Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who says crime doesn't pay?....

These crooks bought Wamu for a song and raised my interest rate on my credit card from 12% to 29%. And they keep it there even though my credit score has topped 750. As long as they don't put a yearly fee on it  I'll keep it open but they ain't getting a dime out of me.

Especially when other companies are making cards available again. (the only positive sign in the economy we've seen in a couple of years.)

AllGov - News - JPMorgan Chase May Get Billion-Dollar Tax Refund to Offset Recession Losses
PMorgan Chase & Co. may enjoy two helpings of tax relief thanks to a little publicized stimulus provision that permits banks and businesses to apply loses from 2008 or 2009 against taxes paid in the previous five years. This break could mean a tax refund of $1.4 billion based on JPMorgan’s own operation, plus more than half of the $2.6 billion due to Washington Mutual, which it took over after WaMu’s collapse.

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