Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just what part of SS Insurance don't you understand?....

Social Security is no more than any other insurance policy and pays for it self through our working lifetimes. If you buy life insurance and die your heirs get paid. Same with disability. But Social Security pays you for surviving and paying in for a lifetime and belongs to you.

Cutting it is a crime. Depriving the next generation of benefits would be akin to stealing someone's life insurance.

No more talk from Washington on "reforming" Social Security as it doesn't belong to Washington but to we the people.

This conservative would become a Democrat and go after anyone stealing this insurance from the working stiff as the gang in Washington already stole our decent paying jobs and sent them to China, Mexico or bum fuck Asia somewhere!

And investing in the stock market is as about doable as buying lottery tickets for the average wage earner! Who in the Hell has enough money left over to give to these gangsters, anyways.

Want to balance the budget in Washington?

Fire them all that got us into this Depression and send us the money they've been stealing to give all the ass kissers who buy their vote in Congress!

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