Thursday, August 04, 2011

Where are the jobs?...

Why is more than one out of ten adults in this country sitting on their asses watching American Idol and not working? And why all this bull about budget deficits when everybody on the planet knows it's all a crock to keep the tea party  voting Republican!

The government brings in 175 billion a month or so and pays out 23 billion a month in interest. (These numbers are bouncing around in the ball park)

You and I should be so lucky have the governments debt problem!

We can pay our debts and still have plenty of money left over to kill plenty of  brown people who don't like Jesus.

Oh yea, Social Security. Oba mama knows better that the trust fund is financed directly by our payroll taxes and  has enough coming in to pay our checks for at 25 more years!

Not that they need to tax us for it! If taxing us for it was so necessary why not tax us directly for wars with a "war trust fund"? Hmm.

Might even get a few billion voluntary contributions from skinheads, lol!

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