Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yea, right.......

In order to lose you have to have an opponent that has credibility. Bachman, Perry, Romney ain't got it.

However, if the economy continues to tank, one of these people  wins because pissed off people wont take "it's all Bush's fault".

Obama will lose, and it won't be close | Washington Times Communities
SALT LAKE CITY, August 16, 2011—Many on the Left claim to think that President Obama will be handily re-elected. Commentators who are reliable cheerleaders for Democrats, such as Lawrence O’Donnell and Peter Beinart, have publicly declared their faith in the president’s re-election prospects.

Hillary Clinton said a few months ago that she was “confident” of Obama’s re-election, while Nancy Pelosi guaranteed it.

Most Democrats, however, merely fall back on the standard prognostication that Obama will eke out a close election, like a coach telling his team that things aren’t that bad during halftime of a game in which they find themselves behind … big.

Obama will lose re-election, and it won’t be close.
Change is coming.

Change is coming.

First, look at the electoral map, which settled in favor of the president, 365 – 173 in 2008, an impressive win indeed.

But the map is different now. Obama will not win any state that John McCain won; it’s just not that kind of environment. Those states gained six votes in census-year reapportionment.

Then there are almost certain losses for the president—states (and their votes) he won last time that will not swing for a liberal democrat who now has a record to defend: Iowa (6), Ohio (18), Indiana (11), Virginia (13), North Carolina (15), Nevada (6), New Mexico (5), and Florida (29). Those states have 103 electoral votes between them.

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