Sunday, September 30, 2012

Got another promotion today...

First Wally World offers me overnight cashier for a hundred bucks more a week then they offer me back up cashier manager for another raise.

Must be my my good looks and pleasing personality, right? LOL.......

Patti's on short term disability and will get her first Social Security check in March. I really don't want her to go to Florida but she can't handle the cold damp weather here and I can't work and take care of her properly by myself. Which puts me in a tough spot. Lonely if I can't sell out and go to Florida in the next few months.

We plan on driving the van to California after stopping at her sister Maggies in Vegas and then head for  Mary's place in Southern Cal for Turkey day. I guess my son-in-law, Miguel wants to fly out and drive Patti to Florida because our van is equipt with Patti's power chair and ramp and she is practically helpless without it I'll fly home, I guess.

At least her back is better after all that suffering last winter. So, I'll stay in the trailer or back in the mobile this winter and get everything taken care of as money is tight and no one is buying much. I still have a few bills to take care of and can't afford to leave Walmart and lose our insurance until Patti get Medicare in February.

Let alone I have a heart condition and still might beat her to the grave. Of course, if that happens she hits the jackpot in insurance to pay for her hospice care she's doomed to need.

keep you posted. 

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