Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can't win?......

Didn't the Republicans get their asses handed to them in 2008 by a black guy? Maybe they should fight back with their own.

Be a lot of fun. The Dem's could call him a racists and he could call them crackers.

Or everybody could bitch about lack of choices in the election..LOL! 

By the way, it won't make any difference if one party or the other doesn't get veto proof or filibuster proof majorities in Congress.

Thankfully grid lock will keep the bastards busy and out of our pockets. By the way, does anyone think raising taxes on the "rich" won't come out of our pockets?

Or will they just bribe their guys in Congress and get a handout to pay those evil taxes!

Cain's message resonates with rank-and-file Republicans - Politics Wires -
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON -- Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain calls his surprise victory in a Florida straw poll over the weekend a victory of message over media, and he may well be right.

The Atlanta business executive and two-time campaign loser has long been overshadowed by news media attention to rivals such as Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. He doesn't have their campaign money. He doesn't have their resumes in politics - he lost the only two times he ran for office before. And he doesn't get asked many questions in media-sponsored debates.

But he appeals to many rank-and-file Republicans with a deep voice and direct message that's based on his record as a successful businessman, a can-do delivery that doesn't knock other Republicans and a proposal for a flat tax that touches deep in the Republican DNA of loathing for the Internal Revenue Service.

These assets helped him surge past his more prominent rivals in the Florida poll Saturday, winning 37 percent of the vote, more than Perry's 15 percent and Romney's 14 percent combined.

"People are listening to the message and not just, with all due respect, to the media," Cain said on NBC, finding himself suddenly in demand for TV appearances.

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