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We aborted most of the future violent offenders......

30 million abortions slowed down a lot of crime, don't you think?

Tomgram: Stephan Salisbury, Life in the American Slaughterhouse | TomDispatch

Is America an increasingly violent society?  Statistics seemingly tell us no.  From 2001 to 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, violent crime victimizations actually dropped 34%.  While this decrease is part of a longer-term trend (and there’s still startling amounts of carnage in this country), it begs the question of whether the United States is really less violent than previously and, if so, where all that excess violence went. It’s notable that, since 2001, the U.S. has been exporting and facilitating violence of all sorts all over the globe.  Some of this violence is thoroughly sanctioned and some isn’t.  In Iraq, members of the U.S. military committed violent acts against untold numbers of Iraqis, including military personnel who served Saddam Hussein’s regime, as well as insurgents, and civilians.  (The U.S. invasion itself touched off Iraqi-on-Iraqi violence that killed tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands and continues to this day.)  Though the numbers may not be comparable, much the same story could be told about Afghanistan, not to speak of Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.  Americans have also killed African pirates on the high seas and, just days ago, an Indian fisherman on a boat in the Persian Gulf.   Recently, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents have been killing suspected drug smugglers in Honduras.  U.S. arms have been sent to Middle Eastern autocrats visiting violence on their own people and the U.S. military has trained African troops to more effectively kill African insurgents.  American weapons have flooded Mexico and supercharged drug violence there.  A war in Libya, involving the U.S. military, led to Tuareg fighters looting Libyan weapons stockpiles and committing acts of violence across the border in Mali (which was plunged into further violence due to a military coup by an American-trained officer).  Today, America’s commander-in-chief regularly selects individuals in a number of countries to be placed on a “kill list,” targeted, and assassinated.  And so it goes.  Exporting violence is not, of course, simply a post-9/11 phenomenon.  It’s been an American tradition, from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, from Haiti to Hiroshima.  When the U.S. exported war to Southeast Asia, it eventually engulfed Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos in utter carnage.  One way civilians there were frequently killed resulted from what historian David Hunt has trenchantly called “the sin of running.”  A Vietnamese villager frightened by the roar of a helicopter or a door-gunner pointing an M-60 machine gun at her would bolt in fear or a young military-age man would take flight when armed American teenagers, who might detain, beat, or kill him, approached.  As Vietnam veterans would later tell me, “running” branded Vietnamese as guilty, and so as enemies, in the minds of many U.S. troops and led to startling numbers of noncombatants being gunned down. Today, TomDispatch regular Stephan Salisbury

She gets the nomination, pulls off her blouse....

and I'm a born again Republican, baby! LOL!!

Click the jump for her pictures.

Suddenly in the Mitt VP mix: Bondi, Pam Bondi | Times 247

As Mitt Romney draws closer to a decision about his 2012 running mate, speculation about who the Republican presidential candidate will select to be his No. 2 has reached a fever pitch. Romney is expected to make the announcement sometime after he returns from overseas next week. ... But this afternoon, the campaign added a surprise name to the list: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. According to a campaign release, Bondi will travel miles away from her home state on Saturday to stump for Romney at three stops in New Hampshire, including a Women for Mitt Kickoff Breakfast in Concord, and campaign office openings in Bedford and Stratham.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Think Obama's not for sale?...

Silly you. Wall Street owns our government and our government owns you. Oh yeah, make sure you vote for these guys, ok? LOL!

SCHWEIZER: No justice in Corzine case - Washington Times

Sixty-five members of Congress have signed a letter to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. requesting that he appoint a special prosecutor to investigate MF Global’s collapse and the loss of $1.6 billion in customer money. As the New York Times has noted, “Mr. Holder has the ultimate authority to decide whether a special counsel is necessary.” Some contend that the fact that Mr. Holder, Mr. Corzine and Associate Attorney General Tony West all previously served as fundraising “bundlers” for President Obama’s presidential campaign is enough to warrant Mr. Holder’s recusal and the appointment of a special prosecutor. Indeed, a letter signed by 65 members of Congress cites Mr. Corzine’s $500,000 in fundraising for Mr. Obama as one of the reasons a special counsel is needed. A subsequent report by Bloomberg revealed that MF Global had written clauses into bond offerings indicating that Mr. Corzine, a former Democratic U.S. senator and governor of New Jersey, might join a future Obama administration as a Cabinet officer, a revelation that surprised even experienced Wall Street executives. However, political connections

Who would of thought?....

