Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank God.......

I was about to change my mind about retiring to the Sun shine State, but thankfully my animals will be safe. After all You never know about the people who hang out there.

Hell my brother even drinks occasionally and you know what that means.  And nobody needs to add to the crime down there by dragging extra cats along.

Unless we take them to a vet. And you know what that means.
Florida to outlaw sex with animals!

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Having sex with animals could soon be outlawed in Florida.

The Senate unanimously passed a bill (SB 448) Tuesday that would make it a third degree felony for anyone to have sex with an animal. A similar bill in the House has not been debated on the floor.

Florida is one of 16 states without a law banning bestiality.

The bill sponsored by Sen. Nan Rich, D-Weston, D-Weston, would make the offense a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. The Florida law would not apply to veterinary practices.

According to the national Humane Society, several studies highlight a link between sexual assault of animals and sex crimes against humans.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lucy.....I'm home.......

My new pad for Florida......

I really like the diving platform which comes complete with rickety ladder.

Makes me nostalgic for my place in California (not!!).

Need a ride?
15 (More!) Extreme Houseboats and Houseboat Designs [PICS]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And you thought I was paranoid!.....

Does have a nice ring to it (Heh heh).

Oh yea  Sars is back.Or is ozone hole. No bird flu. No wait global warning, Alar on your apples, killer peanuts, Pistachios -are-out-to-get-you or maybe .....?

We're dead eventually, just don't tell about me on TV to take attention away from government criminals inducing disasters in the economy , OK ?
charles hugh smith-Obama's Secret Plan

Does anyone seriously believe an obstructionist opposition which supported Bush's giveaways and staggering deficits for eight long years has any credibility? The moment to do something about deficits was 2003, and the moment to vote down bailouts was last Fall (hmm, now there's an appropriate season) when the TARP debacle was shoved down the nation's throat by the Financial Aristocracy.

Does anyone seriously believe the Democrats who cheerily absorbed millions in donations from scalawags and crooks in Fannie Mae, Goldman Sachs et al. while obstructing regulations which might have limited the damage have a lick of credibility? To be a partisan in this age is to be either blind or brainwashed.

So let's face it: any President who sought to destroy the political power of the Investment Banker Aristocracy in a frontal assault would be defeated if not destroyed. Any president of either party who dares even mess around the edges of the real power structure gets "the treatment."

Is there any strategy would might actually work? How about "give them enough rope to hang themselves"? President Dwight Eisenhower has long been dismissed as a do-nothing who "got lucky" in his two terms. Perhaps--but he was also a canny politico who didn't say much because he preferred to give his opponents plenty of stout rope. And sure enough, most of the time they promptly hanged themselves with their own excesses.

Monday, April 27, 2009

First it's the Rolling Stone....

Now I'm agreeing with Paul Krugman, for Christ's sake.

We have run out of suckers. The ones we have are borrowing and printing to save themselves. Their all praying that a couple of trillion a year pumped into the world economy collectively will save our sorry asses.

For awhile they are right. Expect a series of W shaped collapses and you can't go wrong.

As an aside, the Government is becoming more afraid of us. Ask Napalitano.

Got to grab them guns. We need a crisis to save the Fed's sorry asses.

Swine flu maybe. Yea, some exotic disease maybe.

Not only do we need another planet to save us, we need a galaxy!
Japan’s recovery, again - Paul Krugman Blog -

For what it’s worth, a key conclusion from the IMF’s new World Economic Outlook is that recessions caused by financial crisis typically end with export booms, with the trade balance improving, on average, by more than 3 percent of GDP. I find this a disturbing result: we’re now suffering from a global financial crisis, which means that the usual driver of recovery will only be available if we can find another planet to export to.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's back!.......

If it ain't one piece of irrelevant bullshit it's another.

I guess we'll just have to die before the planet does. (Sigh).

Uh, duh!!

Ozone Layer Faces Bumpy Return to Health : Discovery News

April 23, 2009 -- The Earth's ailing ozone layer will probably recover, but it will never look exactly like it used to.

That is the conclusion of a new study, which found that greenhouse gasses are interfering with ozone's rebound in complicated ways. The study predicts a patchy future for the ozone layer, with some sections becoming even thicker than they were before bans on ozone-damaging chemicals kicked in. Other sections, meanwhile, may remain sparse.

"This shows that greenhouse gas increases could have some surprising effects on ozone," said Feng Li, an atmosheric scientist at NASA's Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center in Greenbelt, Md.

The ozone layer lies in the stratosphere, the region of the atmosphere that stretches from about 10 miles to 30 miles above the planet's surface.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

he more it changes the more it stays the same....

