The sad truth is that as work has become a global commodity, middle class American workers have been placed in direct competition with the cheapest labor in the world. For years the U.S. economy was so strong that nobody really noticed that it was bleeding thousands of jobs every single month. But now that 14 million Americans are unemployed and the U.S. economy is literally hemorrhaging jobs people are starting to sit up and take notice.

Let's take a look at one recent example. Ford Motor Company has just announced the closure of a facility that produces the Ford Ranger in St. Paul, Minnesota. Approximately 750 good paying jobs are going to be lost.

But isn't Ford doing better these days?


Don't people still need Ford Rangers?

Of course they do.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty even offered Ford a multi-million dollar incentive package full of tax cuts and job creation incentives to keep the factory going.

Basically, Pawlenty did everything except get down on his hands and knees and beg Ford to keep the plant open.

But it wasn't good enough for Ford.

So where is Ford going to make those Ford Rangers now?

Well, the statement issues by Ford did not say, but it did offer some clues....

"Ford continues to concentrate on implementing the plan we initiated four years ago to streamline our plant operations and better leverage our global platforms. At this time, the Twin Cities Assembly Plant does not fit into our global manufacturing strategy."

Did you notice that the world "global" was used twice there?

In other words, Ford plans to move their factory some place where labor is cheaper.

But the truth is that this is happening in every industry.