Deficit drops to a trillion and the economy tanks. Gee, you would think we were in a depression or something. Oh yeah, we are!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If you are an honest citizen......

Why can't you have any gun you can afford? You don't need it? It's too dangerous?

Or it just scares the shit out of the people who own us? 

If you don't have at least one gun by now you deserve what your going to get. You have to live in fear that guys like me don't just show up and take anything we want because we know your defenseless and not very bright if it comes to crunch time. 

The most important person in feudalism was the knight. That's because he had a big fucking sword and wasn't afraid to use it. Now, we may never need a weapon in a thousand lifetimes but if I was in that theater the other night that asshole would have been...., let's say,....HOLY!

You ever notice that none of these nuts try to shoot up a NRA meeting or a gun show...let alone a cop party, right?

Not exactly rocket science my friend!

The NRA Has America Living Under the Gun | NationofChange

You might think Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of and spokesman for the mighty American gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, has an almost cosmic sense of timing. In 2007, at the NRA’s annual convention in St. Louis, he warned the crowd that, “Today, there is not one firearm owner whose freedom is secure.” Two days later, a young man opened fire on the campus of Virginia Tech, killing 32 students, staff and teachers. Just last week, LaPierre showed up at the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty here in New York and spoke out against what he called “anti-freedom policies that disregard American citizens’ right to self-defense.” Now at least 12 are dead in Aurora, Colorado, gunned down at a showing of the new film, The Dark Knight Rises, a Batman movie filled with make-believe violence. One of the guns the shooter used was an AK-47 type assault weapon that was banned in 1994. The ban ran out in 2004. Obviously, LaPierre’s timing isn’t cosmic, just coincidental and unfortunate; as Shakespeare famously wrote, the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves. In other words, people -- people with guns. There are some 300 million guns in the United States, one in four adult Americans owns at least one and most of them are men. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, over the last 30 years, “the number of states with a law that automatically approves licenses to carry concealed weapons provided an applicant clears a criminal background check has risen from eight to 38.”

Monday, July 23, 2012

More examples of they are two peas in a pod....

The left-right dichotomy in our political process is nothing more than show on the whole. Both sides agree with each other on policy but only quible if a Republican president does something then the left caterwhauls for all to hear. And if Obama does it it's justified because he is a man of the left.

Yes, Osama was allegedly taken out by our guys but I would have much more enjoyed a public trial and execution for mass murder but we wouldn't want to upset the "peacefull Moslems", would we? 

International Law Is Made By Powerful States | ThinkProgress

That’s not to say one can raise no objections to this. Viewing terrorism as a primarily military problem is a mistake that led the United States into a lot of policy errors. I hope we’ll turn away from this. And of course if you’re Pakistani you might look at this series of events and say that international law looks kind of bogus. They didn’t even get a vote on the Security Council! What kind of sense does it make for the US, China, and Russia to get together and tell the world which countries may and may not be subject to SEAL raids? This would also be a very valid point for a political radical like Chomsky to raise. But it is what it is. International law is made by states, powerful states have a disproportionate role in shaping it, and powerful states have obvious reasons to not be super-interested in the due process of suspected international terrorists or the sensibilities of mid-sized countries. Many people are pacifists and/or strong critics of western military power, and that’s fine. But it’s simply not the case that international law is identical with these policy preferences. On the contrary, one of the main functions of the international institutional order is precisely to legitimate the use of deadly military force by western powers.

Another instance that there isn't a nickels difference in who gets elected....

I don't give a rat's ass about foreigners even though my policy would be to offer citizenship to anyone who was willing to pay our taxes, obey our laws and help keep the peace throughout the Empire. But, I do care when a citizen is murdered by the President.

We have inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution for "due process" which means that everyone is held to be safe in his person. Does our elected leaders not realize that this respect goes both ways? No one is invulnerable if injustice is allowed to occur.

If  Anwar al-Awlaki was guilty then he needed to be tried for treason and then executed. (I don't give a rat's ass about traitors, either!)

