Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What took them so long?......

Maybe we'd  have less bashing from the gangsters in Washington if Toyota would just  back to building cars back in Japan. Maybe that's Oba mama's idea after all. After all, since they own GM, they hate competition .

On the home front, Patti and I should have the mobile home paid off by my birthday. Got a new credit card with $6000 on it the other day and am waiting for another one at a cheaper interest rate hopefully another $5000 or so. We now have plenty of credit at the credit union if, and when I need it.

As I've been writing about, the boom and bust cycle will accelerate and make an even bigger mess next time. Watch the price of oil the only "real" money. If it doubles, head for the hills. Collapses borrow like crazy as the boom will be spectacular. Everything will go up up up.  Debts become worthless as money loses value. That's why I've recommended the buying of food. I've been right on so far. Check your grocery store  prices.

Personally, I'm gearing up for a new vending business as I like to travel. Probably go into selling food. Even broke dicks have to eat. And the government  will make sure they have the money!

Why else would anyone vote for these guys... FREE MONEY!!!!

 Another good business is buying cheap mobile homes and reselling for twice what you pay. Need cash to do it but pretty easy to do. Just have a title company handle the details and collect the payments. I pay $4 a month for the piece of mind knowing my title is safe as I make payments.

The Coming Economic Depression: Toyota Closes Last California Plant: 4600 Unemployed
FREMONT, Calif. (AP) — The United Auto Workers and Toyota have agreed on terms to shut down the Nummi plant that employs 4,600 workers.
It is California's sole remaining auto plant.

The terms weren't disclosed Monday but include a pay package when the plant is shut down April 1. The agreement is subject to a ratification vote by the plant's 4,600 workers. The UAW says a vote will probably take place later this week.

Messages left Monday with Toyota and the UAW were not immediately returned.
Toyota said earlier this month that it will spend $250 million assisting employees at the factory.

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