Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Economist call it "Paradox of Thrift"......

If everyone contracts in spending the economy collapses. Especially when governments tightens their belts thousands lose there jobs. And if you raise interest rates millions can't qualify for loans.

Another way of saying if we all stop our spending we all go broke because we all buy and sell to each other and are interdependent. My spending is someone's pay check and vice versa. Same with government spending. That being said we can only cut back these expenditures during an economic boom slowing the resulting bubble not during economic collapses.

I like budget balancing as much as the next guy but you can't cut off your nose to spite your face.

What should the government  do now?

Send everyone on the tax rolls a big check! We are collectively broke. Trillions of household wealth has been lost and our economy is in limbo as the government is trying to stimulate the supply side of our economy by loading up the banking reserves. These fuckers got all the money now and can't pass it around because we are broke and to many people lost their credit rating and couldn't borrow it if their lives depended on it!

You need an income in our world or you live under a bridge bumming change! Currently, most people are barely getting by as we exported our middle class to the Commies and Mexicans and we no longer have a high spending middle class.

P.s the crashing stock market is telling the Fed to give them more handouts so they can continue buying politicians and paying the gangsters in charge big bonuses.

He will!

We need some leadership in Washington to put an end to it but we ain't going to get it for awhile!

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