I remember the 70's. Compared to today they were pretty good.

You could actually support a family on "blue collar" wages. However, about this time changes were in the making: the wholesale moving our industry offshore.

The 70's started out with us carpet bombing little brown people from the stone age into the 20th century.

 Boy that worked out good.

Then we pissed off a bunch of people with towels on their head because we like to make war on religious nuts who disagree with our religious nuts by moving religious nuts into their neighborhood.So they decided to quit selling us oil.

Boy that worked out good.

After that we turned our money into play dough to pay for all these different wars and dictators we owned by borrowing and spending ourselves into a series of  inflationary depressions that have finally now caught up with us.

Boy that worked out good.

Until today we have to hire a black guy as president who's main asset is having no real discernible qualifications for the job to kiss and make up with everyone on the planet we have abused for all our empire building by his  clueless predecessors.

Boy is that working.

Now we have to pay the piper. Every dime we borrow or print will come home to bite us in the ass.

Until the empire dies and we start over.
Inflation Tsunami

A few days ago, in a bold move, the Federal Reserve announced that it would buy US$1 trillion worth of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage-backed agency debt. Apparently, the idea behind this measure is to subdue long-term interest rates in the United States, thereby assisting homeowners. However, any serious investor should realize that this line of thinking is totally flawed. Allow me to explain:

By announcing to the entire world that the Federal Reserve is ready and willing to buy U.S. Treasuries and other agency debt, the Federal Reserve is hoping to support the U.S. bond market and suppress long-term interest-rates. Unfortunately, in order to buy these assets, the Federal Reserve will end up creating even more dollars and the result will be the exact opposite of what the officials set out to do! As the Federal Reserve steps up its buying of U.S. government debt, it would have to create money out of thin air. When this occurs, inflationary expectations will rise and nervous bond investors will automatically demand higher interest-rates in order to protect themselves from inflation. So, as an inflation-premium sets in the market, bond investors will reset interest-rates at a much higher level. It is worth noting that the U.S. establishment engaged in the same misguided policy roughly 60 years ago and the result was much higher interest-rates…and that saga morphed into the inflationary holocaust of the late 1970s.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Maybe we should try some real torture.....

Why not?

We could sell tickets and put it on CNN.


Here's my credit card.

Sign me up!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


As long as we can find enough suckers we can continue. Period. We've been doing it since the 1930's.

However, shipping our middle class jobs overseas and retiring millions of us will put an end to it.

It's only a matter of time. I'm still betting between 5 and 10 more years. My generation leaves the work force and collectively by then we will have bankrupted our creditors of federal debt.

In the mean time, we'd be better off worrying about banks taking our tax dollars at 0% and lending it out at 30% on your credit cards.

Guaranteeing, counting all the future taxes, fees, and "fines", we have nothing left for our future.

Of course,  we still have enough firepower to take over anyone we want to pay for our shit.

And we will! Just give it time.
It Can Happen Here.  It Might Be Happening Now.

The best sign at my hometown "tea party" was a giant banner that spelled out in huge letters: $12,000,000,000,000. It took at least ten people standing in a long line along the highway to hold it.

The 12 trillion number is new federal obligations assumed since the economy began to unravel in 2008. It's enough money to pay off nearly every home mortgage in America .

Here's another number for you: $101 trillion.

That's the amount of unfunded Medicare and Social Security liabilities going forward through the end of the boomer retirement (1).

Well before the economic crisis was in full swing, Russian blogger Dmitri Davydov put together a presentation about the similarities between the USA now and the USSR as it neared its end. Here were three distinct similarities he cited:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What torture?

We sprinkled water on these guys foreheads and now we call it torture?

Hell the Catholics do it everyday to babies and I don't hear them bitching!

If a nuke goes off in Washington do you think we should play nice?

A medal maybe, but nice? (Heh heh. Yes, I'm bad)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Survivalists 2.0: Regular People Get Ready for the Worst

Spirko, 36, considers himself an average guy with a normal life.

But for the past few years, Spirko has been stockpiling food, water, gas, guns and ammunition. He also has a load of red wine, Starbucks coffee and deodorant stashed away.

“I refer to myself as a modern survivalist, which means I don’t do without,” Spirko explained. “I have a nice TV; I have nice furniture. We are not living in the sticks, but I take all of these things very seriously.”

Spirko, an Army veteran and self-described “stark-raving-mad Libertarian,” is part of a growing movement of people who are preparing for a disaster natural, economic or man-made. Referred to as “modern survivalists” or “preppers,” they are taking steps to protect and provide for their families should something bad happen.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Business for yourself.........

Beats paying taxes. Only report enough to cover your tax liability on you day job.

