Friday, March 26, 2010

Another dose of truth..

Pretty obvious that sending 20 dollar an hour jobs overseas is not a good idea unless your profiting from it. Toyota's closing down plants here and will send them overseas because Oba mama's gang is trumping up some relatively minor problem  (supposedly peoples cars are accelerating by themselves and these college grads can't turn off the key or put the car in neutral.)

Must be Toyota's fault that Ford recalls a million or so vehicles, including a recall last year of my 10 year old truck.

The media and the whores in government motors didn't tell you that did they?

Paul Craig Roberts: Good-Bye
Truth is inconvenient for ideologues.

Today many whose goal once was the discovery of truth are now paid handsomely to hide it. “Free market economists” are paid to sell offshoring to the American people. High-productivity, high value-added American jobs are denigrated as dirty, old industrial jobs. Relicts from long ago, we are best shed of them. Their place has been taken by “the New Economy,” a mythical economy that allegedly consists of high-tech white collar jobs in which Americans innovate and finance activities that occur offshore. All Americans need in order to participate in this “new economy” are finance degrees from Ivy League universities, and then they will work on Wall Street at million dollar jobs.

Economists who were once respectable took money to contribute to this myth of “the New Economy.”

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