Thursday, August 18, 2011

Next time someone talks about digging holes....

And hiring people to fill them and sneers about it on some TV talk show, just ask yourself, what is this guy on your set doing that's so productive?

Think we should ask these people...You go on TV and talk to other people on TV and just what did you do for the economy?

They pay these people to do what?

My point is, if the government paid me to dig holes then paid my brother to fill them isn't that  actually the same thing as paying people to talk on TV! Except for the source of the payer, of course.

These people create nothing tangible for the economy.

Except lie and scare the Hell out of people who know nothing about how our economy works because they all went to public schools and learned all about football and cheer leading but nothing much real or tangible.

And you wonder how we end up with the clowns and gangsters in government office?

Hire somebody and get the Hell out of the way is much more productive then balancing budgets during a DEPRESSION!

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