Then retire with something to eat on. You can always make grocery money somewhere.

Try it.
Living the outlaw life: Freeing your inner outlaw by Claire Wolfe 0106

More important, it means having the mindset needed to live that way in a world of adversity. More often than confronting, it means ignoring or evading insane and excessive rules. When confrontation is necessary, it means having the knowledge, preparation, and—once again—attitude to help you get through the situation without either passively submitting or going unproductively postal.

In practice, that means something different for every Outlaw. But in every case, it means you have an attitude of self ownership (or, if you prefer, of belonging to God), not being the natural subject, and easy target, of any bureaucrat or badge-bearer who wishes to push you around.

It means recognizing the pathetic state of law and justice around you, and recognizing its dangers—but resolving to live your life more like a free American than a Stalinist peasant, regardless. It means living by your own highest moral and ethical choices, rather than trying to tippy-toe around every persnicketing regulation in every obscure book in every cubbyhole governmental office.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goin ta play da music, man....

Got to love this:

Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free my ass.....

Your free to pay and pay. Free to to be taught nonsense and superstition. Free to conform. Free to bitch.

Of course, if your mother kills you, then your free to give your DNA to blood suckers who will save rich old codgers from dying from living a natural life.

And don't forget,  you are free eat shit and die if you don't like it.
Idaho Observer: Born free to tacitly accept slavery

Born free to tacitly accept slavery

Americans are born free. But then, through an artful web of "legal"deciet, trickery, word games and constructive frauds, we become enslaved. The irony is that we "choose" slavery by unquestioning acceptance of government licenses, numbers and status as a "U.S. citizen."

In all humility, I may be the most appropriate person in America to write the following overview of how "Americans" have been betrayed. My career began a decade ago during the common law court movement and has survived "redemption" and the UCC. I have watched in horror as well-meaning people (many of them close personal friends of mine, who were lawfully seeking shelter from the legal storm) have fallen from self-righteous optimism to dejection, poverty, insanity, imprisonment and even death-by-suicide. It is safe to say that just about every sovereignty/freedom process or program that does not work has crossed my desk.

But, we have been learning—we are not as hopeful and naive as we were in the common law court days. Through trial and error, good men and women have been challenging the ruthless power behind the benevolent facade of the U.S. government and its satelite state governments. In most cases, that power reaches out and destroys those who dare approach, but every now and then the good guys score a point or, in our defeat, we are able to glean valuable insight.

Friday, April 17, 2009

You think Texas is big enough for all of us?........

I would simply transfer to Wally World in San Antonio. Kick back and eat chili. watch the US disappear. Heh heh. Blog: May I Immigrate to Free Texas?

April 17, 2009
May I Immigrate to Free Texas?
Posted by Lew Rockwell at April 17, 2009 09:48 AM

I am no fan of Texas governor Rick Perry, but how wonderful that this smart politician thinks it is good politics to advocate secession. Years ago, Dallas Congressman Jim Collins always talked about an independent Republic of Texas, and it was considered charming. (It was.) Then this basic right became politically incorrect. Now it is mentionable again, and popular. And here is a poll you can take on Texas freedom. And we know who should be, by acclamation, the second president of the Republic of Texas (after Sam Houston): Ron Paul.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hope Oba mama doesn't piss off his people.....

Takes balls to attack your daddy's brethren. Didn't the Pres know that religion is thicker than water?

Next thing you know he'll be disowned by his Muslim brothers.


Be glad your not an Israeli, Heh heh.
China Confidential: Obama Vows Not to End Piracy But to Halt its Rise

Addressing the press like a clever lawyer/community organizer, U.S. President Barack Obama signaled that there will be no unilateral U.S. military action against Islamist-supported African Muslim pirates. His carefully worded vow to "halt the rise of piracy" as opposed to ending already risen piracy--in line with his "imminent danger" rule of engagement that probably prolonged the hostage crisis--confirms that he is adamantly opposed to doing anything that will inflame Muslim sensibilities, as China Confidential has reported.

AFP reports:

President Barack Obama vowed Monday to work with US allies to "halt the rise of piracy" off Somalia's coast, as the Pentagon warned there was no purely military solution to the seaborne scourge.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I think this is inevitable......

Throw a couple of trillion dollars into the banking system should do something.

Boom and bust is guaranteed. Pushing dollars back and forth will give everyone the impression that happy times are here again.

But how many houses, cars, pieces of furniture, exotic vacations etc. are unemployed broke dicks going to be able to take?

Expect 8 dollar gas and 12% "official unemployment" as local and state government go nuts with taxes and fees to keep the bureaucrats employed.

