Friday, September 21, 2012

This would help us all....

Remember that most oil drilling is on PUBLIC LAND and the people supposidly own it. Where's our check???

Alaskans to get $878 each in yearly oil wealth payout - Washington Times

Buy an iPhone 5 or replace the leaky rain gutters? Splurge or save? Ah, the tough choices that befall Alaskans every year when they get their dividend checks from the state’s oil savings account just for living here. State officials said Tuesday that eligible Alaskans will receive $878 this year. That’s significantly less than last year’s dividend of $1,174, which was the smallest since 2006. The payout will be distributed Oct. 4. Like others surveyed in rural parts of the state, Sina Takafua, from the northernmost town of Barrow, plans to use her first-ever AlaskaPermanent Fund dividend to pay bills. That way, she said, she can free up paychecks from her job at the local fur shop and get her Christmas shopping done early. Some of her customers, on the other hand, are going for some warmth — and style. They’re already pre-ordering parkas made of caribou, wolverine and other furs. “They’re waiting for their PFD to pay for them,” said Ms. Takafua, who moved to Alaska from Maui, Hawaii, with her two sons in 2010. Her husband joined the family later, so he’s not yet eligible for a dividend, as they are. New residents must live in Alaska for one c

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