Tomgram: Noam Chomsky, The Great Charter, Its Fate, and Ours | TomDispatch

The issue arose after the presidentially ordered assassination-by-drone of Anwar al-Awlaki, accused of inciting jihad in speech, writing, and unspecified actions.  A headline in the New York Times captured the general elite reaction when he was murdered in a drone attack, along with the usual collateral damage.  It read: “The West celebrates a cleric’s death.” Some eyebrows were lifted, however, because he was an American citizen, which raised questions about due process -- considered irrelevant when non-citizens are murdered at the whim of the chief executive.  And irrelevant for citizens, too, under Obama administration due-process legal innovations. Presumption of innocence has also been given a new and useful interpretation.  As the New York Times reported, “Mr. Obama embraced a disputed method for counting civilian casualties that did little to box him in. It in effect counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent.” So post-assassination determination of innocence maintains the sacred principle of presumption of innocence.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here's one economist that has a clue...

As I've been blogging for years now..... Give the consumer the money and this depression is over. Broke dicks, no matter who's at fault, can't spend what they don't have. Our fiat system needs consumers to spend so money can be created through our banking system and then destroyed through our FEDERAL taxation. 

It's hard to understand but the U.S. government doesn't have any money (some gold yes, but gold is not money, only federal reserve notes are.) Our Treasury creates money (yes, out of thin air) as soon as authorized by Congress and the President through the authorization process by crediting our bank accounts with deposits in the Fed.

As we withdraw this money and spend it it's taxed back to the Treasury and destroyed into thin air. Which means the only money in our system is in our banks and our pockets THAT WE HAVEN'T SPENT and are used by banks as reserves (cash on hand in case their customers need the money back) not in any government accounts. No surplus or deficit is possible because the government doesn't have any money.

And yes, it's weird but that' why it's called a fiat system amongst economist. 

The only real cure for  this depression would be to send you and me a big check to pay off (JUBILEE) our debts and reset the system. This economist I'm talking about, Steve Keene, simply wants the government to credit our bank accounts with the stipulation that it be used for paying debts first and any left then be allowed to be spent.

Now, this is not a panacea because the gang that destroyed our system still owns it and you and I have no say. But, this works for me. (Hair splitting  maybe but the IRS has my address and they could just send me a check and I'll take care of the debts.)

What if in a few more years we are still this shit?

Normally, history shows us that these people at the top  are not going to change their strangle hold on our system and so, it must, one way or the other, be purged. Tar and feather, lynching, assasination .....take you pick. Hey I'm just reporting that these things can end badly because there are a COUPLE OF HUNDRED MILLION Guns out here. 


Manifesto | Steve Keen's Debtwatch

Escaping from the debt trap we are now in will require either a “Lost Generation”, or policies that run counter to conventional economic thought and the short-term interests of the financial sector. Preventing a future crisis will require a redefinition of financial claims upon the real economy which eliminates the appeal of leveraged speculation. These three observations lead to the three primary objectives of Debtwatch: To develop a realistic, empirically based, dynamic monetary approach to economic theory and policy; To develop and promote a “modern Jubilee” by which private debt can be reduced while doing the minimum possible harm to aggregate demand and social equity; and To develop and promote new definitions of shares and property ownership that will minimize the destructive instabilities of capitalism and promote its creative instabilities. A realistic economics The economic and financial crisis has been caused by unenlightened self-interest and fraudulent behaviour on an unprecedented scale. But this behaviour could not have grown so large were it not for the cover given to this behaviour by the dominant theory of economics, which is known as “Neoclassical Economics”. Though many commentators call this theory “Keynesian”, one of Keynes’s objectives in the 1930s was to overthrow this theory, but instead, as the memory of the Great Depression receded, academic economists gradually constructed an even more extreme version of Neoclassical economics than that against which Keynes had fought. This began with Hicks’s “IS-LM” model, which is still accepted as representing “Keynesian” economics today, but which was in fact a Neoclassical model derived two years before the General Theory was published: The IS-LM diagram, which is widely,

Randy Wray: Why We’re Screwed « naked capitalism

As the Global Financial Crisis rumbles along in its fifth year, we read the latest revelations of bankster fraud, the LIBOR scandal. This follows the muni bond fixing scam detailed a couple of weeks ago, as well as the J.P. Morgan trading fiasco and the Corzine-MF Global collapse and any number of other scandals in recent months. In every case it was traders run amuck, fixing “markets” to make an easy buck at someone’s expense. In times like these, I always recall Robert Sherrill’s 1990 statement about the S&L crisis that “thievery is what unregulated capitalism is all about.” After 1990 we removed what was left of financial regulations following the flurry of deregulation of the early 1980s that had freed the thrifts so that they could self-destruct. And we are shocked, SHOCKED!, that thieves took over the financial system.

