Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm still waiting for global warming......

 Winter comes early and Al Gore's still selling global warming nonsense. I remember scientists predicting the coming ice age in which we were all going to freeze to death starting by 1980. Now they simply ignore this wild ass guess and found something else to sell. It's all our fault. If only we would move into a cave and reduce our consumption every thing would work out. If only we would obey our governments and do as we are told. If only the Chinese , Indians and other third world economies would just stop feeding there populations, every thing would be hunky dory. Yea right.

The truth is that we live next to a variable star and periodically we get warmer and colder. Sometimes we get more plants growing and more co-2 and some time less. Also, we get more volcano activity off and on and spew more chemicals in the air that effects our climate. If we were serious about it we would go nuclear for electricity and mass produce hydrogen for our cars. Good luck. Best thing to do is laugh and ignore these left-wing nut jobs and consume every thing in sight before we die. Heh Heh.

Far as I'm concerned a lot of this stuff is all worshiping Gaia. There is an awful lot more religion in this than meets the eye.

Read what a real scientist, a physicist, has to say:

Sepp Hasslberger: Man-made Global Warming - The Debate is not over!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Laughlin Chili, Bikes and Blues not so good.....

Made expenses but not much else. Not many bikes showed for some reason. Oh well, next time. IT SEEMS that Jeremy in Idaho is getting snowed in. Same for my brother Jake in Washington. Ha Ha they get exactly what they deserve living in a snow bank. Grand kids though aren't complaining. Snow is Hell of a lot of fun for them. Hopefully the weather here this weekend will be nice so I can recoup some money.

Still working on my Linux install, got Pokerstars working. Poker is all the games I need, of course, but I'd like to get a few others working if I could. Also no video camera either. My digital works ok, but need to buy a cheap printer so I won't have to buy Microsoft's new Vista next year when I build another new box. Can't wait. Xp will be discontinued a year or so after that so Bill Gates can keep making those billions.

Can't wait for the Democrats start making fools of themselves so I can watch politics again. Got tired of Republicans spending money like drunken Dems. Should be a a lot of fun with good old gridlock. Even though we're stuck in Iraq, no change is coming right a way. Got to fight about what to do first, then fight trying to do what ever they decide on. You'll see what I mean in the near future. We have a ring side seat on how the Empire rules it self and it's minions. Which usually means not very well because our government teeters on the edge of complete uncontrollability. We will eventually have to install a dictator (call him what you will) to straighten the coming mess out. Look for a nuke to go off and I'll be proven correct, unless Washington, itself, goes up. That would be interesting.

I'm having a good year in football. USC is winning but looks like no one is going to beat Ohio State . Dallas playing like they did back in the 90's but it remains to be seen if Dallas can win out then handle the Ravens defense in the playoffs. Hope they get a chance to play it out.


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I need Turkey....

Only time I ever eat turkey, sounds good. I installed Lime linux on my computer this week and am very impressed. Linux is usually junk when it comes to working on this dell inspirion but not this version.

I reinstalled Windows because it took forever to work and left room on my hard drive to install a bunch of different distros to play with. Only need a need a new printer (hint to Santa) and I won't have to buy Vista, Windows new rip off.Got Pokerstars to work on it and am thinking of a new tv card. We'll see.

Going shopping tomorrow on black Friday. Spent most of our money yesterday restocking for our gig in Laughlin. Got to spend money to make money you know.


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Monday, November 20, 2006

Hideout paying this time of Year......

Patty and I only have one small show, Laughlin this coming weekend then nothing until January. Truck's running good and kids doing o.k. Everybody working and healthy.

The idiots in Washington lost their power and we ain't too unhappy. Teach them a lesson. They found out that with our system you can't really do anything but spend money. Can't make any real changes because the beauracrats won't put up with it. Let alone the Media. Too many people on the tit, if you know what I mean. Oh, well doesn't bother me to much as I'm self-employed and vertually invisable to the blood suckers. Heh Heh