Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The world turns....

Got a new computer yesterday and now need a new tv to hook it up to since I didn't buy a new monitor. Still need to find an internet service that doesn't cost a fortune. I can get on at my son's house or the library for free but I would still like a hook up at home.

Still think the governments lying about the recovery. People still losing jobs even with government handouts. Bail outs seem to be a joke

And what about gas going nuts again. Watch out for food prices this winter. I'm still stocking up for the mess we are in for after all this debt and handouts reach full bore.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How's the recovery working for you?.....

The collapse is only beginning. We run out of foreigners to borrow from and poof. But it will be awhile.

We have to retire all the broke dicks in my generation first.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another day........

I'm waiting for Oba mama to throw in the towel on health care ala Canada. He should have gradually reformed Medicare and stuck all non-vets into it. Let's say every year reduce the age of eligibility by 5 year, (60, then 55, then 50 etc.)

Something wrong when you have Congress and the Presidency and can't do jack shit.

Heh ehe.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Tear down all these houses and start over.. Great for jobs. I'm sure we'll find enough foreigners to lend us the money.

After all, we now have a black president and they all think he's cool. Whoops! My bad! Not supposed to say that, sorry. (NOT.)

I made 20 bucks on my retirement this year. Walmart, though, gave me $400. I'm going whoring. (Heh heh)  At this rate we'll be gardening and fishing to eat.

Along with a million or so other broke dicks.
In July, Tampa officials bought the home from Bay Holdings Inc. for $28,800, roughly $110,000 less than the previous owner paid for it three years ago, and sent in the bulldozers.

The demolition marked the beginning of Tampa's new program to buy foreclosed and abandoned homes in neighborhoods hardest hit by the nationwide mortgage crisis.

Eventually, a single-family home will be built on the property.

Money to buy the properties is coming from Tampa's $13.6 million share of funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's $3.92 billion Neighborhood Stabilization Program, an emergency response to escalating foreclosures nationwide.

Mayor Pam Iorio's plan calls for buying about 80 foreclosed homes to fix up to be sold or torn down. An additional 30 foreclosed properties will be bought and rehabilitated as rental properties. Both of these steps are requirements of the federal program.

Sulfur Springs, North Tampa and West Tampa have been identified as target areas, based on the high rates of subprime mortgages, mortgage defaults and delinquencies.

The city plans to work with local nonprofit groups and charities to find eligible buyers. The money will not be available to homeowners currently facing foreclosure.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Reinstalled windows....

Computers are a pain in the ass. Had my fair share of crashes last week. Lost my cd drive. Couldn't get on the net and lost all my settings for my blog editor, Scribefire.

I think we need a "cash for clunkers program" for shitty windows.

Anyways the economical crash has slowed down. In anticipation of all the stimulus money yet to come, is my best guess. Gas goes up because the gangs running the oil companies need the money so they can buy our National Debt. We used to blame it on the"big oil companies" but they have very little to do with compared to Governments like Saudi, Russia, America, etc.

This happened in the early 70's when Nixon sold these clowns all those weapons to protect them from those touchy Jews. So, in order to buy all this protection (Jews got it free) these gangsters simply Jacked up the oil prices and  gave us our money back.

Welcome to the plan!

P.s we still are floating in oil. Not politically correct to get it and it lowers prices. But what else is news. We're still a few years, probably 10, from the collapse of the world economies. But who's counting?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Where's my check?

Need any more proof that the fix is in just check out oil busting 70$ A BARREL.

Who can afford to drive other than the gangsters in power?

The 10% (officially) unemployed. Wait a couple of months and we'll need to get that bike tuned.

Hey! How about cash for junk Chinese bikes?