Friday, August 05, 2011

Borrowing during a Depression....

Cash is king but it doesn't have to be your cash. Get your finances in order then borrow to beat the band. Remember in the long run we are all dead!

Sounds, and is counter-intuitive, but money  is practically free right now. I'm buying used vehicles, like new, for 3.9%. House loans are under 5% if your interested. Plenty of opportunities will present themselves as soon as the Democrats takeover Congress because the Repubs threaten to destroy Social Security and Medicare and someone has to jump start the economy.

Then the jobs programs begin flooding the household economy with liquidity which is exactly what I have been bitching about:

WE are broke as a whole. Most people are not working and spending. Either you don't  have an adequate income or your credit is shot and you can't buy shit is still what's killing the economy.

Until the rest of the private debt is resolved expect more of the same. And broke dicks can't pay off debts as it is let alone borrow more.

One easy fix:

Send everyone on the FICA tax rolls a check for 20 thousand or so and we'll take care of that political problem!

P.s only one company on Wall Street is making huge money right now. Their secret they have been debt-free for almost 9 years and spend most of their money on R&D. During the boom they quit borrowing and are having no problem making money. Apple!

But the average household borrowed many times their net worth and then lost everything during the bust. Does this sound like Keynesian theory to you.

Simple econ 101. Something that the gang in Wahington has ignored at our peril!

Ms Market Offers the U.S. Government Free Money for Ten Years...
Ms Market Offers the U.S. Government Free Money for Ten Years...

The FT reports:

Global growth fears push gold to new record: "The 10-year US bond yield is down 9 basis points to an eight-month low of 2.66 per cent – the first time it has broken 2.70 per cent this year – while short-term yields are near record lows as the Federal Reserve is seen staying “lower for longer”."

If anyone were offering my family money at 2.66% nominal for ten years, I can tell you that we would be borrowing big time and investing...

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