Didn't I tell you?.....

You just can't make this shit up!!

At least 21 treated for burns after trying to walk on coals at Tony Robbins event | Fox News

Fire officials in California say at least 21 people were treated for burns after attendees of an event for motivational speaker Tony Robbins tried to walk on hot coals. The San Jose Mercury News reports that at least three people went to a hospital and most suffered second- or third-degree burns. Robbins was hosting a 4-day gathering called "Unleash the Power Within" at the San Jose Convention Center. Witnesses say on Thursday, a crowd went to a park where 12 lanes of hot coals were on the grass. Robbins' website promotes "The Firewalk Experience" in which people walk on super-heated coals. Witness Jonathan Correll says he heard "screams of agony."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More economic nonsense...this time from the left.....

Give every worker 5 or 10 bucks more a week and we will be in economic ecstacy.....yea!!!! Obam mam already did by cutting the Social Security tax. (did you notice no one is worried about bankrupting the system. Didn't i tell you the system can never go broke..SHHHH!)

Just where do these poor bastards think the money will come from to give these workers a few more pennies to spend?

Where? Look in the mirror.

Want to make a change? have the treasury send me and you a big check and watch the economy grow as we pay off a bunch of cars and loans for Chinese trinkets. Some people would even be able to save their house. And more of us would be able to give raises to broke dicks on minimum wage.

P.s will some one slap these ninnys on the head and tell them that Walmart pays above the minumum wage and offers a middle class lifestyle to those who are willing to work hard, apply themselves, are drug free and honest!

Might even get us back to voting, LOL.

Want A Real Recovery? Raise the Minimum Wage. | NationofChange

Scratch the surface of just about any economic debate this election year, and you'll find one issue that goes all the way to the core: the yawning gap between the 1% and the rest of us, as skyrocketing income inequality. A new report from the National Employment Law Project (NELP), "Big Business, Corporate Profits, and the Minimum Wage," shows the extremes of that divide, and makes the case for raising the federal minimum wage as a means of closing that gap, and putting the national economy on the road to a real recovery. The report explores the connection between stagnant —and falling — wages, and it's central finding explodes the argument that raising the minimum wage will cause employers to stop hiring, and the hurt small businesses that opponents of a minimum wage increase (and of the idea of a minimum wage itself) claim are the primary employers of low-wage workers.  The central findi

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our economic problems always begin and end with oil.....

Inflation is set by these gangsters. make no mistake we are owned by these guys. Just try and live without oil for awhile. Then you would pay anything to get it back.

How about this.... Obama twenty years ago was a broke dick nobody not long out of college and

today he is a multimillionaire without ever having a real job, business or winning lottery ticket. And he id definately correct that he didn't get there by himself, right?

Forget Libor-gate, Oil Market Manipulation Is Far Worse | ZeroHedge

Start out a quarter at $80 a barrel , buy a bunch of futures contracts and put them in the portfolio along with your other holdings like Apple, IBM, and Johnson and Johnson and run them up just like any other asset class in the first quarter to hit your numbers. Use the media to hype Iran or any other potential supply disruption scenario and Voila you end the quarter at $110 and you have made far more gains in your Crude Oil asset class than lowly Apple by comparison. It’s the biggest game on Wall Street!   Notice how European equities are at 11 week highs and look at the Spike in the Brent contract. Fund managers pump money into these asset classes and once earnings are over, they will pull their money out so they are not left holding the bag when the damage to the economy ensues as consumers and the economy slows due to the burden of artificially high Oil prices on discretionary income.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The U.S can never involuntarily go bankrupt!!!......

Pretty obvious that all government spending goes into our hands and that the deficits and national Debts are accounting measures and don't mean that we threw the money down a rat hole. Some of it is in my retirement government bonds. More is going to old farts, retirees and welfare bums. Much goes back to government employees and contractors.

Every penny gets spent and taxed back to the Treasury. Government spends a dolar it gets it back one way or the other in a fiat money economy. Banks create most of the money by making loans so if you want more money going into the Treasury.....

Send us a big check and we will pay off our bills and buy every fucking thing in sight!!!

I guess it's more fun and politically useful for the people who own us to scare the beJesus out of little old ladies on SS and Repubilcans and keep this nuttiness going.

