Monday, March 22, 2010

Boo Hoo we get health care.....

Bail out the rich but don't give the working stiff an aspirin. Of course the government will take over the industry because that's what governments do. History teaches us that once the public gets their heads in the trough of "free" money it all gets to be free. We'll pay for it by robbing some oil producing country or two or bankrupting the world's monetary system. (Not pretty.)

That's what empires do. Once you start an empire you have to ride it out. Personally I'm trying to get in on it because there's no choice. We just need to get through it until something else takes over.  No country ever before has taken empire so far. America controls everything. Especially the as far as her military  rides herd over the whole planet . She can buy or crush any country's conventional forces at any time of her choosing.

We're just run by gangsters, is all.

Be as it may all we can do is bitch and grab our asses while it runs it's course and make the best of it. because it's course is inevitable. It has to expand or implode. I'm leaning toward the implode side because that's what empires do. In due time they disappear.

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