Friday, November 22, 2013

Kicking back and running the air conditioner…

If only Florida had some mountains I would never leave. The advantage of living Arizona…As you warm up you go up the mountains, and to cool down, go down the mountains.

Plus, I can camp for free year around and metal detect and take pictures of the scenery and of  the stars.

However, in my Idaho, the summers are awesome with fishing and sightseeing. (Where’s global warming when you need it?)So, I will go home periodically…

In the meantime, Muffin and I are pretty comfortable in my 28 foot trailer I bought after the accident to the Heartland. I’ll get a video up soon to show you guys. Much lighter as well as shorter, so boon docking will be a piece of cake where I like to go in no man’s land.

I’m installing a wifi antenna to do a better job of internet on the road and need to put a back porch on this unit for my generator..

But, being retired, I have plenty of time and will remodel the interior so I will post before and after pictures when I get around to it, LOL..

Molon Labe..

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