Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy birthday, baby ......

Patty has another as we count down to Xmas. Heather drops twins last night. man what a week!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Still sick....

Thought I'd stay home and watch the Bucks against Patriots........Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha they suck. Bad as the Yankees.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

We don't even have to try to beat these people....

Trying not to chortle over the Left's problems, but this is rich:

all things beautiful

"The good news for the Democrats is that their leadership has settled on an electoral strategy for 2006. The bad news is that they have cribbed their game plan from one of the most disastrous campaigns in their history. The Democratic leadership has decided to elevate surrender to a party platform for the upcoming elections, with their national chairman, House leader, and last presidential nominee all running up the white flag as the Democratic war banner.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Poker and politics at my place.....

Poker back on track at Pokerstars. Passed 100,000 chips again. Europe making war on us again, what else is new. We're the new "empire" so that's what you get. Found this at the Washington times:

Europe preens
"It has been quite the spectacle this week, with Condoleezza Rice touring Europe amid mock dismay over the fact that the CIA may have detained terrorists in European jails. If the secretary of state weren't so diplomatic, she'd cancel her tour and say she won't come back until the Continent's politicians decide to grow up," the Wall Street Journal said yesterday in an editorial.
"One of Europe's moral conceits is to fret constantly about the looming outbreak of fascism in America, even though it is on the Continent itself where the dictators seem to pop up every couple of decades. Then Europe dials 911, and Washington dutifully rides to the rescue. The last time was just a few years ago, as U.S. firepower stopped Slobodan Milosevic, who had bedeviled Europe for years," the newspaper said.
"In return, it would be nice if once in a while Europe decided to help America with its security problem, especially since Islamic terrorism is also Europe's security problem. But instead the U.S. secretary of state has to put up with lectures about the phony issue of 'secret' prisons housing terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans."

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Desparate people do the damndest things...

One of my military blogs, Boots in Baghdad, I read has this to say about our friends on the left of the political spectrum. This takes the cake check it out. :


There are various e-mails circulating that claim to be written by American soldiers. These e-mails typically will say, "from/by the soldiers of the (Unit)." These fake e-mails ask Americans to contact their leaders and to forward the e-mail to as many people as they can.

In these fabricated e-mails it is claimed that American soldiers are terrified and want to go home.

These e-mails are fake. They were not written by American soldiers. American soldiers lust for the blood of their nation's enemies. They understand the commitment they have made to their nation and their fellow service members.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

I need to drive, drill ANWR now......

Slow Sunday at the Hideout, cold. Everybody said Merry Christmas and screw the politically correct. Bikers are the best!

One of my favorite pet peeves is how our guys bend over too much for the Dems. Seems a lot of propaganda on the left can't be countered by our side. Of course, this gives these guys no excuse to surrender. ANWR belongs to all of us, not just the left-wing nuts who preach enviromentalism and get power . We have to remember that these people obstruct us because they are doing it for a living. Trust me the next crunch is coming. Our enemies have their hand on the oil spigot. Do you really think that Chavez from Venezuela loves you? How about our beloved friends the Saudi royal family? Hmm?

By the way, if we quit taking prisoners we wouldn't have all these problems, right? So what's the Dems want us to do? Rewind the clock?

Anyways I found this at Hugh Hewitt's site:

At last week's GOP retreat, sources said House leaders expressed doubt that they could pass the spending-cut bill if it contained the drilling amendment. Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) reportedly said he would try to drum up more support from House Democrats for the provision.

A session that ends without a vote on ANWR or the scheduling of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and floor votes for Brett Kavanaugh and other marooned nominees is an admission of disarray within GOP ranks in both House and Senate.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Beautiful day at the Joint-Services run:

. Made a little money and met some great people. Doesn't get much better than that. Have a few pictures to put up later.

Found this a while back. What do you think? I like the way this guy thinks:

AlphaPatriot -- Observations of a Reformed Liberal

Some Republicans Regret Pork Spending
Some GOP politicians are finding pointed questions a little too uncomfortable when they go in front of groups like the Heritage Foundation:

In a speech to a group of conservative academics and policy experts, DeLay blamed the runaway spending of recent years on minority Democrats. When he took questions, the first came from a senior official at the American Conservative Union, who asked DeLay, "How large does the Republican majority in the House and Senate need to be before Republicans act like the fiscal conservative I thought we were?"

Bless him, those are the kinds of questions our free-spending politicians need to be asked!

The Club for Growth, a conservative group that funds like-minded candidates for Congress, has turned the highway legislation into a bumper sticker for the GOP's fiscal failings. "Too many Congressional Republicans have veered away from the limited government agenda that got them elected to the majority in Congress. They have approved pork-barrel highway bills worse than the Democrats used to give us," says one appeal to supporters.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Are these enviromental scientists nuts or what?

Now the Feds will have to give all of the dark roof people, "RFP's", subsidies to get there roofs fixed. We'll nee a special police force to catch cheaters. Don't forget tax subsidies, new zoning laws and taxes. Thank God for union labor, right? And why not paint the highways white. Yeh, and don't forget we could color the oceans and the forest white and completely solve the problem.

On second thought we know these people, don't we? Make government control all areas of your life.

Yes sir!

Read this at the New Scientists:

Snow laughing matter

Would it be possible to reduce the impact of the greenhouse effect by painting roofs of buildings white to reflect sunlight in the same way the polar icecaps do? Does a paint exist that would mimic the reflective properties of snow?

Painting roofs white would reflect more sunlight and it might also compensate for global warming. The Global Rural Urban Mapping Project (GRUMP), undertaken by the Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York, shows that roughly 3 per cent of the Earth's land surface is covered with buildings.
"The Earth reflects 29 per cent of sunlight, painting all roofs white could raise that figure"

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

This issue won't go away....Energy rules our world

Faithful blog readers have heard all of this before. Says the Tribune, the high price of natural gas, 'Can't be blamed on OPEC or...Oil companies. The nation has resisted drilling because of environmental concerns.' (Read: 'pressure'). Right now, as you read this, there are 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves in the Outer Continental Shelf, yet federal moratorium blocks access to 85% of it.

Like we said, if you're shivering this winter, or if you're paying twice as much to heat your home, go thank one of the tiny band of radical environmentalists who have had a death grip on our energy policy for 30 years.

Just goes to show that in order to promote a political agenda these people only care about themselves. I'm paying almost three bucks a gallon for diesel, where am I going to get the money for any radical hybrid vehicle or be able to pay for their obstructionist hair brain ideas.

Open up Alaska, for crying out loud and the coast of the lower 48 states. Have governments all change over to something else to burn and leave us alone. Take your chicken shit ideas somewhere else.

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