Monday, October 01, 2012

Though a little early.... I told you so.....

It will be much closer than this poll but Romney is nor setting the woods on fire with his own base, as I  oredicted. He still needs a lot help as the economy is pickinmg up.

But as far as policies go, not much will get done until Congress becomes an issue of  single party control. You can't get anything done without 60 votes in the Senate.

Like gun control or ripping off our Social Security so aty least 2 and probably more like 6 years before anything changes in Wahington.

Obama widens lead, confidence against Romney - Washington Times

DENVER — President Obama has opened a sizable lead over Mitt Romney in polling ahead of the election as both Democrats and Republicans are increasingly convinced that he is going to win re-election, according to The Washington Times/Zogby Poll released Sunday. In the latest poll, Mr. Obama drew 49.7 percent support while the Republican nominee garnered 41.1 percent. The previous Times/Zogby polls showed the race a dead heat — including just before the national party conventions, when they were tied with 45.7 percent of the vote each. Even with third-party candidates added to the mix, the results barely changed.

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