Yes, the government must be stopped in it's tracks because we can't fart without it's blessing, permission or order.

but slashing government spending ain't going to work! We all have a government check , job, or position to protect because the Republicans lied about making the government smaller and few, if any voters, were serious about it.


It's over for small government believers because they can't get their own politicians to go along because the voters are so dependant they can't survive without that tit.

P.s every one of the "leaders" of both parties know it.

So, what do we do? Get used to it. 

The Things Obama Says…. | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

If you just finished section 6 in Understanding the Modern Monetary System then you understand a lot more about the monetary system than Barack Obama.  Because once you understand sector balance economics you understand that the three sectors (public, private and foreign) must always add up to zero.  So, since we have a foreign sector that equates to a 4% demand leakage, and a public sector that is running a 8% deficit that leaves the private with a 4% surplus.  Not bad.  But it’s also obviously not great since the private sector remains burdened by excessive debt and is trying to crawl out of this debt hole. More frightening is the idea that getting back to a budget surplus is somehow a good thing.  As if the government needs to “tighten its belt strap” just like a household does because it might go bankrupt.  Of course, the government doesn’t have a solvency constraint so the entire analogy is void of value.  So when the public sector gets back to that surplus range we end up having a 4% demand leakage from the foreign sector and a 4% deficit for the private sector (see the image below).  This is precisely what led up to the crisis and helped contribute to the current economic malaise.  It is not what we need right now!  In a deleveraging cycle within a nation running a trade deficit the private sector needs helps deleveraging.  And since the public sector has no solvency constraint it is the only sector that can provide the deficit that is necessary to ease this burden.  Otherwise, we risk repeating the mistakes of the late 90′s that caused this whole mess to begin with!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boo hoo... Obama mean to me....

Jesus these guys are pathetic. This is the best we can do?

Romney shows his fighting side, to GOP cheers - Washington Times
Dogged by lingering questions about his business record, Mitt Romney shifted from defense to attack mode Monday, accusing President Obama of unfairly rewarding campaign donors. It was a more aggressive posture many Republicans have been wanting to see.

The Republican’s camp unveiled a new ad and line of attack that argue Mr. Obama has practiced a perverted form of crony capitalism during his first 31/2 years in office — to the detriment of the American middle class.

As one example, Romney senior adviser Ed Gillespie pointed to Fisker Automotive, which counts the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers as one of its major investors. Employees of the firm have contributed millions to mostly Democratic political candidates, including money to Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Me and Sarah Palin had it right.....

Drill baby drill. The world is awash in oil. Almost every continent has enough to last every country for ever. But you have to get the politicians out of it and let the market work. 

I've been blogging this for years....we have an energy problem only because our government and the people who own it want us to have an energy problem. The oil companies, as proven in North Dakota, are more tham capable of producing more than we can use once the price is considered profitable. Screwing around with permits and government obstructionism to produce our oil without a chance of profit? Ain't going to happen!

America – On the Path to Energy Independence? | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

“America remains on path toward energy self-sufficiency…Thanks to technological advances in the extraction of natural gas and petroleum out of shale rock, America’s domestic energy production has increased dramatically in recent years. In turn, this surge in domestic energy output has rapidly reduced the need to import energy from abroad. As a result, America’s natural gas import bill has dropped sharply. Given that the market expected the US to become a very large LNG importer by 2012, this is a very significant shift. True, America is still spending more on foreign oil today than it did five years ago due to the large increase in oil prices. But it may not be for long, as oil import volumes are falling rapidly across the board. …and resources in

More left wing nattering....

I'm picking on the socialists this week as I tell my readers that America is devided into two warring camps, right -left. The left preaches that the country is rotten because of Republicans (consevatives) and the right insists it's the leftists (commies) in the Democrat party. 

The whole point is to get me and you on one side or the other and give them the power of the vote and,especially,our money. When we watch these people in action, most of the time, you can't tell any policy or legislation that differs.

The whole idea is to control our thoughts, money, and vote. But, don't take my word for it, just listen and watch what they do. They all leave their cushy government, TV, or university jobs and never have to work again if they play the game. 

