Thursday, September 06, 2012

One definition of Fascism.....

They own us. So sit back and shut up and we will send you a check!

EDITORIAL: You belong to Barack - Washington Times

The Obama campaign has disavowed a Democratic National Convention video that said, “Government is the only thing we all belong to.” It’s odd President Obama would try to distance himself from that idea since in his heart he knows it’s right. Of course, in our guts, we know it’s nuts. The video, entitled “Welcome to Charlotte,” aired Tuesday. It was produced by the convention host committee, not the Obama campaign or Democratic National Committee, though presumably representatives from both organizations vetted and approved it before it ran. The clip sent exactly the wrong message at the wrong time for the Democrats because it echoes “you didn’t build that” and the general belief that government, not individual initiative, is America’s motive force. There are two ways to read the sentence. One is that a citizen’s relationship to government is like belonging to a great big club. Of course, this club will send you to jail for nonpayment of dues. The other, more chilling way to read it is that people are creatures of government. That the government, by right, can exercise almost unlimited control over peoples’ lives. That the proper relationship between the state and the individual is that between master and servant.

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