Plenty of government jobs will be created so the big shots in Washington survive. At least, I'm safe at Walmart for awhile until the trucks can't get fuel. Why sell diesel when the government is threatening closing down the oil industry?

Some reason we get to thinking that everything grows on trees in la la land and all we have to do is elect the right "Savior"to get it for us.

Somebody is in for a big surprise!

Some solutions:

Pay off your bills. Don't use the big banks. Only we can close them down by not using them. Send all your money to a credit union and get your credit in tip top shape. Stop borrowing from big banks unless you plan on stiffing them. (Heh heh)

People with cash and credit will have their choice of consumer goods.  I believe a new boom will commence in a year or so because there is no place else, for now, for the world's elite to go.

I'm of the opinion, this collapse is only the continuation of the cycle started when Nixon took us off the gold standard and told the world to take a hike.

Until something replaces our dollar expect the cycle to continue.

Unless the guys in charge are taken out. (Marie Antoinette, maybe?) It just remains to be seen if it completes the cycle in our lifetime.

Happens every time an empire goes bust!! Just get out a world history book and read for yourself.

In the mean time if the bust doesn't happen you'll be in position to clean up. However,if a super collapse does occur your money, gold or praying won't do a bit of good.

But that's not the way to bet.

I'm betting we'll see a couple more boom and busts before the US is bankrupted by the cycle. If that' the case, get a free and clear home somewhere to live. Learn to hunt fish and garden. Take care of friends and family by encouraging them to do the same .

Or find someone stupid enough to lend you a couple of million bucks and go crazy buying all kinds of junk to put in your garage and storage shed. Take a permanent vacation and drink lot. Or even run for office and become part of the problem.

Best of all, simply kiss your ass good by.
S&P 500 Will Rise to 1,100 This Year, Leuthold Says (Update2) -

By Rita Nazareth and Erik Schatzker

April 14 (Bloomberg) -- Steve Leuthold, whose Grizzly Short Fund returned 74 percent last year betting against U.S. stocks, said the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index will surge to 1,100 after valuations got to the cheapest levels of his career in March.

Leuthold, 71, who helps manage $3.2 billion as founder of Minneapolis-based Leuthold Weeden Capital Management, said most investors should have 65 percent of their assets in stocks.

“This market was about as cheap as I’ve seen in my 45 years in this business,” Leuthold said in a Bloomberg Television interview today. “We’re probably going to see the economy start turning upward, not now but toward the end of the year. The market is a lead economic indicator, so the time clock is about right for the market to turn up”

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you pay me enough.....

I could vote Republican. Or Democrat.

What's the difference?

You get the same results. A rip off!!
One-Party System

I can predict the winner of the presidential election even now: the government. In a one-party system, that’s how things work. One-party system? Yes. The American political scene makes much more sense if you think of the two parties as two divisions of the same party.

Admittedly that is hard to do at first. All American politics is presented as a tooth-and-claw rivalry between Republicans and Democrats. It is certainly true that elections determine who holds office among the parties’ candidates, and who holds office determines whose cronies get sinecures and contracts. That does give the appearance of real competition.

Moreover, the major news media are willing participants in the charade that Republicans and Democrats have substantially different ideas about things. Generally, we are asked to believe that Republicans want less government and more war, while the Democrats want more government and less war.

As you may have noticed, that makes no sense. War and government go hand in hand, and both parties want more government. Each side tends to dislike only the wars started by the other side.

Let’s look at foreign policy. Republican John McCain is an unabashed supporter of the Iraqi invasion and occupation, though he didn’t think the original occupation was brutal enough. His plan is to “win the war” and manage the Middle East, which includes maintaining the option of attacking Iran if American interests require it.

We’re supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama disagree with McCain, and they do a little — just not on the big questions. They don’t talk about winning the war, but neither would withdraw all U.S. forces from the Middle East. Obama, who touts his original opposition to the Iraq invasion, says he’ll keep enough force there to respond if al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia establishes a base there. Clinton promises to “obliterate” Iran if it attacks Israel. Both, like McCain, think Iran is America’s business.

In other words, no less than McCain, the Democrats see the Middle East in imperialist terms. Some peace party.

On domestic issues, there do appear to be differences — but only on the surface. Take trade: Clinton and Obama made anti-NAFTA noises, but it is unlikely that either would pursue a seriously protectionist program. Selected trade barriers are possible, as they are with McCain. McCain talks like a free trader — usually — but Republicans can never be fully trusted on the issue. Ronald Reagan was the most protectionist president since the horrendous Herbert Hoover. George W. Bush imposed steel tariffs early in his first term, and his “free-trade” agreements always have exceptions for special interests. When McCain was touting free trade recently, he said, “There have been inadequacies, there has been dumping in our markets, and there have been unequal wages.” That is not how a real free trader talks. “Dumping” is a pejorative term for price competition; and if trade is unfair because wages are unequal, how will poor countries trade with the rich West?

