Friday, September 14, 2012

I believe this guy is on to something about oil....

Even with millions of years to collect the oil in the ground it would still take trillions of creatures. Even harder to prove than we evolved from monkeys without  help.

By the way,I have keep telling everyone to watch the price of oil as the Fed is going to give more money to the gang that got us into this depression and they use it to buy oil, gold and food commodities.

Watch the price of gas and you'll see Obama go down in flames if he can't cut a deal with these bastards. But not to worry. Romney will if he doesn't. Even though Oba mama gave them everything all ready he can't get Congress to do anything to save his ass.

So, right now the election is a toss up. Oba mama does have a large lead in the electoral college but that could disappear by November.

Results? Gridlock and the mess continues unless one party gets control of Congress and spends and cuts taxes big time the boom will be off a few more years. Somebody has to take charge and make it right or we invade some more oil producing country.

Or is that the plan?

Oil Secrets/ Creativity - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

In the first half, author Dr. Jerome Corsi discussed how Nazi chemists developed a series of equations during WWII which demonstrated that oil can be formed synthetically. Known as the Fischer-Tropsch equations, they indicated that the mixture of hydrogen and carbon with various catalysts under intense pressure and heat, produced hydrocarbons-- such as what is made in the mantle of the Earth on an ongoing basis, he explained. It doesn't take dead plants or animals, dinosaurs, plankton, algae or former living matter to produce oil, and the Nazis understood this, he continued, adding that some of their scientists were brought over to the US during Operation Paperclip to continue their research after the war. However, d

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