Monday, September 19, 2011

back to cost cutting....

Patti's doctor bills adding up. Even with insurance so debating my options. One is to get rid of the Direct TV account which I'm going to do as soon as Dexter season is over and save 68 bucks a month. Another is sell my f250 pickup and pay off Patti's car and just quit using credit cards for cash back purchases.

One way we save is by buying our groceries at Christmas time and stock up on coffee, flour, sugar and especially can goods. We get a 10% discount for the holidays and I will spend $500 or so.

Winter coming so the electric bill triples and I would rather squirrel the money away on my 401k than give it to the electric company. But the worse thing about winter is the inevitable cut in hours at work.

So, plan now and avoid surprises because the economy is going to suck for a long time to come with the coming election and the politicians blaming: Bush, global warming, evil rich guys, old geezers not dying fast enough, Fox news, illegal Mexicans taking jobs from lazy white people,

and don't forget poor people ripping off food stamps instead of starving like good people with class would!!!


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