On health care, Clinton and Obama want a larger government role. But the government’s role is already large, and McCain doesn’t call for a rollback. Licensing, patents, and other interventions that make medical care expensive would stay in place. At most he talks about manipulating the tax code to create various health-insurance incentives. He calls this a “free-market” solution, which it isn’t.

That is typical. Democrats want to use government directly (insurance mandates and taxpayer subsidies), while Republicans would use it indirectly, by creating tax inducements to get people and companies to do something.

But that difference is far less substantial than it seems because in both cases politicians determine the goals to be achieved. Republicans and Democrats only disagree over the way to achieve them.

In a free society government operatives don’t pick objectives for people. People pick them for themselves. A candidate who respected freedom would propose ending governmental involvement in health care entirely and slashing taxes without conditions so that people could make medical decisions for themselves.

The election season would be more interesting if there were more suspense about the outcome.

Monday, April 13, 2009

You can't make this stuff up!!....

Science has the answers because it is the  study of scientific answers.

We used to call these welfare recipients priests, politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, writers, bankers, educators and pencil pushers.

Religion is important in our lives because it is religion.

We must always trust a person who gives us an answer because we trust that person.

It's o.k. to be annoying because  you have no life of your own.

You mother has a right to kill you as long as you can't fight back.

Our rights exist only as long as the government is more afraid of you than you are afraid of them.


How can we ever find the answers if we never know the real questions?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It don't get no worse than this...

Heh heh.

It's over.

When we are upstaged by the fucking French!!!

Of course the pirates have to die. Until next time.
China Confidential: Faced with Piracy, French Summon Spirit of Foreign Legion while America Seems Dazed and Confused

Sacre bleu!

The French have rescued their hostages from a band of brazen, African Muslim pirates while the American Navy seems helpless and confused.

Never again will Americans be able to ridicule the French in military matters. The gallant spirit of the Foreign Legion seems to be alive and well in Paris; the philosophy of appeasement, in Washington.

The appeaser-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama, appears unmoved by the crisis, which, as China Confidential observed yesterday, is one of three American hostage situations currently playing out across the globe

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This bust is not the "Big One"

This is only one of a series of boom and busts we have been experiencing since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. Each boom bigger than the one before and of course each bust nastier and longer.

Eventually we run out of suckers and disappear from history like Egypt, Rome, Greece, Great Britain, etc. No Empire can outsource the means to prosperity and rob it'd most prosperous and survive.

The elites  spend too much time, money and man power defending every corner of the globe form interlopers and find themselves rotting  from within. Their own children refuse to participate in this defense of their patrimony.

The ruling class becomes insular and arrogant as they have to rob their citizens to pay for all their crumbling  assets. Nothing becomes more important then saving their own fat asses.

Especially looking out for the taxpayers who pays for it. Eventually a majority finds a way, legal or not, to avoid the tax man and no one else will lend these people a dime.

Can you say martial law? Everyone becomes a suspect. No assets become safe from the grasping ruling elites. Evey dollar becomes a target for "investigation." No company treasury is immune from confiscation because of "hoarding" or tax evasion.

In our case, we  then need to take over small countries to rob of the oil. Until the armies get sick of it and refuse orders. happened many times in the past empires. (1917 Russia the most famous.)

Finally everyone stays home or rampages through the streets looking for food handouts, unemployment, "free medical service"or pension monies promised by the gang that ran the Empire.

Happens every time the populace loses confidence in and fear of the ruling elites. There are whole bureaucracies dedicated to mollify various constituencies to keep the gang in charge. Finally, these costs become unmanageable.

Meanwhile, until this system finally crashes, some one has to pay for all this dead weight.

Shall we look in the mirror?
An Asset Bubble for the History Books - The International Forecaster

The remaining Fannie and Freddie proceeds from the sale of its GSE toxic bonds to the Fed will be used to re-inflate the real estate market by offering new Wild West real estate mortgages to anyone who can fog a mirror, and all the major mortgage lenders are tooling up for one final round of liar loans to suck in anyone who did not get sucked into the real estate bubble the first time around. This will add to the toxic waste pile and compound our problems as the new round of real estate buyers watch the value of their new homes plummet while the stimulus package fizzles out, the economy continues its implosion, stagflation runs rampant, risk elevates to levels unseen in our economic history, and double digit interest rates administer the coup de grace to the real estate markets, the bond markets, the interest rate swap derivative market and the US and world economies in general. All economic activity will then cease, and there will be a crack-up boom the like of which has never before been seen in the history of the world as the Much, Much Greater Depression swings into full gear.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sounds like someone in corporate needs to be shot....

