Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I’m Home Sick…

I just watched my Hawks give an ass whooping to the Saints that will be remembered for many years……

But, I’ll just have to wait for global warming before I leave 75 degrees here in Tampa. But, there for a minute, I was ready to be foolish…..

In the meantime, Muffin and I are kicking back and being retired. Since I’m about the laziest guy I’ve ever met and relish in letting everyone know about it, this laying around works for me…..

My latest hobby is commenting on both right and left-wing blogs and stirring the pot. Did you know that the broke dick Chinese are going to nuke us you just wait…. Just as soon as the food is landed in Beijing, of course.lol.

Or, Reagannomics is too still relevant and as soon as I spend my government check I’ll prove it!

My favorite, Republicans hate blacks because the whites  used to be Democrats and the blacks made them quit! (Blacks used to be Republicans)

Yes, I’m an equal opportunity old  bastard…..and yes, they are not very bright….

Molon Labe….

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