Friday, September 09, 2011

Not much chance of doing this.....

But why we don't is simply politics not economics. Everyone in Washington in any position of power are paid to maintain the status quo. We must protect the insurance industry, military-industrial complex banks, and especially Wall Street.

Read this guy and you'll see most of my idea on using health savings accounts like the plan we have at WalMart:

Universal Health Care Coverage
My proposal regarding health care is to give everyone over
the age of 18 a bank account that has, perhaps, $5,000 in it,
to be used for medical purposes. $1,000 is for preventative
measures and $4,000 for all other medical expenses. At the
end of each year, any unspent funds remaining of the $4,000
portion are paid to that individual as a “cash rebate.” Anything
above $5,000 would be covered by a form of Medicare. There
would be no restrictions on purchasing private insurance
This proposal provides for universal health care,
maximizes choice, employs competitive market forces to
minimize costs, frees up physician time previously spent
in discussion with insurance companies, rewards “good
behavior” and reduces insurance company participation.
This will greatly reduce demands on the medical system,
substantially increasing the supply of available doctor/patient
time and makes sure all Americans have health care. To
ensure preventative measures are taken, the year-end rebate More here

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