Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Makes my point doesn't it.....

Take us off gold and use oil for a standard and you get inflation.


We ain't seen nothing yet. We are still crashing. House, jobs, credit, and everything else for us working stiffs, Check out you savings, if any, or the equity in your house. The government needs to put even more money into our hands to "stimulate" the fucked up economy.

They will!

Schaef Report: The Fed Playing God with Our Money (November 2009)
Let’s just say, for example, that our government still followed the Constitution. I know it may be a stretch, but try to use your imagination. Would our currency be falling in value? No! And I can prove it. Until 1965 the United States made its quarters with 90% pure silver (10% copper to add strength). A 1964 quarter had 6.25 grams of silver back then, and back then 25 cents would buy you about one gallon of gas. Today 6.25 grams of silver is worth $3.13. So today you could cash in a 1964 quarter at a precious metals dealer and still buy yourself about one gallon of gas. Now, that’s what I call consistency!

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