Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I used to think Conservative Republicans knew better……

I get pretty much the same reaction from people pretending to be intelligent about how our government works…Here is the truth:

People will not vote to cut their paychecks or benefits so the rich can keep their millions tax free. So to all my critics:

Every dollar of government spending goes to the campaign contributors directly or indirectly. Or it doesn't make it through Congress. No politician dares piss them off or they will be PRIMARIED! The contributors have all the money.....

And when the Republicans in Congress  poll their districts their voters insist they quit threatening their paychecks......let's not forget that defense cuts are someone's benefits in every Congressman's district.

Especially Republican districts....or are you one of these people who believe that government spending goes to a black hole and Republican voters don't get any?

For slashing the government spending crowd the result is…..you are hopelessly out voted.....by Republicans!

Molon Labe....

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