Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our housing market is coming back....

Houses are selling. Even with 12% unemployment. Remains to be seen if it continues so I'm going to get qualified for a bargain or two. I missed a couple of repos this year because I borrowed for my truck and 5th wheel securing my retirement plans.

 May have to find a few rentals to pay the bills while I go fishing in my old age. LOL.

And I also tell anyone who will listen, you only have to watch the price of oil. It goes up the economy collapses, when the price goes down, boom coming.

Sounds incredible when your in a crash but it is inevitable as trillions of dollars have to come home and people can't wait to get their hands on it.

If we would have stimulated the demand side in the first place, (consumers), instead of the supply side, (crooked banks and Wall Street gangs,) this would have been a nasty recession instead of a depression.

I contend that it was the oil spike taking billions of dollars out of broke dicks that crashed our system just like in the seventies under clueless Jimmy Carter.

Now we are stuck with hapless but "articulate" Oba mama.

But it now looks like that even Carter could beat him next year!

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