If We’re Headed Toward Greece, Republicans are Driving Us There | NationofChange

"You call that forward?" Romney said mockingly of an Obama campaign slogan last month. "That's forward over a cliff, that's forward on the way to Greece." What Graham, Romney and all the other Republican politicians and pundits consistently fail to mention — or perhaps don't know — is that the central Greek problem isn't overspending per se. The central problem is the Greek government's failure to collect what taxpayers (especially wealthy taxpayers) actually owe under the law. That's because over the years so many Greeks have adopted an attitude toward taxes resembling that of Romney and Graham. Indeed, Greece has developed a culture of tax evasion, with wealthy citizens sending their money out of the country and poorer citizens bribing officials or conducting their business off the books. The amount of tax owed but not paid in Greece is estimated at roughly a third of total receipts — or enough to cover the nation's deficits and begin to restore its credit. Sociologists who have studied the Greek tax situation say that rampant evasion by the rich has trickled down to infect the rest of society, ruining the "tax morale" of wage-earners and small business owners. As James Surowiecki explained in The New Yorker, people here and elsewhere don't pay taxes simply because they fear prosecution; they pay because they are "social taxpayers" who "feel a responsibility to contribute to the common good." But that sense of shared obligation gradually dissipates when taxpayers suspect that many others, especially the rich, are not participating fairly and fully. Despite growing debt and deficits, we are not on the road to Greece. With investors around the world rushing to purchase U.S.Treasury bonds and driving rates to historic lows, this country is far from the plight of the homeland of democracy. For now, it is safe to ignore right-wing rhetoric that shrieks the fiscal sky is falling. But if such troubles lie ahead, the real cause will not be spending on income security, health care, infrastructure, education or any of the other programs that have made America a great nation. If we are driven toward national bankruptcy someday, the likeliest cause will be our failure to raise and enforce taxes on those who can afford to pay — because we, too, have encouraged a culture of evasion rather than responsibility.


Or Reich just earning his paycheck. This guy has been part of the elite and part of the rot that sits in Washington manipulating and brainwashing the so called voter. Dividing the working stiff into the old right-left paradigm these guys make a pretty nice pile of cash. But there is no discernable difference between them as they live together, party together, marry each other, send their children to the same elite private schools and hire each other.

You'll notice that few names are given or any advocacy of these "regressives" are stated only boogy men and would of and could have and might have.

But, I'm an equal opportunity critic and will point out to you that the professional right spews similar nonsense about the left. (the libs will spend my grandchildren into the poor house!)

You must wonder, as I do, what would these people do for a living if we just quit listening to their bullshit! ( But that would spoil the fun!)


The Real Battle in 2012 and Beyond | NationofChange

It’s not merely Republicans versus Democrats, or conservatives versus liberals. The larger battle is between regressives and progressives. Regressives want to take this nation backward — to before Social Security, unemployment insurance, and Medicare; before civil rights and voting rights; before regulations designed to protect the environment, workers, consumers, and investors. They want to sabotage much of what this nation has achieved over the last century. And they’re out to do it by making the rich far richer, turning Americans against one another in competition for a smaller and smaller slice of the pie, substituting private morality for public morality, and opening the floodgates to big money in politics.  Progressives are determined to take this nation forward — toward equal opportunity, tolerance and openness, adequate protection against corporate and Wall Street abuses, and an economy and democracy that are working for all of us.  NationofChange is a 501(c)3

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stirred up some commentary.....

Received an interesting email from a reader, Dana, who was commenting on "Which one is the Republican?" 

Let's see where we are at..... Dana wants to know.....


1. Why is President Obama attacking Mitt Romney's money?

2. What Obama will do about the fiscal cliff 

Number 1
Obama attacks Romney's money because the only real card he has is class envy. Romney was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and you and I weren't so Romney must be "not one of us" . And we all know only morons vote for "not one of us".
Number 2 ...
Obama will not be able to do much about the "fiscal cliff" as he doesn't have any support in the House of Representatives. But, of course, we will hold him responsible because he's the president. (no one ever said the voters had a lick of sense when it comes election time. )
The real question to any informed citizen is just what real differences are there between, the Bush's policies, Clinton's or Oba mama's? Or anybody else, except Ron Paul, in the limelight. (a nice guy but horribly confused on economics)
The only ones I can find are: Republicans give checks to the military establishment first (their main constituency) and rally pissed off tax payers to support their policies of keeping them pissed off and the Dems give checks to a handful of voting blocks that make up a coalition that keeps them in office because no one would vote for these dingle berries of their own free will.
You'll find from my blog posts that I Lean Libertarian-right on the whole but I know that the U.S owns the world even though we are embarrassed or shy about it. We conquored the whole planet in '45 and we spent almost 70 years giving it back to halfwits, con men and various sissies who couldn't keep it or run it in the first place! 
My main point of this blog is that our government has been bought by a small crowd of well heeled and noisy gang that quite literally owns us! (people have poo pooed the idea but just try to do anything with out government permit, legislation, permission, or without tax , incentive or penalty.) And they couldn't run a brick shithouse to save their sorry asses.

