Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Patti's disability approved...

She gets about $720 a month until Social Security gets here in February. That will be a whopping $774. Of course, the gang in Washington can't wait to steal it back so they can balance something they invented called the budget. (Where else they going to get the money?) Oh yeah Social Security and VA benefits, and let's not forget, all those teachers we can fire. And we can do away with cancer, aids, ALS,MS research, right?

How about stealing kids breakfasts at the schools while we are at it? The little bastards could afford to lose a little weight. Oh yeah, why not pull our troops away from the oil fields so even our illustrious leaders kids would have to park the limos?

Or just stop giving government transportation to Pelosy?

Woops, my bad!!!

You ever notice these assholes never admit that we were right, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan and their supporters, about the great sucking sound of our middle class jobs been "out sourced". Do you think China made that economy boom by Commie fiat?

Did they make you forget with their budget deficit and National Debt Clocks bull shit? Ever wonder what an extra couple of trillion in revenue every year from these lost jobs and a few million non aborted taxpayers could have accomplished?

Fooled you, did they?

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