You can't make this up. Blog: Chia Obama too un-pc

Recently, I had linked to the best Chia Pet ever - Chia Obama. After complaints (probably two people) about the item being "offensive," Walgreen's pulled them off the shelves.

In a statement the drugstore says: "We decided to pull the product because we didn't want to be subject to any misinterpretation over it. People could interpret it through a political viewpoint or other viewpoints and we want to avoid that situation."

Unlike the Bush presidency, you will never be able to criticize or make fun of this president without charges of "offensive" or "racism" being applied. Perhaps the Secret Service can track down purchasers of this product and put them in the "regime enemy" database. Thanks to my sister, Chris, for the link.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Gangsters run our banking industry, tied to Wall Street and Washington, and we wonder why would anyone would believe in capitalism.

When have we ever had any?

My chicken shit MasterCard interest rate went from 12 to 26%.

My mistake obviously was paying it on time.

But let me tell you, if these morons would lend me a million or so, I would gladly walk and they can stick it up their ass.

Just like the big boys on Wall Street. (He  heh.)
Only 53 Percent of Americans Prefer Capitalism | The Beacon

We seem to be lurching backward at an ever faster rate. Despite the downfall of Communism, despite the horrors of statism in the twentieth century (most caused by self-described socialists), just over half of the population prefer capitalism over socialism. The level of support among young people is even lower.

Only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 20% disagree and say socialism is better. Twenty-seven percent (27%) are not sure which is better. Adults under 30 are essentially evenly divided: 37% prefer capitalism, 33% socialism, and 30% are undecided. Thirty-somethings are a bit more supportive of the free-enterprise approach with 49% for capitalism and 26% for socialism. Adults over 40 strongly favor capitalism, and just 13% of those older Americans believe socialism is better. Investors by a 5-to-1 margin choose capitalism. As for those who do not.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oba mama visits our Foreigners......

He apologizes for America running the world and fucking it up.

Who cares?

in a few short years they'll be begging us to run it again. These fuck heads screwed it up every time we turn our backs on them.

The only thing that could happen to change it is if someone fires a nuke at our satellite systems and kill our economy for good.

Science fiction?

Talk to North Korea or Iran.

He heh.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Welfare benefits for the rich and connected......

You have to be connected to get a government handout. Not needy, connected.

Bailouts, handouts, government contracts, cushy jobs, high paying jobs for spouses, kids set up for life, and guaranteed election results for Dems or Repubs who play the game.

For you, there's taxes, regulations, paperwork, lousy schools, chicken shit wages, pitiful medical and retirement benefits and don't forget you have to hide anything of value.

Try going into business legally.

Trust me.

You have to be connected!

Survival+ 9: Squeezing the Middle Class
April 7, 2009

As noted above, the Roman Empire's decline can be traced to a variety of causes. But we can summarize them collectively as the middle class being squeezed to death by the over-reach of the state and its Plutocracy/Elites rulers.

Stated another way: as the Elites' interests diverge from those of the society as a whole, the middle class is caught in an economic and political vice between the state and its "powers behind the throne" Plutocracy and the large (and politically dangerous) underclass dependent on the largesse of the state. As each class (the Plutocracy and the class of less productive citizenry) become ever more dependent on the state's power and revenues for their privileges and entitlements, they demand the state's share of national income expand at the expense of the middle class.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sounds like Faschism to me......

Washington took over our banks and gave them protection from their criminal and stupid behavior.

Now they are going to pay.

They won't be able to fart with out Barney Frank there to smell it.
Serve them right for climbing in bed with the Oba mama gang.

Wait until you see the "new" auto industry. Every single thing will have to be vetted by the President.

We'll have to be ''politically correct" to participate. I guess right now you have to be part of the Oba mama gang. Next election cycle, fixed by Acorn, maybe Hillary. Then what?

Hillary's daughter? She does work for an hedge fund.

What advice do we give our grandchildren about their future under fascist regimes?

Learn Mandarin Chinese. Your going to need it.
Bill would fundamentally reform home mortgage industry - Los Angeles Times

* Ban all fees paid to loan officers that are tied to the interest rate of the mortgage or the type of the loan. During the headiest years of the boom, Wall Street investment banks paid mortgage brokers higher fees if they originated exotic loans such as short-term subprime adjustable-rate, interest-only, payment-option and "stated income" no-documentation loans with minimal or no down payments.

