Tuesday, August 30, 2011

how's the Depression working out for you?.....

I'm into paying off everything again so I'll be ready to borrow again. I use credit cards as savings so if, or more than likely,when I have an emergency I have plenty of funds handy.

Saving up cash and squirreling it away in a savings account at 1% is silly. Better to have  credit cards and huge line of credit for personal loans. I can normally borrow at 3% or so from the credit union and banks because my credit score is over 740 when i pay everything down and we have no house payment.

Because of my money strategy I'll have everything i need when I put in for my Social Security and travel the country and screw off until I get bored shitless and go back into business for my self.

By the way, I sold the 5th wheel and made 4 grand profit and am thinking of getting a truck camper and boat to play fearless fisherman in Arizona and Florida a couple of years for now. 

Still toying with buying and selling mobile homes to generate cash flow but Patti refuses to live any longer in Idaho than she has to and doesn't want us to have to worry about it while I'm south for the winters.

Maybe I'll end up in Arizona or Florida and do some of it there.

keep you posted.

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