Monday, September 03, 2012


Best bonus on sales since 2008. I always pay attention to gas prices and Walmart sales for real info on the economy. We will boom in a another 6 months or so. Barring a real big surge in gas prices. The bump in prices this summer are simply the oil companies ripping us off because the oil gang knows we have the money now as reflected in improving sales.

Besides, Oba mama increased the use of gasahol and someone has to pay for the loss of gas sales, right? It's the little things, like that and making war on the Middle East that causes most of this but we have to work and so we need our gas, no matter the price.

Are gas prices exploding justified in a depression? Ask MacCain. That time the Republicans got blasted and the Dems took complete power in Washington and proceeded to piss everybody off because they're not too bright.

Even a Walmart stocking clerk knows that not putting everyone on Medicare and fixing the system when they had complete control and voter support was STUPID! 

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