Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another look at how our economy works..

Almost had another heart attack today. My Social Security check direct deposit  has been moved to the 20th from the 17th….. I thought the evil government stole it to balance the budget ……..LOL…

Speaking of such, I’m not too fond of most everything told about our system because a whole lot of lying going on…. Just think of all the money people make telling you the country is bankrupt and we are doomed…Buy Gold, cattle futures, fat farm memberships, assault rifles, farm land nobody wants, and my favorite, the government is not for sale….(I relish being the conspiracy nut because I get it right…)

Read this carefully and watch the complaining about deficits for the rest of your life……balancing the budget? Run out of money?

You should live so long, LOL

  Because I am extremely lazy (though not as lazy as that article!), I am just going to point out a few of the US government’s assets that prove this point terribly misleading.  For starters, the IER estimates that total fossil fuel resources owned by the Federal government are valued at over $150 trillion alone.  These assets alone are FIFTY FIVE times the amount stated in the CNBC report.  But that only scratches the surface.  I haven’t even looked into the huge amount of federally owned land and buildings that would surely amount into the hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars.  There’s also the gold resources.  And there’s the trillions of dollars in its own liabilities that it owns via the Fed and Social Security funds.  I have no idea what all of this would add up to, but it would probably be a net worth nearing $200 trillion or more.  Maybe someone out there who is less lazy than I am can put an exact figure on it?

And none of this even touches on the operational realities behind the United States monetary system and the fact that we’re not going bankrupt unless we choose to go bankrupt.  So don’t fret.  The United States is not in the hole.  Not even remotely close.  And we’re not going to be unable to pay the bills on debt denominated in a currency we can print, unless we choose not to pay those bills.

Read more at http://pragcap.com/the-us-government-is-not-16-trillion-in-the-hole#3dck06pMUCYYb6bE.99

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