Thursday, February 27, 2014

It’s election time again..

Same old crap… stamp fraud, let’s reform the tax code. How about raising the minimum wage? Let’s cut military spending!!! Socials Security spending is bankrupting the universe, for Christ sakes. Let the geezers eat shit and die…..

Speaking of….make sure no Atheist are allowed or gays are allowed into the Republican party!  or. we all know how evil the Republicans are making us show a picture id to vote……

Please. This nonsense is called “show voting” proving what a good Republican or Democrat I am because….blah blah blah.

Read the whole interview with Cheney about military budget cuts (enacted about the time I become president, of course) from the leftwing blog, Salon:


Of course, as Think Progress noted back when Cheney began lobbying against defense cuts in 2012, the former vice president himself presided over a 25 percent cut to the defense budget back when he was defense secretary under George H.W. Bush. The fighting force was reduced by 500,000 active-duty soldiers, a move that was blessed by Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Colin Powell.

That was then. These cuts are the work of Obama’s team. So not only must they be attacked as dangerous, they’ve got to be framed as something the corrupt Chicago “gangster” is doing to reward his coalition of slackers, moochers and lazy white surfers.

Now, maybe it’s progress that Fox is making a white surfer the poster boy for food stamp abuse – but it’s the link to “Obama’s America” that updates Reagan’s old imagery about Cadillac-driving welfare queens and “young bucks” using food stamps to buy “T-bone steaks.”

In fact only 1 percent of SNAP funds are wasted in fraud. Three-quarters of SNAP households include an elderly or disabled person or a child, and fully 42 percent of adult recipients are also working, but making too little to feed themselves and their families. Among the nation’s food stamp recipients are almost a million military veterans, who were slurred by Cheney, and thousands of active duty military too. Military families spent $100 million in food stamp funds at military grocery stores in 2013.

Fox and Cheney don’t want you to think about the veteran or the soldier or the single mother or the disabled senior on food stamps.

Molon Labe…

Friday, February 21, 2014

Back on The Washington Times….

I get to tease these assholes, lol…(yes, I’m a prick) the Republicans gave almost a trillion to the gangsters on Wall street, two trillion or so to the Pentagon and another trillion or so to the rich farmers, And so they raise your taxes and cut your retirement benefits to pay for it….Is that cool or what?

And the Moonies at the Times defend and vote for these guys…..nuts, just nuts….

The Republicans made the same mistake....cutting retirement to the Vets and whining about Social Security....The only voting block that Romney won... retirees. Not that they need 40 million voters to defeat Hillary, of course.

So, let's keep attacking Republican voters. The Dem's won't mind

Besides, we no longer are using the Bush budgets (continuing resolutions) and the Republicans raised taxes on the working stiff last January 2013 (FISA tax)....feel better? 

But, The deficit is slowly falling.( it also helped cutting benefits to people who don't contribute to campaigns..)
And what with no cuts to Wall Street, the mega rich agricultural corporations, and the Pentagon's handouts and, let's not forget, the job creators sitting on their tax breaks...and you wonder why we still have deficits?...duh!

Best cure for deficits is a job for everybody who wants to work and out on the street for the bums who don't! And collecting more taxes...from people who escape because of their protection bought from Washington....

But, for the most part, the voters have heard the "cut the deficit" mantra and have told the politicians and their misguided constituents to drop dead!

Which means any "cuts" will be in the increases over the next hundred years. But, keep voting for these guys and maybe Jesus will come down and fix it for you, lol....

Oh yes, keep blaming it on Obama who couldn't get a budget passed to save his life. We need a good laugh!

Molon Labe...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another day of suffering in 80 degree weather..

Muffin and I getting spring fever as I go boat hunting. Have a dozen to choose from and that’s the problem. I always find a better one to go look at, lol.

Everybody in Florida doing fine. Flue for Tracy and kids last week but nothing dramatic.

Retirement working out for me as I’m finally coping with being alone.

So, go shopping!

Jeremy tells me Shane went to join the carnival. (We’re all gypsies, anyways, lol.)

Would like to go to California for the summer and metal detect for gold and see Mary and her kids.

Oh, it appears I’m now banned from the Town hall website as they keep removing my posts. Too controversial by reminding the nitwits that post there that the voters heard their conservative message and told them to drop dead!

They think that everyone should give up their government checks and give the money to the Republicans to spend on the rich farmers and the Pentagon. (some of them actually believe the politicians would simply save the money!)

Didn’t I tell you they were nitwits!

Molon Labe…

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Republicans surrender….

No budget war nonsense for the whole year. Return the vet’s money promised upon enlistment. And Obamacare working….

These guys need to get a grip and find a new strategy. Scaring Wall Street, cutting defense, threatening Social Security, stealing pensions from GI’s, and then folding like a piece of wet card board….

Makes you want to run out and vote, right?….. NOT!

Of course, attacking government spending is an easy thing to do and gets you votes because we have so many innocents who vote and don’t realize they are voting to cut their own benefits while the Democrats keep theirs. And, all government spending goes to campaign contributors. (You think they give all that money for God and country? Politics is NOT rocket science…)

The Democrats say OK….

If you want to make government smaller quit hiring so many people and giving money away to the voters and the campaign contributors through new programs…(of course, then the economy tanks because that’s how it expands…don’t tell these people…)

Before I forget, there is nothing conservative about losing elections! Losers never get to rule! Christ, even the Socialist are more popular than the T-party guys…

Molon Labe…

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It’s no secret I hate Bank of America….


I always considered them a rip off gang but this takes the cake. See  if you agree that this is hilarious…..(Lisa call me and I’ll make it better, honest babe…)

By Matt Pearce

12:06 a.m. CST, February 7, 2014

There's junk mail, and then there's nasty mail: San Francisco writer Lisa McIntire says Bank of America sent her a credit card offer addressed to "Lisa Is a Slut McIntire," and she posted photos of it Thursday on Twitter.

The bank tweeted her an apology and pledged to investigate, but the problem apparently originated with an academic society that was marketing jointly with the bank.

McIntire, 32, said in a phone interview that she learned about the mail in a text exchange with her mother, a screen grab of which she also posted on Twitter.

"Interesting piece of junk mail addressed to you. 'Lisa Is a slut McIntire,'" her mother texted.

"Uh, what?"

"No kidding. That is how it is addressed!"

The phrasing also appeared inside the mailer.

"Lisa Is a Slut McIntire, you've earned this special offer," the mailer said in bold letters, in a Visa credit card offer that the letter said was tied to McIntire's membership in the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I miss the boat…….

DSC_0092DSC_0093DSC_0094DSC_0109Last weekend my brother, His brother-in-law Jeff boarded the Carnival cruise for Cozumel, Mexico. Of course, you don’t see much of Mexico, but do see a lot of warm water…

The boat was fun. Especially watching the Hawks decimate a third rate team…

The only thing I did was sing and dance at the Karaoke bar and embarrass my brother with my fan club, lol !

Here’s an idea of the boat for you single guys or wanna be’s…

Molon Labe….