Saturday, September 01, 2012

Who knew.......

I tried. I voted for Pat Buchanan and we were right. Not that it matters because the people who own our government got what they wanted....SERFS!!! 

Mean And Stupid Politics As Usual - Decline of the Empire

Throw in gutting the payroll tax to fund Social Security and cutting funding to Medicare and we will finally win the war on poverty....we simply kill off the poor. Of course, as usual when cutting programs for the poor (cutting government employment makes more poor let's not forget) you devastate most retailers bottom line and throw poor people out of work.
Except for the Chinese and Mexicans who have all those poor people's jobs supplying the rest of us because the morons in Washington and Wall Street believe that the average high school grad in this country will become rocket scientists and wont need those middle class wages. 

The poor will always be with us because it's good politics. You voted for it or your parents did as old Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan prophesied. 

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