Thursday, December 26, 2013

Another Fist Fight with the Tea Party….

I still try to save these people from electing Hillary but it ain’t working…read the whole article on the jump…

This guy is a riot....

His message to Republican candidates….Just lie to your voters!!!!!

here’s my response:

Yes, Republican candidates once you're elected then surprise them with your stand on the issues. Maybe if McCain would have done that he would be president because it worked so well for Newt!
I read this article twice and I wonder if he's a lefty plant?

Here's the problem with the Republicans and their voters.....we heard your message....drop dead!
Cut everything except rich farmers, the Pentagon and the Wall Street gang's haul, Make sure our rich buddies keep their millions as we rob the voter's home equity, VA benefits and destroy Social Security because it keeps old people like me, with guns, off the street...

Oh yes, and allow bigots like Robertson to hide behind Jesus and hurt their employers bottom line. (you did hear Jesus say that he hates gays, right? No? then why give this guy a pass...)

Calling your customer's names is idiotic...Not that Republicans believe in good business practices any more as they shovel billions to the mega rich corporations.

And make sure you stall the avalanche of millions of voters pouring into the Democrat party by building a police state on our borders alienating people who share most of your conservative beliefs....

I know I know all these Republican stands have worked so well in 2008 and 2012 against a man believed to be an illegal citizen, Marxist, And Muslim, that the Republicans can't lose in 2016 with this new plan.....Whine about Obama care!

Which is, according to this guy, as long as we quit telling the voters the Conservative  stand on the issues until after the elections we can't lose!

Molon Labe...

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