Monday, September 17, 2012

Paid for a RV parking spot...

Got to watch football, you know. Some kind of religeous thing here in lala land, right? I thought Dallas would be able to stand up to the Seahawks....So much for that.

I really like Pete Carrol and was a big fan of USC when he was there.  Now I remember why.

Patti's hanging in there but she'll be helpless in a few more months. I'm sending here to Florida because she can't handle the cold and Tracy wants to help. Probably around Thanksgiving. Maybe sooner.

I've got everything up for sale but no one has any money let alone a real job. Unless housing begins the boom and soon it will if the nitwits in Congress can quit selling out to Wall Street and give the taxpayers and voters an infusion of cash. If not  we are screwed.

First, though, is getting them to put off cutting the budget until the economy starts to boom. Then you can balance all they want.

Of course,  defense will have plenty as they screw the retirees out of their SS and Medicare.

And the geezers will vote for it so their "grandchildren wont be burdened with the debt". If ever there was a bigger lie that's it!

But propaganda works where ever it's tried. Imagine cutting your own throat so the rich bastards that got us into this mess can eat caviar and send their kids to the Ivy Leagues and our children have to stand in line to get enough food stamps to make it through the day.

But that's what they get for voting for either party and there is nothing we can do but watch. 

And I'll be at Walmart taking their money at 15 bucks an hour 40 hours a week and voting against anyone cutting my Social Security or my brothers VA benefits, Republican or Democrat!

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