Thursday, December 05, 2013

My Comment on the Washington Post Article….

Pricing the unskilled workers out of their job….

The left's goal is 15 bucks an hour which is a figure we read on their blogs. I know college graduates who are making 12 bucks an hour. That means raising the minimum wage takes away the incentive to hire  your semi-literate teenager who must stay unemployed as I'll choose a more mature worker who has been trained to be neat, on time, efficient and loyal.

By the way, I think, on the whole, rewarding middle class teenagers, who make up the bulk of minimum wage, is self defeating. Who will need to do that in this economy when millions of unemployed adults will step up?

So, the ultimate question is do we hire a functionally illiterate child, let alone a black person and train them or let the government take care of them and get someone suited for employment? (You don't think the dependency class fell out of the sky and bit us in the *ss do you?)

Which begs the question which side do you believe the left is on by supporting this ?

Of course, it comes in handy when the unions who bribe the politicians support this cause as their dues are predicated on wages rising  as they get a raise every time their members get one.

Who cares about you? And why would you vote for economic devastation in your community? Did raising the minimum do any good last time it was raised?…….. Of course not!

By the way, anybody ever tell these people it's none of their business?

Molon Labe

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