Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cut government spending?….

Congress is working on a 500 billon dollar farm bill. (“Welfare as we know it”) and a 625 billion defense spending bill….(have to save the world from suicide bombers, don’t you know!)

And the only cuts we hear about are food stamps, Social Security and Medicare…..

Not enough rich people on these doles, right?

Yes, as I’ve been bitching about this for the last million years….not a nickels difference between the parties except hot air…..especially at election time…

Even Graham and O’Connell are becoming born again t-party fighters….

The best one is how some nobody name Walker is a presidential candidate. So am I. Send money. After all I’ll promise anything it takes and can be bought. I’ll also lie to make you feel abused….

The idea that any sitting governor would go against Christie who is, as of today, the chairman of the Republican Governors Association is beyond Ludacris….

This gang goes around the country handing out Republican candidates millions to run for election. No, you get on your knees and old Christie will make sure you wont suffer for lack of money, governor Walker…

And, so,  as I have been continuously posting on various blogs, Christie-Hillary run for office is on….

Now, for you  new readers, Hillary leads her combined prospective primary opponents by 55 points….She leads Christie by 5 or so one on one…

Christy, who has about 33 per cent support among the Republican primary voting base will have all the governors and most state legislatures funding him. .   That means his 3 or 4 conservative challengers will split the primary vote and he cruises until they run out of money.

As with Hillary, he will have virtually unlimited Wall Street money and various PAC’s…

The only interesting thing is we libertarians and anarchist who voted for Bush and have sat out the last two contest is do we  jump back in to stop Her Majesty from winning..

I bring this up because Romney got 2 million votes less than McCain did in 2008 but. Obama got 9 million fewer votes against Romney than Mac..Reason….Romney’s closet liberalism and for Obama’s deficit,  tax cuts for the rich that he caved on to get the issue behind him…

Now for my critics…Christie is ant-abortion. He cut taxes, real cuts, he beat the unions in a union stronghold, he’s balanced a real budget he’s slaughtered the Dems in a state so blue and corrupt to be considered breathtaking.,……And…….

He did not eat Rhode Island!!!!

Hillary is an historical figure that should have been president if the uber-left and the blacks hadn’t dumped her in 2008. (in the process she was bankrupted as she spent her own money and borrowed millions and Wall Street went over to Obama so as not to be prosecuted….)

They wont make that mistake again. They will excuse and brush off every crime and screw up she has ever done while tearing the right a new one for lying about tax cuts for the little guy who got peanuts while the rich made out like bandits. (including every Democrat in Washington)

More later….

Molon Labe….

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