Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Joining a third party is a nonstarter…..

My post from the Washington Times

Blame it on the evil elites and form another third party gets you nowhere. It would make you feel better as the mess we are in won't be your fault since you didn't vote for it...I simply vote for the candidates I agree with and ignore the rest. They lose and go away....remember Romney?

Primary them. Send them a message they will see and respect. Running for a new party hasn't worked and never will.... Reform party or Green anyone?

Now, what we have seen is the conservative message being rejected by the voters. This means the left is winning the argument because the Republicans can't offer anything other than cuts to their benefits, bothering them with Jesus, fighting nasty little senseless wars, spying on them, (Obama's bad enough but they think he means well), catering to multi-millionaires, cutting food stamps, cutting unemployment benefits to people who are unemployed thanks to Republicans, threatening to "reform" Social Security,

And letting billion dollar corporations to operate without paying taxes.

Until the Republicans are no longer perceived to be  attacking the voters and offering help to the regular people they are toast...let's not forget that budget cuts come out of the voters pockets.... hello!

Here's an example for a Hillary TV spot....I'm not going to vote for the Republican so he can cut my $1000 a month Social Security check so Limbaugh can sit on his fat tush and keep his millions!!

Yes, the Republicans got themselves into this mess  and it remains to be seen if they can get out of it!

Molon Labe....

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