Ill be glad to read anything you have and will post and answer over the next few days. (Yes, I like to argue and that's correct, I'm always right, just ask my wife!)

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Which one is the Republican?....

really, not a nickels difference between them except Bush made the government even bigger than Dems, LOL

Obama: Government Job Slayer | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

Little known or distributed fact: President Obama is a government job slayer.  That’s right.   When compared to both GW Bush and Bill Clinton, President Obama is absolutely crushing the size of the government workforce.  While Presidents Bush and Clinton added well over 500,000 government jobs during their first terms, President Obama has cut more than 500,000.  For anyone who remembers the early Clinton and Bush years there was  a great deal of decent employment data and the government workforce played a big role in those economic expansions.  But as this morning’s employment data showed, that positive effect is absent from this “recovery”.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Depression anyone?.....

Nothing new here. Obama  can't get anything done in Congress about it. We need a lot of money to pour into our pockets to spend us into a boom and it ain't happening. remains to be seen but the oil price drop is the only thing Obama can hope for.

I think he needs Jesus for that right now but an awful lot of voters are depending on their government handouts and pensions to vote against him. 

I'll admit that it is going to be a lot closer than I thought because the president gets blamed or credited with everything even if he has no control over them.

Meanwhile, Patti and I are very comfortable in the new trailer "thanks to my insisting on a 3500 watt generator). Still have to work on water conservation because 50 gallons is way short. I've added 12 gallons more in portable cans so we can make it for seven days now.

I'll probably buy a portable tank for emptying the tanks when we hit the road next year so I have options on packing up at the various campsites in the Arizona deserts. Can't have too much capacity in reserve, that's for sure.

Robert Reich (The Jobs Doldrums and Obama's Future)

Bad news for the U.S. economy and for Barack Obama. We’re in the jobs doldrums. Unemployment for June is stuck at 8.2 percent, the same as in May. And only 80,000 new jobs were added.  Remember, 125,000 news jobs are needed just to keep up with the increase in the population of Americans who need jobs. That means the jobs situation continues to worsen.  The average of 75,000 new jobs created in April, May and June contrasts sharply with the 226,000 new jobs created in January, February and March.  In Ohio yesterday, Obama reiterated that he had inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression. That’s true. But the excuse is wearing thin. It’s his economy now, and most voters don’t care what he inherited.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Should we tell him....

Of course, as far as Wall Street is concerned they can bribe everybody in Washington with impunity.

Remember, they bought Oba mama!

P.s, Wall Street assholes who got us into this mess are in Oba mama's office right now plotting their next big windfall, Health Insurance!!

Robert Reich (Mitt Romney and the New Gilded Age)
The election of 2012 raises two perplexing questions. The first is how the GOP could put up someone for president who so brazenly epitomizes the excesses of casino capitalism that have nearly destroyed the economy and overwhelmed our democracy. The second is why the Democrats have failed to point this out.

The White House has criticized Mitt Romney for his years at the helm of Bain Capital, pointing to a deal that led to the bankruptcy of GS Technologies, a Bain investment in Kansas City that went belly up in 2001 at the cost of 750 jobs. But the White House hasn’t connected Romney’s Bain to the larger scourge of casino capitalism. Not surprisingly, its criticism has quickly degenerated into a “he said, she said” feud over what proportion of the companies that Bain bought and loaded up with debt subsequently went broke (it’s about 20 percent), and how many people lost their jobs relative to how many jobs were added because of Bain’s financial maneuvers (that depends on when you start and stop the clock). And it has invited a Republican countercharge that the administration gambled away taxpayer money on its own bad bet, the Solyndra solar panel company.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Still fooling with the mobile in Bonners....

A lot of little things need to be done to both units to be comfortable in the new trailer and saleable in the mobile. Have a lot of ideas for the new but need to take care of the old first. I'll post a video if it ever stops raining here on the new trailer.

Really looking forward to retiring with in the next 12 months and getting out og shitty weather!!!