Monday, December 23, 2013

Well, the Republicans declared war on the geezers…..

You work your ass off for your country and the Republicans steal your VA check. Pretty soon they come after my Social Security check. Who’s next?

I’m done with them. The Dems are bad enough but ripping off the old guys and giving the money to Wall Street is not high on my agenda….Or are you one of silly people who believe they will apply it to the deficit?

And yes, I’m not leaving out the Dems. I’m not sure if Hilary will do any better but hard to believe she will be any worse… But, the hits to the retirees will be reinstated insuring reelection of the left as they know the government has unlimited funds. And I believe the Republicans, because of gerrymandering their districts, will keep the House but they probably screwed themselves out control of the Senate.

And you can forget the presidency..

I warned anybody who would listen that budget cutting your constituencies is political suicide just  so you can balance a budget that can’t be balanced without creating millions of new jobs…. Meaning doing so  is futile….

Not counting giving millionaires huge tax breaks and credits, spending a trillion dollars on fat cat farmers and generals while  taking money from the little guy means you ain’t no American!!!! You’re a fascist!!!

And you will go the way of the Whigs….

(isn’t it funny how we can always find the money to handout to the gangsters who own our government but some poor bastard who gave 20 years or so, an arm, leg, or his mind to make it possible gets the shaft?  Tell me just what part of fascist don’t you understand?)

Molon Labe….

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