The lending industry also routinely paid brokers higher fees for originating mortgages that carried rates above prevailing levels. Loan officers frequently steered applicants with marginal credit histories into loans with excessive rates and penalties -- and were paid extra by banks and Wall Street for doing so. Studies have documented that minority and first-time borrowers disproportionately were marketed loans with unnecessarily high fees and penalties, based on their credit scores.

The new bill would prohibit any compensation -- "direct or indirect" -- that is tied to the rate or terms of the mortgage. "There should be no way you can be compensated for steering anyone to a higher rate," Frank said in an interview. The bill does permit home buyers or refinancers to opt for a slightly higher note rate to finance closing costs.

* Create mandatory minimum national quality standards for all mortgages. The rules would encourage lenders to make fully documented 30-year, fixed-rate loans with prevailing market rates, as opposed to loans with higher-risk features such as adjustable payments and negative amortization. The bill would also impose a federal "duty of care" standard requiring loan officers to offer applicants terms and rates that are "appropriate" to their income and ability to repay. Refinancings would have to pass a "net tangible benefit" test demonstrating that the replacement loan is superior to the borrower's current terms. Lenders would have to offer applicants the option to choose any loan without a prepayment penalty attached. Mandatory arbitration clauses in most mortgages would be banned.

* Allow borrowers who are put into mortgages that violate the new law to seek legal redress through cancellation of the loan contract, refund of all payments and fees and compensation for legal costs.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

This gives you an idea of the extent of the Problem..

The rot sets in. The criminals who got us in to this mess and continue to keep us in this mess are simply on the take.

How do we get into this racket?
Financial Industry Paid Millions to Obama Aide -

WASHINGTON — Lawrence H. Summers, the top economic adviser to President Obama, earned more than $5 million last year from the hedge fund D. E. Shaw and collected $2.7 million in speaking fees from Wall Street companies that received government bailout money, the White House disclosed Friday in releasing financial information about top officials.

Mr. Summers, the director of the National Economic Council, wields important influence over Mr. Obama’s policy decisions for the troubled financial industry, including firms from which he recently received payments.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


His Royal Highness, Oba mama is now hobnobbing with the world elite. Trying to figure out how to beg our way into the good graces of European losers.

(Does bowing to kings make our President a loyal minion or simply showing his foreign upbringing? Yes he bowed!)

We conquered their sorry asses back in my dad's day and spent trillions rebuilding them in our image. Then we went ape shit and gave these clowns their political independence and tried keep them under economic control with our dollar.

This plan, however,  started unraveling under Nixon, who fearing a new depression took us off the gold standard and began the long road of inflationary expansion.

Too bad for this plan brown people wearing towels on their head decided to join the 20th century, wasn't it?.

OPEC came into existence to make war on us by restricting the supply of oil. This in turn generated government firing up printing presses  leading to the Jimmy Carter disaster of 14% inflation and interest rates after the Iranians threw out our hand picked dictator.


Leading up to unrestrained borrowing and spending because nobody could get elected in this country by constraining spending or raising taxes to maintain a stable currency.

Now the shit is hitting the fan but hopefully this is the big one. If not there won't be anyone left to bail us out next time. One thing we have to worry about is we need to change our ways and build stuff to sell and balance our trade deficits or our middle class disappears.

But not with our luck. It'll come when we can't finance an extra 50 or 60 million people on Social Security and need to borrow a few trillion for Medicare.

Good luck.

We need miracles in a hurry. Maybe Jesus will come and fix it for us?

Yes, this could be the dark ages. Will you and I live long enough to see it? After all boom and bust because of borrowing  and printing of money has always lead to "regime change", war and anarchy. And we can keep it up for a long long while.

Time will tell. (What will Oba mama kiss when He grovels in China).

Read what this guy has to say:
American Thinker: The Obama We Knew But Denied

What if an American President campaigned as a pragmatic centrist, promised tax cuts to 95% of the American people and pledged himself to a new era of government honesty, openness and bipartisanship, but never had any of those intentions? The result might be a cabinet full of tax cheats, political cronies and lobbyists, and a president peddling an overstuffed budget of liberal dream-schemes at a time when the American economy can least afford an extra nickel for folderol or fiddling.

Meanwhile Rome is burning.

President Obama rolls the dice and grabs a can of kerosene.

This president's budget, plus the Faux Stimulus monstrosity, plus the TARP bailouts all add up to the biggest, most irresponsible spending spree in American history. Yet, according to some of the best and brightest economists on the planet, these schemes are built upon overly rosy expectations, will do little to stimulate any economic growth and promise to punitively tax the very people and industries we need to provide investment capital and jobs to actually create the pie from which all these liberal cherries are to be plucked.

