Monday, August 15, 2011

How are National debt is financed.....

These two  graphs are all the proof you need that the taxpayer or our grand children are not on the hook for trillions. Also, notice that foreigners own about 4 trillion and Americans own 8. (Though dated 2009, the numbers are about the same percentages in fiscal 2011.)

The most interesting thing is people are terrified that the Chinese or oil countries will quit buying or sell off their holdings.

Let's say China did. And we quit buying their junk. The Chinese people lose their jobs, starve, riot and murder all the idiots in charge of the Commie government.


Makes me wonder where all the geniuses in our country believe that anyone could live without our trade!

No trade no dollars no buy stuff from us including debt. Pretty simple. Dollars belong to the sovereign entity. The good old U.S.A

So, quit trading with foreign nations and a third of our debt disappears because these broke dicks wouldn't have an economy and are proof positive they can't live without us!

And' baby, wouldn't many of them want to!

World peace, as far as the major players are concerned, is happening making major war amongst us unlikely.

The secret was giving these countries capitalism and an economic Empire to manage the money and protect the players from assault from outsiders.

That's the rationale for "free trade." Make the world safe for democracy!

But now the system is in a mess because of politics. Politicians have to stay in power so they give money and loans to "special interests", military readiness, social engineering and,  of course,the down trodden.

But we decided to continue spending like drunken Democrats in a whorehouse during boom times and the increase of the debt scared the b' Jesus out of the fiscally prudent among us and they want it stopped!

Unfortunately, stopping during a depression is not going to help the economy because all government spending is someone's paycheck. And this income goes right back into the economy by these people paying their bills and feeding their families. That being the case, it enters the market place and many of us get our hands on it and buy U.S debt for our old age.

And I like to point out that it's our money! Every dime. We will get it back and spend it again if we still have jobs!

And, surprise, cutting paychecks in a depression is nuts!!!

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