Friday, April 03, 2009

They own our sorry asses....

Poor bastards.

We'll murder them and their children if this keeps up. One tenth of one percent of the guns in this country is all it takes. (200 hundred thousand)

Want to take a chance?

I hear CNBC talking heads defending Wall Street welfare queens multi-billion bonuses. Got to keep these people working in these banks.

Jesse's Café Américain: How the Financial Industry Holds America Captive

"The crash has laid bare many unpleasant truths about the United States. One of the most alarming, says a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is that the finance industry has effectively captured our government—a state of affairs that more typically describes emerging markets, and is at the center of many emerging-market crises. If the IMF’s staff could speak freely about the U.S., it would tell us what it tells all countries in this situation: recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform. And if we are to prevent a true depression, we’re running out of time."

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Any one doubting that there are two competing gangs in politics...

Read on.
Sheriff Needed, Inquire Within -

Where's Eliot Spitzer Now That We Need Him?

The former governor of New York might have some rocky moments in his confirmation hearings, but if Obama really wanted to police Wall St – which of course he doesn’t - he’d replace current SEC chief Mary Schapiro with Eliot Spitzer. Schapiro is another Wall Street toady who believes that the markets can regulate themselves. As the head of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or Finra, she stood by while the financial giants increased their leverage to unsustainable levels and spread their derivatives-contagion to every part of the system.

Schapiro also missed the Madoff scandal, the auction-rate bond fraud, the blow up at Lehman Brothers, and the mortgage meltdown. She was blindsided at every turn. Her dismal performance as a private-sector regulator proves that she's the wrong person for the job. Even the far-right Wall Street Journal has lambasted Schapiro. In an article titled "Obama's pick to head SEC has record of being a Regulator with a Light Touch" the WSJ relayed this revealing anecdote:

The Financial Services Institute, a trade group, was meeting, and Ms. Schapiro addressed the crowd about Finra's efforts to fight frauds aimed at senior citizens. Frank Congemi, a financial adviser, asked what Finra was doing to regulate "packaged products" such as complex mortgage securities. Mr. Congemi says that Ms. Schapiro replied: "We have rating agencies that rate them." The credit-rating agencies, by this time, were being heavily criticized for having given triple-A ratings to mortgage bonds that became unsalable as foreclosures rose.

Mr. Congemi says that at the May 7 meeting he retorted: "What is that going to do to markets and people's trust when these things go to zero?" He says Ms. Schapiro replied that she couldn't answer hypothetical questions. (Wall Street Journal, Obama's pick to head SEC has record of being a Regulator with a Light Touch")

This story sums up Schapiro's do-nothing attitude perfectly. She's doomed to follow in the footsteps of her feckless predecessor, Christopher Cox, who stuck his head in the sand while the five biggest investment banks levered up to 30 to 1 and brought the whole global house of cards crashing to earth. Schapiro will undoubtedly torpedo any effort to police the markets or to bring charges against any of the Wall Street Godfathers.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Take it from an "Insider"...

"Saving" governments form their ruling elite is damn near impossible. Cutting their expenditures, balancing their books and cutting graft are big doses of medicine.

But reform? Yea, right.
The Atlantic Online | May 2009 | The Quiet Coup | Simon Johnson

One thing you learn rather quickly when working at the International Monetary Fund is that no one is ever very happy to see you. Typically, your “clients” come in only after private capital has abandoned them, after regional trading-bloc partners have been unable to throw a strong enough lifeline, after last-ditch attempts to borrow from powerful friends like China or the European Union have fallen through. You’re never at the top of anyone’s dance card.

The reason, of course, is that the IMF specializes in telling its clients what they don’t want to hear. I should know; I pressed painful changes on many foreign officials during my time there as chief economist in 2007 and 2008. And I felt the effects of IMF pressure, at least indirectly, when I worked with governments in Eastern Europe as they struggled after 1989, and with the private sector in Asia and Latin America during the crises of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Over that time, from every vantage point, I saw firsthand the steady flow of officials—from Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and elsewhere—trudging to the fund when circumstances were dire and all else had failed.

Every crisis is different, of course. Ukraine faced hyperinflation in 1994; Russia desperately needed help when its short-term-debt rollover scheme exploded in the summer of 1998; the Indonesian rupiah plunged in 1997, nearly leveling the corporate economy; that same year, South Korea’s 30-year economic miracle ground to a halt when foreign banks suddenly refused to extend new credit.

But I must tell you, to IMF officials, all of these crises looked depressingly similar. Each country, of course, needed a loan, but more than that, each needed read more